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  2. The VF Authority certainly seem to be doing plenty for the Fresh water fisheries in Victoria which is good to see.. At least the money from fishing licenses is going back into the fishery...
  3. I bet that made him....
  4. They'll never learn will they.. often wonder how long they've been doing it before getting caught..
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  6. Intersested ? Go to the victorian fisheries page for more detailS Upcoming Events Dec10 Interested Murray Codference 2017 Sun 9 AM UTC+11 · You like Victorian Fisheries
  7. Victorian Fisheries Authority shared North Central CMA's post. 3 hrs · Great to see! Thanks Lake Boga Men's Shed for building these wonderful fish havens, or "cod condos", to boost our native fish populations. Yet another example of #fishinglicencefeesatwork. North Central CMALike Page November 9 at 11:47am · A big thank you to the Lake Boga, Victoria Men’s shed for building fish havens as part of our Native Fish Recovery Plan. The 10 fish havens, along with 10 large snag piles will be installed in the Little Murray River downstream of Little Murray Weir to boost native fish populations including Murray cod, golden and silver perch and catfish. The project is being funded through Recreational Fishing Licence Fees. The fish havens, or cod condos as some like to call them, will provide a rest area for fish in high flows and act as a refuge from predators. Native fish also like to use them as spawning sites and some use them as territorial markers. Fish havens also promote algae and bacteria growth, which attracts invertebrates (water bugs), an important part of the fish food web. The fish havens will add value to other works being undertaken by GMW Connections in the Little Murray River, including the construction of two new fishways, re-snagging between the two weirs, and provision of fish friendly flows. Tap the link to learn more about the NFRP
  8. Fisheries WA 56 mins · A Rockingham magistrate this week has issued more than $26,000 in fines to men found guilty of interfering with lobster gear not belonging to them on up to eight separate occasions. The charges also included exceeding possession limits and other related offences. One of the men was also prohibited by the court from being in possession of, or fishing for, rock lobster for 12 months. Fisheries and Marine Officers said the nature of rock lobster fishing required pots to be set and left unattended, so respect, cooperation and goodwill among all fishers is vital.
  9. NSW DPI Fisheries 7 hrs · Court proves costly! A man found fishing on the Parramatta River in Sydney who had not paid the Recreational Fishing Fee was issued a $200 penalty notice - he decided to have the matter heard in court. Appearing in Liverpool Local Court recently, the man claimed he was being taught how to fish by his friends and had only been fishing for a few minutes before fisheries officers arrived. The magistrate took his explanation into account and ruled that the offence was proven and dismissed the matter without conviction. The magistrate then ordered the man to pay professional costs to NSW DPI and court costs amounting to $5,000. #caughtcosts If the man had spent that $5,000 on 3 year Recreational Fishing Fee payments, he could fish for over 170 years!! To purchase your NSW Recreational Fishing Fee call 1300 369 365 or visit…/recreational/recreational-fishing-fee Report illegal fishing activity by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536 or online at…/compliance/report-illegal-activity.
  10. NSW DPI Fisheries added 3 new photos. 2 hrs · Failing to appear in court can be costly.. NSW DPI Fisheries Officers apprehended two (2) men found in possession of 638 whelks, 386 cockles and 42 blue swimmer crabs at Windang boat ramp in southern NSW. The men were issued court attendance notices but when they failed to appear in Wollongong Local Court in August they were convicted on all charges in their absence. They have since appeared in Wollongong Local Court where they were issued over $16,000 in fines and costs. #caughtcosts For further information read the full media release at If you suspect illegal fishing activity report it by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536 or report it online at…/compliance/report-illegal-activity. File photo’s attached
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  12. Awe.... its just about old footware..... I had visions of something more sensual........
  13. So have you got any old thongs you can use Moons...
  14. Amazing footage of what one can do with a bit of imagination... cheers Adrian
  15. Thanks GW, I have some of the lures set up with the in line small hooks, have used them several times and have picked up a few trout on them, also lost more on them than I caught too.. still have those lures in the lure box in the vest and still put them on every now and then.. cheers Adrian
  16. Adrian , When changing over your rear trebles to a stronger set, and leaving the middle treble off , ever thought of using an inline small jig hook? I brought some Gamakatsu ( Size 12 by memory ) that I used on the rear of some of my very small surface lures. Made life a lot easier unhooking the fish. Perhaps you could try that ? Although the image says size 10, you will get the gist of it ...
  17. @meppstas Holy Cow !!! What a Day of fishing !!!! Great Write up .... Absolutely love your Photography !!! Felt like I WAS There !!! Congratulations Adrian !!! GW
  18. Known as "Yellow Belly" to you Jim & other Victorian fisho's..
  19. Callop?????!!!!!!!!
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  21. No Moons they all go back in the river, only time I keep a fish or two is when they have gill damage and are bleeding.. If it the bleeding doesn't stop after a few minutes then they get the donger and I usually give them to an elderly (85) lady (ex-Sth Aussie) a few houses up from us as she just loves them.. I should keep a few really as I do love them smoked. cheers Adrian
  22. Nice fish.. do you keep any to eat ?
  23. That 1.25 kg brown certainly did test the light weight set up that's for sure, I was expecting to have another damage ghost brown lure as well.. Only damage was the treble hooks. Great spin session, paying for it today for the long time spent in the river too.. body a little on the sore side.. cheers Adrian
  24. 22 fish.......holy cow! 1.25 would have been good fun on your light gear
  25. Fisheries WA 3 hrs · Geraldton-based marine scientist, Justine Arnold, has been awarded the Premier’s Agriculture and Aquaculture Entrepreneurship Program in recognition of her integral role in the Indian Ocean Fresh Australia’s yellowtail kingfish aquaculture project near Geraldton. The award provides a $30,000 scholarship which will allow Justine to lead a small team of industry and research participants to Japan to gain an insight into the management strategies and techniques developed for warm water kingfish aquaculture. The learnings will deliver a huge boost to the emerging WA aquaculture industry through improved management strategies and fish health understanding.
  26. NSW DPI Fisheries added 2 new photos. 1 hr · Using 20 undersize Tailor for bait landed a man in hot water recently. The man from the Batemans Bay area on the south coast, was fishing offshore when NSW DPI Fisheries officers found him in possession of the 20 undersize Tailor. The man told officers he didn’t know the size and possession limits for Tailor despite having a current NSW DPI measuring sticker on his boat. The man was fined for possessing undersize fish and the 20 Tailor were returned to the water. #fineswithyourfish Fishers are reminded the size limit for Tailor is 30cm and the daily limit is 10 per person. Undersize Tailor cannot be used as bait, they must be returned to the water immediately. For more information about bag and size limits visit…/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs. Report illegal fishing to Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536 or online at…/compliance/report-illegal-activity Download the free FishSmart NSW app from Google Play at: or the iTunes app store at
  27. Finally I had an earlier start on a river than I normally do, hit the river at 6:45 this morning in what was perfect weather.. The river was running clear and there were a few trout on the rise so I thought I may be in for a tough time seeing they were surface feeding, the trout were sipping small midges from the surface..But to my surprise the first two trout liked the little Mepps gold aglia for starters before they went off that lure, so I went for the ghost brown hard body and they just loved it.. At the end of the session (11.30) I had managed to catch and release 12 nice browns & 10 solid rainbows. The best brown went 1.25 kg and was a nice solid fish.. As the day became warmer the caddis moths came out in force, hovering above the water close to the river banks..This took my season tally just over the 200 trout, actually it put me on 216 for the season one I'm reasonably happy with at this stage.. The day that I thought would be tough turned out to be a breeze in the end, also hooked and lost five other trout as well.. No broken bibs today either which was good, though I did have to change lures three times due to the small thing trebles being straightened by the larger fish. Sat down last night and too the small trebles off eight of the Daiwa Yogiri lures and put the stronger Owner trebles on the rear of the lure. Didn't bother putting the middle treble on, just going with the one treble to see how they go.. First of the morning.. Rainbow taken here.. cast and drift method with the gold aglia.. The 1.25 kg brown was picked up from the shaded area close to the opposite river bank.. The 1.25 kg brown.. Few more rainbows.. Caddis moths are now out and about as the air warms up.. cheersAdrian.. Few more trout that where caught & released.. all the trout I've caught this season have been in top condition too..
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