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  2. Finally hit the water for my first trip of the year. Caught up with Adrian Webb for a river session. Water levels were low and clear. We still managed to lip a few fish, when I could stay on my feet. Thanks for watching & please hit the subscribe button. Tight lines. Clint.
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  4. Nice work again. do you ever fly fish or is it lure fishing only ?
  5. They aint to bad. you know you have them on but not bad. it was very hot friday so you did sweat up around the neck. but in a few weeks of wearing them you will get used to them. the one i have on is fully automatic and will self inflate. the one my son has is a manual inflation. In a week or two i will get another automatic one and have the manual one as a spare.
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  7. They seem to be the best option tho....
  8. Hi AJ. I have the manual 150 inflatable PDFs similar to Moons. They are pretty much the lightest ones you can get. They are ok to wear but still annoying to have on. I guess I will get used to them over time. The worst part is they require maintenance every 12 months which you can do yourself but you need to record the maintenance on the tag inside the jacket. Another thing you have to do & can get fined for!!!!. I think I will be starting a separate diary for the boat now to make sure everything is up to date & maintained.
  9. Nice crabs Moons, are those PDFs you wearing comfortable ? mine are too bulky ..
  10. nice day Moons, good to see the crabs are back on the crawl. We spent the evening at west beach last night, quite a few dead crabs on the beach
  11. Took the son out yesterday arvo for a crab and fish. lots of laughs and we got a great feed. in the water by 4pm and back at the ramp by 7pm. 32 nice crabs and a couple Gar. 1 nice squid. crabs all cleaned and steamed last night so crabs for lunch today. crab cake Tuesday here we come !!! Double headers and even a triple header to Aaron. great father and son time, I love it
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  13. Meander River fishes a little better this trip. After having a restless night I was awake at 3:15 am and decided I'd get up and head off for an early spin session on the Meander River. After a quick breakfast I was on my way by 4:15 am and arrived at Meander Township at 5:05 am when it was still a little dark to hit the river. Today I'm going to give the long fast water stretch of river above the main road bridge a go. I reckon it's been two months since I've been here for a spin session, on that day the river was running too high and fast to wade so I didn't get to fish here. I had my wading gear on and headed down into the river (5:30 am) keeping close to the river bank because the river was running a little higher than I would have liked again today. The rocky river bottom was also very slippery and it wasn't all that good under foot. I worked the fast water for around half and hour when I made the decision to get out and go elsewhere. As much as I wanted to stay and fish this area I knew my body wouldn't stand up to it like it used to and that was the main reason for moving to a lower stretch of the river. The 1.5 kilometer stretch of river I'm heading to is a mix of slow/medium and fast flowing water, it's also another area I haven't fished for quite some time. River running a little too high for my liking this morning.. It didn't take all that long (6:20 am) before I was in there and in the river flicking a Rapala F3 rainbow lure around when I had a follow from a medium size brown, but that's as far as it went. It wasn't until I had reached the first small fast water run when I had my first brown take the lure and soon in the net. It was a medium 340 gram brown and like most trout this season it was in beautiful condition. After that little fast water run I headed into a wide medium deep flowing stretch of river where I picked up three more nice browns (ave wt. 440 grams each) from four hook ups as well as having a couple of hit and misses. I had now reached a very deep section of river that left me no option but to climb up a steep river bank, then do a bit of bush bashing for around fifty meters before I could get back into the river where it was at a safe wading depth. I knew I could fish at least another kilometer of river before I would have to call it a day because it's not one of the easiest stretches of river to fish. It's a challenging rocky slippery stretch of water that has shallow fast water runs and a couple of medium flowing stretches of river. It's one that really knocks me around but it used to hold some nice browns in it's day so it's always worth giving it a go. First trout picked up here.. First of the morning.. Now onto the next section of river.. The next stretch of water to fish.. Second of the day.. Second brown was lure from the river bank.. Third of the morning. followed by the forth.. Forth brown picked up here, close to timber debris.. Now to bush bash back into the river.. Came out here after the bush bashing.. Crossed over here to start fishing again.. Five minutes into the session I had a hit and miss on the Rapala, that made me feel confident I will catch a few browns if I can last the distance I'm about to cover with the fishing.. It did take another twenty minutes before I had a solid brown take the lure and after a good battle with this fish it was soon in the net. It was a nice 490 gram fish and beautifully coloured too. As I neared the end of this long slow/medium flowing run I hooked and lost another solid brown. I was about to head into one of the toughest stretches of the Meander River in this area, one that runs for at least 800 meters or more. It is a fast water run that's always worth fishing though as it used to give up some nice browns when I used to fish here on a regular basis. I slogged it out over the full distance and caught and released two more nice browns from six hook ups which was a little disappointing for the effort I put into it. I did have quite a few hit and misses plus several follows so the end result could have been better had I not lost the four that were hooked. That's what happens when fast water trout fishing, one has to take the good with the bad. I've had days when I've caught over thirty trout & only lost two when fast water fishing, that's just how it is. At least this trip was a lot better than my last Meander River visit when I only caught the one brown. Re-entered here.. Caught my fifth brown here.. The fifth trout.. Some tough work ahead of me here.. this is one of the toughest stretches of water to wade on the Meander River.. Trout taken here.. Solid brown.. Looking back to where I had come from as I headed into the rocky fast water.. Seventh trout caught & released here.. ( didn't bother taking a photo of the trout) Another view looking back at the fast water that I have battled through to make my way upstream.. got out of the river just after taking this photo.. cheers Adrian..
  14. similar to a yabbie
  15. Like a yabbie, but bigger & better...
  16. is the taste more like a yabbie or a cray?
  17. NSW DPI Fisheries added 2 new photos. 2 hrs · Cockles off the menu… NSW DPI Fisheries officers seized another 835 cockles from two people collecting illegally in Hen and Chicken Bay last week - this time near Canada Bay. Two women were observed collecting in the bay and were later found to be allegedly in possession of 835 cockles. Fishers are reminded that all shellfish, such as cockles, are protected in Port Jackson and must not be taken. #nocollecting All of the 835 cockles were returned to the water alive. The two women were issued fines totalling $2000. #fineswithyourfish To report illegal fishing activity call Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536 or report it online at…/compliance/report-illegal-activity.
  18. This is what happens when the "Pet Shops / Aquariums" sell these weird exotic fish !!!! People let them go in the Wild !!! Should NOT be Available in the 1st Place !!!!! Might as well let a massive pile of "Oscars" loose !!!!!! GW
  19. Plenty in the rivers on KI
  20. They're also in the Finniss River too, they were & still could be in the Gygnet River on KI as well.. Very nice eating too.. cheers Adrian
  21. Some one probably dumped them out of their fresh/salt water aquarium when they became slack and couldn't be bothered cleaning and keeping the water up to scratch.. cheers Adrian
  22. wow, Talapia have the potential to be worse than carp in our waterways. I cant understand why anyone would introduce them into our waters.
  23. Fisheries WA 3 hrs · As the annual 2018 recreational marron season kicks off at noon today, fishers have a chance to catch a trophy-sized marron at Harvey Dam, Waroona Dam and the Hutt River. Within 500 m of the high water mark of these trophy waters, there is a daily bag limit and a possession limit of five marron, and a 90 mm carapace length minimum size limit. In all other open waters where marron fishing is permitted, there is a daily bag limit of eight marron, an 80 mm minimum size limit and a possession limit of 16 marron. For more information, visit our online recreational fishing rules at
  24. Victorian Fisheries Authority 5 hrs · If you’re female and keen to play an influential role in determining how recreational fishing licence fees are spent, we’d love to hear from you! The Recreational Fishing Grants Working Group provides advice to the Minister on how best to spend licence fees on worthwhile projects such facilities, fish habitat and research. We're proud to be seeking a female to join this group, in accordance with the State Government’s directive to have 50-50 male-female representation on appointed boards. We’re looking for someone with interest, experience and knowledge of recreational fishing here in Victoria. Members must be Victorian residents at the time of their expression of interest and through the term of their appointment on the Working Group. Working Group members receive a sitting fee for meetings and reimbursed for travel and other expenses. If you'd like to learn more visit…/recreational-fishing-grants-program. To receive an Expression of Interest form, provide your contact details here: Expressions of Interest close on 19 January 2018. Good luck!
  25. Fisheries Queensland shared Biosecurity Queensland's post. 7 hrs · Help stop the spread of spotted tilapia (Tilapia mariae) in Far North Queensland. Spotted tilapia were recently discovered in the Walsh River (north of Chillagoe) and near Bruce Weir (near Dimbulah, west of Mareeba). If you’re out fishing in the area and catch a tilapia, take a photo and report it online Biosecurity Queensland added 2 new photos.Like Page 8 hrs · We need your help to stop the spread of spotted tilapia (Tilapia mariae) in Far North Queensland. Spotted tilapia were recently discovered in the Walsh River (north of Chillagoe) and near Bruce Weir (near Dimbulah, west of Mareeba). If you’re out fishing in the area and catch a tilapia, take a photo and report it online
  26. NSW DPI Fisheries added 3 new photos. 3 hrs · Trophy Flathead Update The Trophy Fishery concept being trialed in St Georges Basin, Tuross Lake and Lake Macquarie is revealing some interesting stats about one of our most popular estuary sportfish, the mighty dusky flathead! Almost 120 "trophy-sized" flatties have been tagged so far, with the majority of fish (about 90) coming from the Basin. The average size of the fish tagged so far in all three Trophy Fisheries is 79cm with an average weight of 3.7kg. The largest is a massive 97.5cm croc tagged and released by Basin flathead legend Dave Johnstone. Seven recaptures have been reported from the Basin with one from Lake Macquarie. One basin fish has been recaptured twice! The most recent recapture is a 79cm Basin fish caught on December 31, 2017, by Ellie Reid. The fish was originally tagged just under a year earlier by Wal Balzan on January 7, 2017. The fish was caught in the same location and only grew 1cm. This differs from other Basin recaptures which show the fish had moved significant distances between captures. Lake Macquarie only recently became a Trophy Flathead Fishery but a dedicated team of local taggers led by Mark "Wilbur" Williams has already tagged 34 fish (including a 90cm cracker caught by Wilbur). The first lake Mac recapture involved a 72cm tagged fish recaptured (and re-released) by local angler Nathan De Bono on December 31, 2017. The flattie was originally caught by Corey Reid just over a month previously on November 28, 2017. Another three Lake Mac trophy flatties have so far been tagged by a crew of keen kayak taggers led by Bruce Tozer as part of the Yak Hunters fishing group. The Tuross guys have had a tough season so far but local angling identities Steve and Jo Starling recently tagged some cracking fish (78cm and 81cm models for Steve and 88cm and 90cm PB crocs for Jo) so hopefully that signals a return to form for this popular South Coast fishery. DPI has recently installed signs advising anglers of what to do if they recapture a tagged flathead. These signs are located at boat ramps around each of the three Trophy Fisheries. Information brochures for each of the Trophy Fisheries have also been produced and are available at local tackle shops and DPI offices. The Trophy Fishery concept is a great example of an angler-led initiative designed to protect and enhance fishing opportunities via proactive management initiatives. DPI looks forward to providing more info and data on trophy-sized flatties throughout 2018!
  27. Your office is a bit better than my office mate. very nice once again
  28. Another tough day at the office... I left home just after 5:30 am this morning and headed to the upper Mersey River for an early spin session in what was a reasonably cool morning with the lightest of breeze. As soon as I arrived it was on with the wading gear and off for a forty minute walk to where I would start the spin session. I was trying a new stretch of river (that I checked out on Google Earth) for the first time this trip so I didn't know what to expect. It looked okay on Google Earth at the time, now I'm just hoping it will give up a few trout at some stage of the spin session. When I finally arrived there I could see I was in for a tough day at the office, it was a very long rocky stretch of river and it looked like the river bottom was going to be my biggest test, on the body that is. Once in the the river I knew right away I was going to finish the day a very sore man indeed as I struggled to keep my footing on the rocky river bottom. Most of the water I'm fishing here is fast water and it varies in depth from shallow to just below the waist. I was now thinking why the hell did I have to pick an area like this, had I known before hand what it was like I would have stayed well away from here. Now this isn't going to be easy fishing my way back up through this water.. (and it wasn't) Neither was this... I started flicking the little gold spinner around and let the water do the work in carrying the lure down in between the rocks in the fast water runs where I had a hook up in no time at all. It was a nice medium size brown, it made a dash downstream & with one decent head shake it tossed the spinner. At least I new there were trout here which was good ,so I may catch a few trout after all this morning. As I continued to struggle my way upstream I did have the odd hit and miss as well as several follows but couldn't manage to get any hook ups. I changed over to the little ghost brown hard body as that usually sucks the trout in most times I've used it. After twenty minutes of working the river with it all I had was two follows from a couple of nice size browns and that's as far as it went. Not a sign of aggression from those two browns at all. Brown hooked & lost here.. Small side water, no fish in it either.. Slowly getting to the end of the tough rocky stretch of river.. At last I'm out of it.. well just about. I had at last come to the top end of the very fast water and was now into a nice stretch of medium to fast water runs which I found to be a lot easier to wade, still slippery and rocky but nowhere near to what I had just fished over the past hour and a half. I decided I'd give the Rapala F3 rainbow lure a go now seeing as the trout weren't interested in taking the ghost brown. I think it was on the third or forth cast when I had a trout take the lure as I retrieved it down a fast water run that flowed between a couple of large rocks. After a short tussle with this trout it came to the surface and that's when I saw it was a nice medium size rainbow. Once again it's the rainbow that's been the first trout taken on a spin session. Much easier fishing here.. A rainbow trout picked up here, finally had a fish in the net.. Solid rainbow.. After that the trout became more aggressive for one reason or another and I caught and released three nice browns over the next four short medium flowing runs and lost two others as well. The Rapala rainbow pattern lure seemed to be the right choice after all. The wind had now picked up from the West and was blowing straight down the river making it near impossible to get a decent cast in. It was a matter of waiting for a lull in it then casts as quick as I could before it hit again. A few times the wind hit just as I cast the 3 gram balsa Rapala and it carried it right back to where I was standing in the river. Not only that I was getting quite a few wind knots in the line too which was starting to annoy me.It was a little quiet over the next hundred meters of river before I picked up another rainbow and one more brown. The wind wasn't easing off and I was nearly back to where I could get out and head back to the car so I called it a day.. It certainly was a tough day in the office today with just the four browns and two rainbows caught, not only that the old body was feeling it too and it was nice to get back to the car. Browns taken here.. Fist brown of the session. . And another.. Just took this as I thought it would make a nice photo.. The last brown of the day (both pics) End of the road for me, my day is done.. cheers Adrian
  29. Thanks LAR-FIN. Always tough going up against the lake fisher's, though I did manage 2nd place overall back in 2014 which was good.. It happens on the day doesn't it.. one never knows what may be lurking in a deep stretch of river.. cheers Adrian
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