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    Finally I had an earlier start on a river than I normally do, hit the river at 6:45 this morning in what was perfect weather.. The river was running clear and there were a few trout on the rise so I thought I may be in for a tough time seeing they were surface feeding, the trout were sipping small midges from the surface..But to my surprise the first two trout liked the little Mepps gold aglia for starters before they went off that lure, so I went for the ghost brown hard body and they just loved it.. At the end of the session (11.30) I had managed to catch and release 12 nice browns & 10 solid rainbows. The best brown went 1.25 kg and was a nice solid fish.. As the day became warmer the caddis moths came out in force, hovering above the water close to the river banks..This took my season tally just over the 200 trout, actually it put me on 216 for the season one I'm reasonably happy with at this stage.. The day that I thought would be tough turned out to be a breeze in the end, also hooked and lost five other trout as well.. No broken bibs today either which was good, though I did have to change lures three times due to the small thing trebles being straightened by the larger fish. Sat down last night and too the small trebles off eight of the Daiwa Yogiri lures and put the stronger Owner trebles on the rear of the lure. Didn't bother putting the middle treble on, just going with the one treble to see how they go.. First of the morning.. Rainbow taken here.. cast and drift method with the gold aglia.. The 1.25 kg brown was picked up from the shaded area close to the opposite river bank.. The 1.25 kg brown.. Few more rainbows.. Caddis moths are now out and about as the air warms up.. cheersAdrian.. Few more trout that where caught & released.. all the trout I've caught this season have been in top condition too..
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    Unfortunately, I have been fighting that dreaded thing called cancer, that's why I have been a bit quiet. Finally felt like i could go out for a fish. Thanks For Watching. Clint.
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    I have just got back from our 3 week trip to Tassie. I have never been to Tassie previously so i was a bit unsure of what to expect but after a few messages with some great members of this site i had a couple of days fishing planned with some Tassie locals. Meppstas kindly offered to show me a few rivers and streams that he knows well and was confident that i would get a few fish. Fortunately he lived quite close to where we were staying in Devonport and when i arrived at his house he was ready to go, a quick check of water levels and we were off. After a shortish drive we had arrived at his selected location and after a quick instructions session we were into our waders and off down the stream he had selected. The plan was to make our way down stream then get into the water and fish our way back upstream casting ahead of ourselves in to likely fish holding areas. This is where i got taught a trout catching lesson! Mepps has his first fish in the net before i had even seen one! Finally i got a follow from a small fish, Mepps had caught another. Then i had a hit and a short hookup before losing the fish, meanwhile Mepps had caught another. Finally i managed to tempt a small fish to grab my lure and managed to get him into the net, it was small but i didnt care, it was my first Tassie trout i thought "thats it ive broken the drought, got the first now surely i will find a few more" i was so wrong. The "score" was now 4 -1 and we had made it back to where we had started over about 2 hrs. We still had a short section upstream from where we started so after a quick drink we headed back to the water. We had seen a few fish but even Mepps couldnt tempt one until we got to a section where a fast section dropped into a deeper pool, it looked ideal - if i was a trout i would sit there at the bottom of the falls waiting for tasty morsels to be swept into me. i put in about 20 casts with 0 result before Mepps wandered up and first cast pulled a fish from right where i had been casting, his next 2 casts resulted in 2 more fish!!!!! Final score was 7 - 1 but i had 1 and that is more than 0 and thats all that mattered Thanks Meppstas for taking me out to see your pet trout and letting me catch 1. We were also lucky enough to almost run over a freshwater crayfish that we pulled over and picked up to get off the road and let go back into his stream, apparently they grow to a meter long at that size even godzilla would run the other way!
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    LAR-FIN catches his first Tassie wild brown trout. 23-10-17 I knew LAR-FIN was heading over to Tassie this week and he had arranged for me to take him to a river for a spin session. My river of choice was the Mersey River and the area to be fished was at Liena. The day was a beauty with warm conditions, clear skies and the lightest breeze. On the way to Liena I drove past what I though was a freshwater lobster in the middle of the road, I quickly turned around and headed back to make sure I wasn't seeing things. If it was a lobster I was worried it would be flattened by the quarry truck I had just passed half a kilometer further back. That truck buzzed past us just after I had done a u-turn and I thought what ever it was on the road was probably squashed now. Well, to my surprise it was still in the middle of the road, and yes it was a freshwater lobster. It had climbed up to the road from a small creek because it couldn't reach and pass through the cement water pipe that ran under the road. It was crossing the road to get back into the creek. So I picked it up off the road and after LAR-FIN and I took a couple of photos it was placed into the creek on the other side of the road. That actually made for a great start to the day in saving that little freshwater lobster.. The rescued freshwater lobster about to be put safely back into the creek.. And this is just a small freshwater lobster.. Protected species that comes with a $10,000 fine for each one found in a persons possession.. Once at Liena we headed downstream for around eight hundred meters, a walk that wasn't all that flat because it was over tons of rocks & boulders strewn every where from the June 2016 record floods. The river was very clear and with the sun already on the water I was thinking it may be a little tough catching a trout today. The first small stretch of medium to fast water there wasn't a sign of a fish.. Moved into the next wide stretch of water that had some nice shade covering three quarters of the river from the tall gums that lined the river bank. It was here I picked up two small browns in reasonably quick time on the Daiwa yogiri ghost brown lure. That was it or a little while before I caught and released another smallish 300gram brown. In the meantime Aarron had a trout or two follow his lure, but they just wouldn't take it. I was fishing some forty meters ahead of him when I heard a shout, “got one,” it tossed the lure when it made it's second leap from the river. He was so close to landing his first Tasmanian wild brown trout, it just wasn't to be then. Looking downstream at Liena in what was just beautiful conditions.. It was here that LAR-FIN nearly caught his first Tasmanian wild brown trout.. LAR-FIN managed to have one follow his lure here, but it wasn't in the mood to strike today.. The next stretch of water I had a couple of hit and misses before LAR-FIN had a nice little brown take the Rapala rainbow lure. This one stayed on and he finally had his first wild brown trout in hand which was a relief. That was the last trout caught for quite some time until we fished the top end of wide stretch of water where a fast water flowed into it. It was here I caught and released four small/medium size browns all within 10 minutes at the most. After that it went dead no signs of a trout until LAR-FIN had a follow in the last small stretch of river before we called it a day at noon. We may not have caught all that many trout but it was still an enjoyable day and good to finally meet up with LAR-FIN as well.. We're having another trip on Thursday and this time I'm sure he'll catch more than one trout too. It was here he caught his first Tasmanian wild brown trout.. LAR-FIN finally broke the ice in catching a wild brown trout.. A beautifully coloured Mersey River wild brown trout.. Four browns caught here in quick time.. cheers Adrian..
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    Thanks GW, I have some of the lures set up with the in line small hooks, have used them several times and have picked up a few trout on them, also lost more on them than I caught too.. still have those lures in the lure box in the vest and still put them on every now and then.. cheers Adrian
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    I had another trip to a river with LAR-FIN today (26th), this time it was to the Meander River mainly because it fished so well the day before. Not only that I thought it would give L-F the best chance of catching a few browns.. The weather was cool with some heavy clouds over head and a light Sth Easterly breeze, the river was around the same medium height as yesterday. After a ten minute walk we were both in the river working our way upstream in what was very cold water. We had several follows on and off from a few browns but they were in one of their moods today, and it looked like if was the “off mood.” It took around forty minutes before I latched onto my first brown, a nice solid 490 gram fish that was soon released back into the river. We kept pushing on upstream while still having a follow here and there but still no takers which was pretty frustrating. I'm not sure if the change of weather conditions had anything to do with it or not, but these fish were just teasing us at this stage. We had now been in the river for just on two hours for the one trout which I wasn't impressed with and L-F was trying his best to catch a trout. Finally one brown had a light whack at his lure but didn't take it, I had just cast up past him when my ghost brown lure was taken by a nice medium (360 gm) size brown. First trout in the Meander River taken here.. First Meander River brown of the morning.. At last one decided to have a crack at one of our lures, I had hoped it would have been L-F who had hooked it though. There's still plenty of time for him to catch a few yet because we're in for a long session today.. It took another hour before I caught another brown, it was a similar size to the first one I caught and released earlier. The fish I just caught had already had a crack at L-F's lure but missed taking it, I was lucky enough for it to grab mine soon after. We fished on for another ten minutes when I said “that's it we're out of here” so we headed on back to the car then over to the little Meander Cafe for a bit of rest and a hot mug of coffee. I said to L-F we would have a fish at Western Creek on the way home because I felt that would be where he'll have the best & last chance of catching a trout today. I was now hoping the water level in the creek hadn't dropped too low to fish as it does drop pretty fast. LAR-FIN spin fishing the Meander River.. Pushing his way upstream in Medium flowing water, Meander River.. When we arrived there I could see it was good enough to fish, but only just, any lower and it would not have been worth fishing. We slowly made our way upstream having the odd follow here and there before I was onto a little well conditioned brown, one that was around 300 grams. Twenty minutes later I picked up another nice coloured medium size brown and a little further up I managed to catch one more. That was it for me, I hopped out of the river and said to L-F “I'm walking the river bank now and you're going to fish the rest of the way up the creek”. Just before I got of of the creek I gave him a ghost brown hard body to fish with in the hope he'll pick one up on that great little trout catcher. Looking down on L-R from high ground I could see the lure as he retrieved it, there was certainly a few browns following it. Then as it reached the shallow end of the run they turned and darted off. It wasn't until we were nearing the last of the deeper runs I noticed a brown sitting close to the edge of the creek. No sooner had the lure hit the water it darted out a smashed it, that brown stayed on and L-R had caught his second wild brown trout. It was a well deserved fish because not once did he chuck the towel in and call it quits like many do. To top his day off as he was standing on the edge of the creek when a Platypus came swimming along right in front of him. It was a pretty long day with a lot of time between catching fish, in saying that it was still an enjoyable day on the water with LAR-FIN.. My last fish of the day a nicely coloured Western Creek brown.. Yes, It's finally in the hand... A nice Western Creek wild brown trout.. A quick photo and it was on it's way.. cheers Adrian
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    No I wont be buying any of them Moons, mine come from Mepps in France.. That's the thing, will they work the same, Celta's are now made in China and I know they had a problem with the metal blade not spinning, don't know if they corrected the problem as I don't use them... They were once made in France too..
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    Yep sadly we can not compete with prices. i used to work for a company that mde a product, sent it to America to have work done on it and then send it back. this was cheaper than doing the work on the part here. Sad but the way of our country no days. so re you nuying any ? It would be interesting to see the quality of them and see if they work.
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    Meander River average, Western Creek great.. 18-10-17 With the river levels now down to a good wading height I thought a trip to the Meander River was worthwhile today.. I was a little slow off the mark this morning as I'm still recovering from lower back & hip problems from last Sunday when my fishing session only lasted thirty minutes.. The weather was going to be a warm 23 degrees with NNW breeze to 11 kph later in the day. I did manage to leave Sheffield at 7:10 am and reached the Meander River by 7:50 am, after a two kilometre walk to the river I was flicking the little Daiwa sushi prawn lure around in the river just on 8:15 am. The river was running clear and the rocky river bottom was covered with a brown algae which was going to be a pain in the butt if and when the lure bounces of a rock or two on the retrieve. Beautiful morning to be in the river... The first two long stretches of river were pretty quiet without a sign of a trout and I'm thinking the trout will be few and far between the way it's started.. Then I came to a fast water run and it was there I picked up my first brown (8:50am) for the morning. So ends the chance of a donut day again was my first thought as it normally is.. It wasn't a large fish, just a nice medium size 390 gram trout that was in good condition. The one thing I did notice was the massive amount of midges that were hovering along the river banks and just above the surface of the river. Not a sign of a trout rising or jumping to feed on them which is unusual. There wasn't any sign of other insect life flying around either, they may start to appear later as the day gets warmer. first of the morning... knocked itself around in the net. First trout caught here.. I came across the cormorants in the next stretch of water after this,, As I approached the next small medium flowing run it was then I knew why the trout weren't surface feeding and why the fishing was on the quiet side.. “ CORMORANTS ” are in the river, there were three of them in this small piece of water. So they copped a pelting with a few rocks that sent them scattering the hell out of here, I didn't bother to fish that small run of river. I heard a few reports that there were quite a lot of them that have come across from the mainland due to it being dry over there. The following stretch of water is a long wide one and it was there I came across more cormorants in the river, five of them this time. That stretch of water was also bypassed, as I was moving onto the next one I saw several more cormorants flying overhead. They were heading towards the lower end of the river going by the direction they were going. I'm just hoping this isn't a sign of things to come like it was back in the 2012/13 trout season here in Tasmania when there were thousands of them down here in almost every river & lake across the state. They had a massive impact on the rivers with thousands of trout being taken out of them, some rivers are only just coming back to what they were before the influx of the large birds. Another nice scenic stretch on the Meander River... Back to the fishing, I decided I would just fish once more stretch of river before getting out and heading back to the car then head elsewhere. Where that would be I hadn't made my mind up yet. As I moved into the next stretch of water I finally saw a trout rise, that's where the little lure was cast and in no time at all it was taken by that trout. A solid one at that too as it made several runs and leaps from the river before I managed to lead it into the net. Like the other brown trout it wasn't a large fish but one at 550 grams which was still a nice fish to catch. That was it for me in the Meander River (10:45 am) I was soon out of it and on my way back to the car. I decided I would fish Western Creek seeing it was on my way home if I went on the back roads. I was hoping that it would have enough flow in it to be able to fish there, it does get very low once the weather fines up and is not worth fishing.. Where I spotted a trout rise on the LHS in shaded water.. The second and last fish taken in the Meander River.. Once there I could see it was fairly low, there was still enough water in it to have a spin session without too many problems. I stuck with the little Sushi Prawn lure, with it being a shallow diving lure it will be fine here. It wasn't long before I had a brown take the lure, not long after that fish I had another trout in the net. This was more like it, the trout are on the take here which is great to see. The further I worked my way up the little creek the better the fishing became. First trout caught here in Western Creek.. Fist one here.. An another shortly after.. Platypus that swam past me on several occasions as I fished my way upstream.. Over the next four hundred meters of fishing in this creek I caught and released another six well conditioned browns from twelve hook ups and plenty of hit and misses to go with it. The best brown here went 430 grams which was a reasonably good size for this small water at this time of the season. The only downfall half way into the spin session was the small bib on the sushi prawn was broken off by a trout when it played havoc in the net, so it was on with the little Daiwa ghost brown after that. It did it's job well in picking up quite a few of those trout too. I had to give the fishing away due to the creek being too shallow to fish and being in full sun wasn't helping either. In the end the day wasn't all that bad with a total of ten browns being caught and released in two separate waters.. Couple more trout caught and released here.. More trout caught & lost here.. Solid brown.. Two browns hooked & lost here.. Looking down on the river during my walk back to the car.. Peaceful and scenic walk back to the car... cheer Adrian Head shot of Meander River wild brown trout...
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    Thanks for the great day on the water, it certainly was a challenge. Watching a master at his craft was incredible your abilities to put a lure anywhere you wanted was special to watch. A tally for the day of 7 to 1 was actually better than I hoped for. It it is a beautiful part of the world and fishing it was a real pleasure especially to do it with such a great bloke. Thanks again Adrian and also thanks to Luke for letting me borrow his waders.
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    Fished Pine Tier Lagoon during the week. Done a lot of camping and fishing at this lagoon in my late teens and early twenties. The place holds some fond memories. Thought I would revisit the lagoon. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, like, and share. #ecogear #cancercantstopmefromfishing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsU_LhB6YkQ
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    Here's an article on the Tasmanian fresh water lobster that has been bred in captivity, it was nearly wiped out many years ago from over fishing.. It is now a protected species and there's a $10,000 fine for each one found in anyone's possession.. I have found lobster traps on a few occasions in the small hard to get to streams that I fish.. I pulled them out and destroyed them, also notified the IFS on the position where I found them.. They know this goes on but it's hard to find the ones who leave the pots in these small streams. They keep on the move to all these out of the way places like I do with my trout fishing small tannin streams.. But I'm doing the legal thing chasing trout and not lobsters.. http://www.news.com.au/national/tasmania/breakthrough-as-tasmanian-giant-freshwater-lobsters-bred-in-captivity/news-story/f4c0574b4ec6e178f225a120c704f8a8 cheers Adrian
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    Anyone else want them? PM me your email address and I'll send the files.
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    Wow!! Jim it looks like you're been very busy with the bargain hunting lately.. I think you're turning if not already turned into a fishing tackle junkie..\ Good club to be in too, I think I'm a member of it too.. cheers Adrian
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    Amazing footage of what one can do with a bit of imagination... https://youtu.be/IYq7i4u3XBA?t=34s cheers Adrian
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    Awe.... its just about old footware..... I had visions of something more sensual........
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    Adrian , When changing over your rear trebles to a stronger set, and leaving the middle treble off , ever thought of using an inline small jig hook? I brought some Gamakatsu ( Size 12 by memory ) that I used on the rear of some of my very small surface lures. Made life a lot easier unhooking the fish. Perhaps you could try that ? Although the image says size 10, you will get the gist of it ...
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    Victorian Fisheries Authority 3 hrs · For inland anglers, springtime heralds great fishing for stocked golden perch in our northern lakes, including Eildon. Our Fisheries Officers have been out and about, and report that the vast majority of people are doing the right thing and abiding by the daily bag limit of 5 golden perch per person. A recent weekend of patrols, which included inspections of boats on the lake, anglers on the shore and roadside interceptions, revealed those people who'd harvested goldens had 2 or 3 on average, ranging between 2 and 3 kg each. Only minor offending was detected for licensing related matters, excess gear and maritime safety issues. Anglers fishing Eildon and other golden hotspots this month and next are encouraged to be respectful of other anglers and different cultural attitudes towards keeping a few fish to take home. We will continue to stock large numbers of golden perch fingerlings into our northern lakes to ensure a healthy population is available to everyone, whether they be sportfishers casting lures and releasing fish or baitfishers using yabbies to take home a feed for the table.
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    No Moons they all go back in the river, only time I keep a fish or two is when they have gill damage and are bleeding.. If it the bleeding doesn't stop after a few minutes then they get the donger and I usually give them to an elderly (85) lady (ex-Sth Aussie) a few houses up from us as she just loves them.. I should keep a few really as I do love them smoked. cheers Adrian
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    I have a few repair jobs coming up once the trout season closes.. had three bibs broken off by trout today once they were in the landing net.. The little Daiwa Yogiri lures are great trout takers but the bibs are very small and quite fragile.. luckily I still have plenty of lures that will see me through the trout season any way.. cheers Adrian
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    I just make them out of hard plastic that's around the same thickness to what was originally there.. but I do put a thin layer of hardener on it and it's worked so far on another one that got busted of some time ago...
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    Victorian Fisheries Authority 7 hrs · Oh my cod! Thousands of Murray cod eggs have started hatching at Snobs Creek. Since water temperatures in our brood ponds reached the high teens in recent weeks, our cod have been very busy! These tiny larvae are roughly the size of matchstick heads and will live off their yolk sacs before they start feeding on brine shrimp. Yummo. We'll keep you posted on their progress! #target1million #babycod #fishinglicencefeesatwork
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    Yessirree, Adrian , they will copy anything ....... no copyright laws over there ......... I have found shops on Alibaba and Ali-express , that resell OEM gear , branded to what ever .... AND , at a ridiculous price, that even the BEST discounts here in Aus could never match ..... The Chinese will rule the economic state of any country, by doing this, making it so hard for the everyday shop owner to compete .... Just about everything is made in China these days, and all of our manufacturing businesses have either gone bust, or moved to China, soon we ( Aussies) will not have the manufacturing skills nor the manufacturing plants to make anything, a huge skill set lost forever ..... Sad to say isn't it ... Great White
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    This was posted in another thread but it was so handy I thought it needed its own.
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    Spent 5 days fishing Monlongle Creek and Cape Upstart. here is a short video of the trip https://youtu.be/lM2Om4LQWrI Hope you enjoy Cheers Stu
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    My mate lives in Sydney and I have been down in Tassie for 12 years now, it can be a challenge to go to a new area and find fish. We would have liked more action on bara or jacks in the river but wasn't till the last day that we started to understand where the fish would be and the best tides to chase them. Same with the crabs in Sydney we fish hard up on the shore but most people including the pros had the traps a lot further from the edge of the mangroves up there. I guess that is a lot of the fun/challenge working out how to fish the place. Thanks for watching and the feedback Cheers Stu
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    I knew what you were trying to say GW so don't worry about it mate.... here's the way I see it.. It was only a matter of time before the catching of Kingfish in the Port came out any way, I have a mate back in Sth Aust who has been catching them there for the past 5 yrs & he kept it to himself. Like he said, there's a lot of people that drive past that area and they do see them being caught, no different from someone fishing from a beach or jetty, people are usually around.. It happened all the time when Mulloway fishing from the Torrens Island bridge, as well as the Port River near ICI.. the word gets out and I don't see that much harm is done. It's something thats gone on for years and will continue to do so. If one want's to keep a spot to themselves then don't take a photo with a background that gives the spot away.. I have my trout reports on many sites and rarely name the areas that I keep want to myself and that's because of the conditions I have made with land owners (not that I would let anyone know them), my photos show dense foliage as the background in the majority of them.. I do name the main rivers I fish but not the areas, those that fish a river on a regular basis will know where I fish any way.. When I fished for snapper many years ago behind Torrens Island from 1972 to 1990 no one knew I fished there for snapper, except for my good friend Robert Kelly who used to come with me. We would be there at 3:00 pm catching snapper and if a boat came past as many did when we had a fish on, we would sit down and let the reel free run until that boat had move well on from us.. In all those years of fishing there some times up to 5 nights a week no one else ever fished there.. besides I never had a computer back then either.. cheers Adrian
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    OMG !!! MY comment HAS been taken way out of context ....... Got nothing to do with this site , nothing to do with holding up you catch .... It was trying to say, with pictures these days, it is not hard to try and find SPOT X from the picture ..... Holy Dooly ...... what a MESS ........ GW
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    Also... What has social media & google earth and whatever "Brag city freeway" means have anything to do with this site?. I am here to read & enjoy the posts & when I know provide info to others. Its all about sharing info isn't it. Anyway, I will continue as I have always done.
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    @ GW - " .... I post up my catch as well ..... just not directly in front of known land marks .....". Nothing stopping anyone doing that nor do I see a problem with this at all??. No different then providing a GPS mark for all to see. I've seen plenty of Kingfish photos with the powerhouse behind for example as well as heaps of other photos where you can clearly identify the background. I thought this is where you can share information!!!! which is what I did.
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    Nice work guys. great pics once again , well except for the ones with lafin in them. Well done on the brownie mate and great coaching meeps.
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    To be brutally honest, they have been there on and off, for at least a good 4 decades .... Something that over the years has usually been kept very QUIET ...... But with all this crazy social media these days, it is like "Brag City Freeway" .... Look at ME ... Look at MY FISH .... Great White
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    Yep another season another bout of gout
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    Victorian Fisheries Authority shared North Central CMA's post. 3 hrs · Great to see! Thanks Lake Boga Men's Shed for building these wonderful fish havens, or "cod condos", to boost our native fish populations. Yet another example of #fishinglicencefeesatwork. North Central CMALike Page November 9 at 11:47am · A big thank you to the Lake Boga, Victoria Men’s shed for building fish havens as part of our Native Fish Recovery Plan. The 10 fish havens, along with 10 large snag piles will be installed in the Little Murray River downstream of Little Murray Weir to boost native fish populations including Murray cod, golden and silver perch and catfish. The project is being funded through Recreational Fishing Licence Fees. The fish havens, or cod condos as some like to call them, will provide a rest area for fish in high flows and act as a refuge from predators. Native fish also like to use them as spawning sites and some use them as territorial markers. Fish havens also promote algae and bacteria growth, which attracts invertebrates (water bugs), an important part of the fish food web. The fish havens will add value to other works being undertaken by GMW Connections in the Little Murray River, including the construction of two new fishways, re-snagging between the two weirs, and provision of fish friendly flows. Tap the link to learn more about the NFRP http://www.nccma.vic.gov.au/projects/biodiversity
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    NSW DPI Fisheries 7 hrs · Court proves costly! A man found fishing on the Parramatta River in Sydney who had not paid the Recreational Fishing Fee was issued a $200 penalty notice - he decided to have the matter heard in court. Appearing in Liverpool Local Court recently, the man claimed he was being taught how to fish by his friends and had only been fishing for a few minutes before fisheries officers arrived. The magistrate took his explanation into account and ruled that the offence was proven and dismissed the matter without conviction. The magistrate then ordered the man to pay professional costs to NSW DPI and court costs amounting to $5,000. #caughtcosts If the man had spent that $5,000 on 3 year Recreational Fishing Fee payments, he could fish for over 170 years!! To purchase your NSW Recreational Fishing Fee call 1300 369 365 or visit www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fi…/recreational/recreational-fishing-fee Report illegal fishing activity by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536 or online at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishi…/compliance/report-illegal-activity.
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    NSW DPI Fisheries added 3 new photos. 2 hrs · Failing to appear in court can be costly.. NSW DPI Fisheries Officers apprehended two (2) men found in possession of 638 whelks, 386 cockles and 42 blue swimmer crabs at Windang boat ramp in southern NSW. The men were issued court attendance notices but when they failed to appear in Wollongong Local Court in August they were convicted on all charges in their absence. They have since appeared in Wollongong Local Court where they were issued over $16,000 in fines and costs. #caughtcosts For further information read the full media release at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-centre/releases If you suspect illegal fishing activity report it by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536 or report it online at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishi…/compliance/report-illegal-activity. File photo’s attached
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    @meppstas Holy Cow !!! What a Day of fishing !!!! Great Write up .... Absolutely love your Photography !!! Felt like I WAS There !!! Congratulations Adrian !!! GW
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    Sounds a great trip. nioce !!!!
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    Spent a couple of hours in the river today in what was very cool & windy conditions early on.. Managed to catch & release five browns as well as hooking and losing six others which didn't impress me.. Plus I have quite a few hit and misses during the two hours in the river.. I wasn't all that happy that three of my little Daiwa Yogiri lures had the bibs broken off by the trout once they were in the net.. Looks like I will be making a few more bibs later, thankfully I still have a good supply of lures that will see out the trout season.. The river was running clear but the river bottom was in pretty lousy condition as it was covered in algae that kept fouling the lures. I was glad I put the spiked felt soles on the wading boots this morning which gave me good grip on the slippery algae covered rocks... the trout weren't big, all in the 430-450 gram range and all in good condition.. The wind coming straight down the river at around 30 kph finally sent me home in the end..cheersAdrian Not the best river bottom I've fished in... Three damaged hard body lures.. A couple of browns caught & released here.. Few of the browns caught & released.. The rest were picked up along this long stretch of river.. And a couple more..
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    NSW DPI Fisheries 1 hr · Using modified gear and exceeding the bag limit proves costly… NSW DPI Fisheries Officers apprehended two (2) men found in possession of 240 litres of prawns in Lake Wollumboola at Culburra Beach in southern NSW. The men were prawning in the lake using a modified hand hauled prawn net and had not paid the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee. The matter was recently heard in Wollongong Local Court where both men plead guilty to all charges and were fined a total of $8,000 and $4,334 in court and professional costs. #fineswithyourfish For further information read the full media release at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/about-us/media-centre/releases If you suspect illegal fishing activity report it by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043536 or report it online at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishi…/compliance/report-illegal-activity.
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    I was checking out some small snap swivels tonight and came across some Chinese copies of Mepps Aglia & Comet blade spinners.. they come in sizes #1 up to #5 & seel from AU$2.12 to AU$2.59 ea. Is there anything that they don't copy and sell now days.. here's the ones I found on Ebay from a seller in China.. Aglia Long Rainbow.. Aglia Fluro.. Silver Comet w/- red dots.. Aglia Rainbow trout Silver comet w/- blue dots.. Aglia Tiger model
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    Victorian Fisheries Authority 7 mins · Now's the perfect time to go fishing for snapper in Port Phillip! According to our snapper tracking study, which uses electronic tags to monitor their movement, the majority of snapper have migrated into the bay. This annual spawning migration usually occurs in October when water temperatures reach 15°C. We can reveal the bay reached this temperature recently. Despite high variability in the snapper fishery over the years, the future trend for snapper is expected to increase moderately before stabilising in 2020. It's important that all anglers abide by snapper bag and size limits to ensure the fishery continues to grow and can accommodate natural fluctuations: http://bit.ly/2yJPCF7. Most importantly - get out there and have fun! If you're planning to go fishing for snapper this week or on the weekend, we'd love to see your catch! Tag your photos with #vicfisheries. #target1million #fishinglicencefeesatwork
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    Fantastic work guys. a trip he will remember
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    NSW DPI Fisheries added 4 new photos. October 26 at 5:05pm · In a NSW DPI investigation, DPI Fisheries officers issued two men with multiple fines and required them to rehabilitate a 100m stretch of riverbank along the Nepean River in Castlereagh, west of Sydney, at an estimated cost of more than $18,000. The men were alleged to have carried out illegal works along the riverbank including excavating a boat ramp and reclaiming foreshore land using tyres, rocks, cut trees and sand. Land owners should only conduct bank stabilisation work and install boat ramps under a permit issued by DPI Fisheries. These permits identify the best materials and building methods to be used to reduce impacts on fish stocks and key habitats. For more information about undertaking works along waterways, including looking after the river bank go to: www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/…/reha…/living-and-working-on-a-riverbank Report illegal fishing activity by calling Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536 or online at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishi…/compliance/report-illegal-activity
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    Yes that's a great map. many different speed zones. i think in some sections the speeds are just on the channel ? (And you can go flat out either side).
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    Thanks Moons, I was getting a little worried there for quite sometime thinking LAR-Fin wasn't going to land one, especially after dropping the one early on. But he came good in the end which was great to see.. 10/10 for his perseverance that's for sure.. cheers Adrian
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