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    Had a fun session catching salmon on light gear. Enjoy & thanks for watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlLVp7TKPj4&t=25s
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    With 10 days at Edithburgh I was fairly sure I would do at least a little fishing. The squid were quite reliable from the breakwater on the northern side of the breakwater I caught 6 or so most nights I went down the hour before sunset. there are also a few squid on the jetty along with a surprising number of big blue crabs for boaties. Whiting are scarce and so are snapper. The annual mullet run is also yet to start with only a few caught. we did get a day down at Marion Bay and headed out with Pat in his Barcrusher the fish were slow but finished with 10 whiting the biggest 54cm and a nice nanni in a couple of hours. No reports of tuna it looks like the season is over until latter in the year. Some good reports of snapper and nannies around the islands.
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    Well normaly Friday nights are me at home with the dogs watching footy. last night was different as a mate came over for a camp oven dinner. decided on Curried snags one of my favourites. Brown the snags then add the spuds and veg keep the coals up cooking away Devo looking happy the result after about 90mins not sure what added but my head is a bit sore this morning !!!
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    Small creek gives up a few more trout.. Beautiful weather conditions had me up early this morning to give myself an hour to loosen up before I was right to head on over to a small creek for a spin session. I was in the water at 9:10 am and started off using the ghost brown lure in the low clear water. I soon had a follow from a small brown just as the sun started to touch the water in what was a very cool clear morning here. I moved on to a long stretch of water that had a few deep runs, it was here I had the best chance of catching a few trout. It only took a couple of minutes when I had a solid 510 gram brown take the lure and after a short battle it was it in the net photographed and back in the creek.. I had quite a few follows and hits and misses while fishing my way upstream, it was just under twenty minutes after catching the first brown I was onto my second one. This fish came darting out from under a small ledge close in on the river bank and just smashed the lure. It was a solid brown just like the first one, it too gave up a good fight before being led into the net. First of the morning.. Ready for release.. Solid 510 gram brown back in the water.. With two nice browns being caught in such a short time I was pretty confident of catching a few more before I reach the narrow shallow water. Once I reached the shallows that would be the end of my fishing because the water is too low and clear for fishing, plus it will be in full sun as well. If the water level was around 4-6 inches higher I would normally continue on but that's not the case today as the water level is already a few inches lower since my last trip here. Any way I fished the rest of the deeper runs and picked up two more medium size browns before calling it a day. I was thinking about heading over to the Meander River once I got back to the car but thought better of it, my lower back & left hip wasn't all that good so I didn't want to make them any worse than what they were at the time. There's still plenty of days left to fish before the season closes.. Another solid trout.. Trout came out from the under cut on the river bank.. Small fungi I came across on the way back to the car.. cheers Adrian
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    Fired up the fire today. A wet crapy day so it was beans time. first get them coals. the stuff needed. 1kg beer mince two cans 4 bean mix 1 can kidney beans 1 large and 1 small cans of diced tomatos 1 large onion sliced up 2 packets of chilli con carn mix from coles 1 can of beer, to start with. brown the beef in a third of a can of beer. Add the onion. stir till soft then add every thing else and give a good stir. on with the lid and add some coals. sit back and drink the rest of the beer and then get another one. take lid off and give a good stir every 15 mins for 1 hour or three beers. Then take of heat and grab a bowl full. Eat with corn chips and wash down with a captain. i use very little coals on the bottom of this to stop burning. Keep topping up coals on the top. i will get around to doing a dessert soon. this made my dinner and put 6 meals in the freezer.
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    There's something about cooking over an open fire/coals, I think maybe it gives food a better taste, my son does a bit of cooking over coals in his back yard also, I'll have to show him your posts Moons. But the beans over the coals reminds me of this from the Blazing saddles movie, hope it wasn't like this Moons Blazing Saddles campfire sceene
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    It's only around six weeks ( Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May 2018.) to the 2018 Trout weekend at Liawenee that's run by the Inland Fisheries Service.. Always an enjoyable few hours up there at Liawenee which is close to Great Lake.. Check it out on the following IFS site: https://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/trout-weekend cheers Adrian
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    Yes I'll be up there Moons, I know a couple of the Fisheries fellows and they'd like to catch up with me for a chat.. I don't get to see them all that often throughout the trout season..
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    Caught up with fishing buddy Adrian Webb for a hot morning session. We ended up with about 20 fish between us which was great. Hope you enjoy. Clint. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuMoPYoJT6k
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    Good to see you managed a few feeds and had some time away too..
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    Well I had Captain Kane from Thursday night. at his request crabbing as on the books Friday morning. Willy weater said it was going to be perfect. it was as we launched out into the main river and selfie time. well thats where the calm water stopped. The closer we got to the end of the channel the ruffer it got. we got to the end and hit a wave at idle that sent a wave over the Bimini. Had a good look around and no way was I going out in that. A few smaller boats behind me turned around as well. As we were out here we went back to the third marker and dropped anchor. crabman said Crabs would be in the river. In wih two nets only due to the wind. A small soak and Kane was on the board. First pull of the two nets seen two rippers in the esky. we were on ly in about 2 metres of water and about 500-600 metres from the end of the breakwater. as the decky was doing all the work, best i relax. even rock crabs were around. we gave it two hours and we had 13 nice keepers. Very happy with that in the conditions. back to thramp and greeted by a mum and pup dolphin playing around the pontoon. all up another great day out with the boy. tomorrow is a solo crab seasion.
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    Great time spent on the water with the grandson once again Moons, nice feed of crabs too with a few beauties amongst them as well.. good job.. I used to often fish along the inside of the revetment wall (outer breakwater) there when it was rough out further and caught a lot of KGW's in the sand patches close to the rock wall,, cheers Adrian
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    Managed to get out for another fish during the week. Found a school of salmon held up in a deep channel. Thanks for watching everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlGmouT0G9U&t=25s
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    Another nice one from the "Master Chef" well done Moons.. I love curried sausages too & I doubt it was the food that gave you a sore head either.. Your guest looks a little like Hoopsy... cheers Adrian
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    Looks pretty good too... yummy!! nice meal on a cool windy day..
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    A cod was caught or so the face book page said. A few Callop get hooked as well. if only i was that lucky.
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    I got a text yesterday from my son asking if I wanted to go to the Warren Ressie for a fish. Sure why not. I jumped on the Recfish site and within minutes I had my permit. out with my freshwater tackle box and my spinners I have had for two years and never used. with the rain over night I wasnt sure we would go but I got to my sons and he was packing the car.. Average conditions to leave in. of we went and it fined up up bit. Cold and windy but no rain. are we there yet I asked and my son said this is it as we got to the bridge. Isnt a ressie supposed to have water in it I asked ? This could be a waste of a yearly permit. on a bit further we pulled into a carpark and we had water, it was well down but it was water. out with the trolley and off we went. Set up camp and I fished this spot. about the fifth cast I was on. Not big but i was onto a fish. well my first ever Reddie. apart from a few bumps nothing else. My son walked around the other side and gave me a shout. He had 5. so off I went to fish with him. Watching small reddes chase the spinner right in to the edge. a few flicks and I managed a bigger fish. with time running out as I nexed to be home my sons rod he had baited took off. a nice mud marlin score for the day 23 reddies and 1 carp. i as out fished by my son, he got the most and the biggest. Still a great day out with him thats for sure. so relaxing out there
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    I thought I was family !!!!'
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    Good result mate, it is supposed to be tough fishing up there. It would be good if it was stocked with cod and perch
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    Just a few feeds for the freezer, we do give a bit away to family.
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    Freshwater or not mate I would have done a squid impersonation !!!!
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    Had a great day in the river with good mate (Clint) today, it was a fun day with quite a few trout being caught and released. I came across a snake while on my hands and knees making my way through some thick bush to reach the river. It headed of into the river before turning around and headed back to the rivers edge. Very cold water stopped it from crossing to the other side.. I finished the day catching & releasing 8 browns as well as losing a few others on the way. Also had quite a lot of hits & misses during the session too.. Not sure how many Clint caught but I reckon it would have been around a dozen or so as well as hooking and losing a few too. Some trout were very aggressive where as others were on the fussy side.. Seven of the browns I caught were taken on the Greedy Guts bloody tiger prawn hard body that I picked up from www.masterangler.com.au (check out their site, well worth the visit) & my my last brown was taken on a Mepps #00 gold Aglia.. I should have used the little gold Aglia earlier in a fast water run too as I had several hits from trout in it but was too slack to make the change..😡 The last photo, well it's a threesome by the looks of it..🤣 Cheers Adrian (meppstas) Surprise.. surprise.. not what I was expecting to see while on my hands & knees.. A few of the browns taken on the bloody tiger prawn.. Where I should have used the Gold Aglia blade spinner.. Clint, getting a little on the deep side here.. Now he thinks he's a Ninja.. Looks like a threesome to me.. cheers Adrian
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    He is a machine !!!! well done
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    You heading up to show em how its done mate ?
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    Actually that snake I thought was a Tiger Snake got me thinking the more I looked at the photo which I have as my screen saver for now.. I know the Tiger snakes here in Tassie are much darker (even black) than the mainland Tigers so I did some checking up and I reckon it's a Lowland Copper Head snake & not a Tiger snake.. the red colour on the lower side of it & the lighter colour of it's head was what got me thinking, doesn't really matter both can still bite any way.. cheers Adrian Lowland Copper Head is what I reckon it is.. Tasmanian Tiger snake, much pointier head as well..
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    I used to do a runner once Moons but have become used to them now and they don't bother me all that much any more.. Had plenty of scares with them (the Brown & Red Bellied black snakes) over the many years when I used to fish the Finniss River in the Yundi area when I lived & trout fished in Sth Aust. They were every where along that river during the warmer days.. cheers Adrian
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    Nice work again. mate if i seen that snake. Would have bolted !!!!!!!
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    Had a great time chasing some Trout in very shallow water. One insane capture you have to check out. Thanks for watching. Clint. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm-CqYEKTh0
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    Nice trip. i need some squid, we have run out. might do a weekender soon. well done
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    Good save there mate
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    Another tough few hours in the river.. Headed off to the Meander River again today to fish the fast water stretch above the Meander Bridge only to find that there were already a couple fishing the river when I arrived. I was having a later start than normal so it was my own fault for not heading off earlier any way. Knowing that there's still plenty of other fast water runs on this river I headed off to have a spin in one of those runs. The river seemed to be running a little higher as well so I knew it's not going to be an easy time spent in the fast water at all today. I was in the river by 10:45 am and found it was a tough going right from the start as I made my way across the thirty meters of knee deep fast water to reach the shallower side of the river before I could fish my way upstream. Where I have to cross over... I thought I would start the day off with a #00 gold aglia in the shallow fast water to see how it would go before changing to the small hard body lures once I reach the deeper runs a little further upstream. After having a couple of hits early I soon caught a small 300 gram brown, it's looking like it may be a good day fishing the fast water. Well that didn't last all that long because I never had a hit or a follow after that over the next forty minutes before I changed to the ghost brown lure when I reached a deeper stretch of fast water.. I had several trout have a go at the hard body but every one of them missed getting hooked before one eventually took the lure side on and was well and truly hooked. After it had made several runs down stream and peeling quite a bit of line off the reel it tired and I managed to get it into the net, it was a well conditioned 420 gram fish. A little further on I picked up my second brown which was around the same size as the first one I caught & released. That was the last trout taken over the following three hundred meters of river. I decided to get out of the fast water once I found a spot on the river bank where I could make my way out of the river & head back to the car. I found a space between some heavy foliage where I could get out and climb up the river bank. I had three more casts there and was lucky enough to pick up my third brown of the session before I hopped out of the river. Well, I'm on my way across the river.. Some solid water flowing here.. First of the day.. Where I hopped out.. Picked this fish up where I hopped out of the river before moving elsewhere.. After a twenty minute walk back to the car I headed off to another stretch of river, one that was much easier to wade, it's nowhere as rocky to where I had just fished. I stayed with the same lure that I used in the previous area I fished and even though the fishing was a little on the slow side here I did managed to pick up two more browns. It was this last stretch of river that gave up the best fish of the session too and it was the last fish caught as well. A solid female brown that went 600 grams that was in top condition, also very full of eggs going by the size of her girth. She was soon released back into the river after a quick photo, once I released her I called it a day. That first stretch of very rocky fast water had taken it's toll on the body & it wasn't worth fishing on for another fish or two. Best fish of the day taken here.. 600 grams of beauty.. And she's ready for release... cheers Adrian
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    Great work again mate. nice looking fish there.
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    Well after a fish with the son this morning, will do a post when the pics upload to iPad, tonights dinner was Moons homemade meatballs slow cooked in the camp oven. first up get the fire going. Bosco found the warm spot. Next up was the meatballs. Mince, french onion soup, garlic, chilli paste and a couple eggs. Mixed it up and into the camp oven in good size balls. a slow cook so only a few coals after an hour of cooking in went the home made tomato sauce. A little salt n pepper and back on the cook. another hour and they were done. onto the plate with a little of the sauce and dinner was once again a success. not to forget the usual Captain Morgan and Come. now next week is dessert week of in the camp oven. Dumplings in Golden Syrup.
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    Looks okay to me Moons, very yummy!!!
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    Good to see the weather was clear for you & your son, although a little windy it was a good session with a couple of dozen fish taken on the day.. cheers Adrian
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    Thanks Moons, I'm on track at this stage to reach my target of 600 trout before the close of the trout season on the 29th April.. on 566 at the moment.. cheers Adrian
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    The well oiled machine strikes again. We done Adrian
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    Received a few more that I ordered last week, these are the Greedy Guts models and are 44 mms long & weigh just 3 grams.. Plus I received another free hard body lure with my order as well.. It a nice little one too that I'm looking forward to trying out on the trout.. Check out the eyes on these lures.. No. 21 is in them.. cheers Adrian The four Greedy Guts lures & the free lure.. I have replaced the hooks on the free lure with owner trebles and one size smaller. Greedy Guts Yamame, got two of these as I really like the colour & pattern on this lure.. One I reckon will do well on the trout.. This is the natural brown model.. I was thinking of putting a few very small red dots on it.. This one is the bleeding tiger prawn..
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    Thanks guys.. They worked well managed to catch & release a few (4 from 6 hook ups) brown on them.. trout were on the fussy side on the day.. Took me a little while to adjust to them as they worked a little different to the Daiwa ghost brown lures (caught 3 from 4 hook ups as well), cast well and I got plenty of distance with them and they're only 3 grams.. Ordered a few Pontoon 21 Greedy Guts 44 mm SR lures last night as well, they're going for $10-00 each as well.. colours: natural brown, bloody tiger prawn & natural yamame.. They posted them this morning so will have them next week, they're a nice little lure too.. Here's a few photos from yesterday.. cheersAdrian.. These (above) were taken on the MI Perch lure.. This solid brown was taken on the MI Gold Perch model..
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    Hi all. you may notice that I post stories from interstate fisheries. I have all their permissions. my question is does South Australia have a fisheri s page ? buggered if I can find one. Any one smarter than me ( and could be all of you) find one !
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    Hi guys, noticed that I can download the marks in a strange format in excel or in GPX. Does anyone know how to convert it to a google earth or lowrance format? David