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  1. you lie moons you have no friends and that's a great haul of fish
  2. Your still the man down there Adrian postcard picks
  3. Yep another season another bout of gout
  4. Looks great i would have put a like but I have run out
  5. it was a great weekend
  6. Nice dinner moons
  7. That's some big fish well done
  8. Wanting to miss the hordes of people traveling on Thursday night I managed to swindle a day off and leave Wednesday after lunch good move as it was an easy drive to my place on the peninsula. A mate was down since Monday in his 4.2 tinny and was struggling with weather so I invited him for a fish on Thursday and he was keen. Left home about 7 am hit first spot and nothing tried everything with no luck so moved 15 km into deeper water and it was a good move as no sooner the bait hit the bottom fish were coming in steady. lots of bicatch with every red being just undersize thats fishing after 16 fish the tide stoped and that was that, so waited for the tide to change two hours for 4 fish and if did
  9. Nice story and outfit the spotters really suite you
  10. No show from me well done Adrian a well deserved prize for the effort mate
  11. Wow thay all have different markings
  12. Nice gathering mate wow 3 words no wait 5 words and a number I could go on but I won't
  13. almost believable if it wasn't April 1
  14. You do visit some sites that I get viruses on but I c your point and you will need to change as well from don is good to Donna is better
  15. It's only money buy buy buy is my moto he who dies with the biggest boat and debt wins