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  1. Salmon & Tailor.

    salmon are an underrated fish especially on light gear
  2. Got my first thanks to my son

    Good result mate, it is supposed to be tough fishing up there. It would be good if it was stocked with cod and perch
  3. Easter on yorkes

    Just a few feeds for the freezer, we do give a bit away to family.
  4. Easter on yorkes

    With 10 days at Edithburgh I was fairly sure I would do at least a little fishing. The squid were quite reliable from the breakwater on the northern side of the breakwater I caught 6 or so most nights I went down the hour before sunset. there are also a few squid on the jetty along with a surprising number of big blue crabs for boaties. Whiting are scarce and so are snapper. The annual mullet run is also yet to start with only a few caught. we did get a day down at Marion Bay and headed out with Pat in his Barcrusher the fish were slow but finished with 10 whiting the biggest 54cm and a nice nanni in a couple of hours. No reports of tuna it looks like the season is over until latter in the year. Some good reports of snapper and nannies around the islands.
  5. Port River Crabs

    Good save there mate
  6. Got a feed and never wet the tub.

    classic weekend mate. i think the idea is to let your tires down BEFORE you hit the soft stuff great looking spot
  7. Pontoon21 Hard Body lures..

    great deal mate
  8. Dodging the bait theives

    i think we need a recount
  9. Dodging the bait theives

    "voted best looking" ?
  10. Dodging the bait theives

    was a bit of a struggle tho
  11. Dodging the bait theives

    When Moons asked me if i wanted to head out early and get a few crabs i wasnt going to say no. We launched about 6:30 to pretty average conditions and slowly made our way south towards the semmy reef area. Nets in and the crabs started, then it all started to get hard. We would put the nets down loaded with 'couta heads and in 2 minutes the 'couta would be gone, we persisted but were losing to much bait and were not getting any crabs. The tide had started and the net ropes were ending up caught around the motor. We decided to move 50 meters to hopefully get away from whatever was stealing our bait, probably a big ray, rig a bridle on the anchor rope to get the boat sitting better and hope the crabs were still around. Well we had success we managed to get almost our bag of crabs before we started losing baits again then using a mesh pocket rather than a bait pin we got our bag and headed back in to clean up and watch the race.
  12. The grandson in action

    He has it all worked out mate, you could sit back and relax and he will do all the work for ya
  13. Late session pays off...

    Good day on the water Adrian. That lure has earnt its retirement, it would have caught plenty of fish and bounced of piles of rocks.
  14. A bag of Crabs with the Captain

    great way to spend a day mate
  15. After work bag

    Good way to spend an arvo mate