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  1. 22 fish.......holy cow! 1.25 would have been good fun on your light gear
  2. I have just got back from our 3 week trip to Tassie. I have never been to Tassie previously so i was a bit unsure of what to expect but after a few messages with some great members of this site i had a couple of days fishing planned with some Tassie locals. Meppstas kindly offered to show me a few rivers and streams that he knows well and was confident that i would get a few fish. Fortunately he lived quite close to where we were staying in Devonport and when i arrived at his house he was ready to go, a quick check of water levels and we were off. After a shortish drive we had arrived at his selected location and after a quick instructions session we were into our waders and off down the stream he had selected. The plan was to make our way down stream then get into the water and fish our way back upstream casting ahead of ourselves in to likely fish holding areas. This is where i got taught a trout catching lesson! Mepps has his first fish in the net before i had even seen one! Finally i got a follow from a small fish, Mepps had caught another. Then i had a hit and a short hookup before losing the fish, meanwhile Mepps had caught another. Finally i managed to tempt a small fish to grab my lure and managed to get him into the net, it was small but i didnt care, it was my first Tassie trout i thought "thats it ive broken the drought, got the first now surely i will find a few more" i was so wrong. The "score" was now 4 -1 and we had made it back to where we had started over about 2 hrs. We still had a short section upstream from where we started so after a quick drink we headed back to the water. We had seen a few fish but even Mepps couldnt tempt one until we got to a section where a fast section dropped into a deeper pool, it looked ideal - if i was a trout i would sit there at the bottom of the falls waiting for tasty morsels to be swept into me. i put in about 20 casts with 0 result before Mepps wandered up and first cast pulled a fish from right where i had been casting, his next 2 casts resulted in 2 more fish!!!!! Final score was 7 - 1 but i had 1 and that is more than 0 and thats all that mattered Thanks Meppstas for taking me out to see your pet trout and letting me catch 1. We were also lucky enough to almost run over a freshwater crayfish that we pulled over and picked up to get off the road and let go back into his stream, apparently they grow to a meter long at that size even godzilla would run the other way!
  3. What are you using to repair/replace the bibs?
  4. And i will attest that those lures are deadly, in the hands of the master and that brown algae is rather difficult to walk on
  5. Thanks for the great day on the water, it certainly was a challenge. Watching a master at his craft was incredible your abilities to put a lure anywhere you wanted was special to watch. A tally for the day of 7 to 1 was actually better than I hoped for. It it is a beautiful part of the world and fishing it was a real pleasure especially to do it with such a great bloke. Thanks again Adrian and also thanks to Luke for letting me borrow his waders.
  6. Sad, isnt it
  7. Another example of pro's crapping in their own nest
  8. Yep, they have been turning up there for the last few years.
  9. Leave some for me mate, i will be down in 2 weeks
  10. Looks like you still have the midas touch on the crabs mate
  11. If it was anything like the snapper ones they ran a few years ago, you will be very disappointed. At the snapper one i attended even the pro's were pushing for the removal of long lines, pointing out the absurdity of the 400 kilo trip limit etc etc etc. All PIRSA seemed to be interested in was ticking the box to say they had undertaken "consultation" then proceeded to pretty much ignore anything that wasnt put forward by them, it was a complete scam.
  12. Nice early season result mate, looked to be a few boats out on the water after lunch.