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  1. They seem to be the best option tho....
  2. nice day Moons, good to see the crabs are back on the crawl. We spent the evening at west beach last night, quite a few dead crabs on the beach
  3. similar to a yabbie
  4. Plenty in the rivers on KI
  5. wow, Talapia have the potential to be worse than carp in our waterways. I cant understand why anyone would introduce them into our waters.
  6. Good luck Adrian, im sure you will do well
  7. Is that one of the sections we fished? The fish with the lure wedged in its gob sure wanted it
  8. nice feed mate, any crabs around?
  9. I had a look at these at a previous boat show. The finish and features on them are fantastic. I would buy a 750 if i had the $$$
  10. And to you guys, have a good one
  11. Yep, supposed to be great eating. Now to work out how to cook it. any fish at Hughes?
  12. Finally some good weather and a day off happened on the same day so headed to Marion Bay to try and get a few fish for the freezer. The target species being nannies and snapper and a desire to get a Harlequin fish. Launched at the gentlemanly hour of 8am and headed for Althorpe. Second drift a Harlequin fish about 150mm long, so back in it went. Second drift and bucket list fish ticked with a cracking Harly in the net. Managed to also add 12 nannies with a couple over 60cm, flathead, snapper, trevas and the usual reef uglies ( got 4 big gurnards)
  13. Thanks for the report RB, such a positive way to do things. once again IF ONLY IN SA
  14. you can get the neoprene vest style ones that are much less restrictive to wear. I guess the question is "do you want you kids to be uncomfortable or dead?" The boat that capsized on the west coast this week with 4 aboard. the 3 wearing jackets, including 2 kids, made it to shore and survived, the 1 bloke without 1 still missing probably dead.
  15. not sure mate, i guess it does make sense not allowing young children to wear a jacket that in an emergency that may be be confused about how to operate correctly. Try emailing pirsa/dptei