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  1. The VF Authority certainly seem to be doing plenty for the Fresh water fisheries in Victoria which is good to see.. At least the money from fishing licenses is going back into the fishery...
  2. I bet that made him....
  3. They'll never learn will they.. often wonder how long they've been doing it before getting caught..
  4. So have you got any old thongs you can use Moons...
  5. Amazing footage of what one can do with a bit of imagination... cheers Adrian
  6. Thanks GW, I have some of the lures set up with the in line small hooks, have used them several times and have picked up a few trout on them, also lost more on them than I caught too.. still have those lures in the lure box in the vest and still put them on every now and then.. cheers Adrian
  7. Known as "Yellow Belly" to you Jim & other Victorian fisho's..
  8. No Moons they all go back in the river, only time I keep a fish or two is when they have gill damage and are bleeding.. If it the bleeding doesn't stop after a few minutes then they get the donger and I usually give them to an elderly (85) lady (ex-Sth Aussie) a few houses up from us as she just loves them.. I should keep a few really as I do love them smoked. cheers Adrian
  9. That 1.25 kg brown certainly did test the light weight set up that's for sure, I was expecting to have another damage ghost brown lure as well.. Only damage was the treble hooks. Great spin session, paying for it today for the long time spent in the river too.. body a little on the sore side.. cheers Adrian
  10. Finally I had an earlier start on a river than I normally do, hit the river at 6:45 this morning in what was perfect weather.. The river was running clear and there were a few trout on the rise so I thought I may be in for a tough time seeing they were surface feeding, the trout were sipping small midges from the surface..But to my surprise the first two trout liked the little Mepps gold aglia for starters before they went off that lure, so I went for the ghost brown hard body and they just loved it.. At the end of the session (11.30) I had managed to catch and release 12 nice browns & 10 solid rainbows. The best brown went 1.25 kg and was a nice solid fish.. As the day became warmer the caddis moths came out in force, hovering above the water close to the river banks..This took my season tally just over the 200 trout, actually it put me on 216 for the season one I'm reasonably happy with at this stage.. The day that I thought would be tough turned out to be a breeze in the end, also hooked and lost five other trout as well.. No broken bibs today either which was good, though I did have to change lures three times due to the small thing trebles being straightened by the larger fish. Sat down last night and too the small trebles off eight of the Daiwa Yogiri lures and put the stronger Owner trebles on the rear of the lure. Didn't bother putting the middle treble on, just going with the one treble to see how they go.. First of the morning.. Rainbow taken here.. cast and drift method with the gold aglia.. The 1.25 kg brown was picked up from the shaded area close to the opposite river bank.. The 1.25 kg brown.. Few more rainbows.. Caddis moths are now out and about as the air warms up.. cheersAdrian.. Few more trout that where caught & released.. all the trout I've caught this season have been in top condition too..
  11. Really glad you enjoyed your stay in Tassie and found it is a very nice little Island Paradise that has a lot to offer.. It was good to see you catch your first Tasmanian wild brown trout too.. a well deserved fish for the effort you put into it.. enjoyed your company on both trips to the rivers LAR-FIN..So you caught your wild brown trout (actually two of them), saw your first Tasmanian freshwater lobster topped off with a close view of a Platypus right at your feet.. doesn't get any better than that on your first trip here.. cheers Adrian
  12. I just make them out of hard plastic that's around the same thickness to what was originally there.. but I do put a thin layer of hardener on it and it's worked so far on another one that got busted of some time ago...
  13. Spent a couple of hours in the river today in what was very cool & windy conditions early on.. Managed to catch & release five browns as well as hooking and losing six others which didn't impress me.. Plus I have quite a few hit and misses during the two hours in the river.. I wasn't all that happy that three of my little Daiwa Yogiri lures had the bibs broken off by the trout once they were in the net.. Looks like I will be making a few more bibs later, thankfully I still have a good supply of lures that will see out the trout season.. The river was running clear but the river bottom was in pretty lousy condition as it was covered in algae that kept fouling the lures. I was glad I put the spiked felt soles on the wading boots this morning which gave me good grip on the slippery algae covered rocks... the trout weren't big, all in the 430-450 gram range and all in good condition.. The wind coming straight down the river at around 30 kph finally sent me home in the end..cheersAdrian Not the best river bottom I've fished in... Three damaged hard body lures.. A couple of browns caught & released here.. Few of the browns caught & released.. The rest were picked up along this long stretch of river.. And a couple more..
  14. I have a few repair jobs coming up once the trout season closes.. had three bibs broken off by trout today once they were in the landing net.. The little Daiwa Yogiri lures are great trout takers but the bibs are very small and quite fragile.. luckily I still have plenty of lures that will see me through the trout season any way.. cheers Adrian
  15. Today was a pretty good two hours spent in the Mersey River even after I had a late start in not hitting the river until 10:00 am when the sun was full on the water. There were quite a few trout jumping at the duns that where hovering above the water surface and when I saw that plus the river being crystal clear I wasn't expecting too much at all. I used a new Daiwa Yogiri bleeding tiger hard body lure, one of two that I bought last week to see if they would attract a trout or two.. Well it worked a treat today in catching seven browns & one nice rainbow as well as having heaps of follows.. My best brown went 1.58 kgs and was in excellent condition as were all of the trout caught and released today. That fish certainly tested out the thin 4lb mono line I use, not only that I only had my small shallow landing net with me as well.. It took me just on five minutes before it tired and I managed to slip the net under it. Good thing was that it was so tired it didn't play up at all, just laid there while I took a couple of pic's and weighed it before I released it. I'm going to have to lift my game and start getting on the rivers much earlier than I am at the moment.. cheers Adrian two browns caught here.. First trout taken here earlier.. Looking downstream.. Rainbow taken here.. Nice rainbow.. Fish of the day.. Close up of the 1.58 kg brown.. Another nice brown trout..