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  1. That it did L-F.. well deserved retirement..
  2. Had a late session in the river yesterday in what was nice mild & overcast conditions with clear & cooler water flowing in the river. After a one kilometer or so walk I hit the river, flicked the little gold Aglia out into a fast water run and did the cast and drift retrieve with it and picked up a rainbow first up, then lost a brown in the next small fast water run. That was it for a short time though I was having quite a few follows so changed over to a Daiwa ghost brown hard body and that's when it picked up. Managed to catch another two 'bows and five browns in very quick time before it slowed down. Forty minutes later they were on again and I caught and released another three browns and one rainbows as well as hooking and losing five others.. The three hour session finished up much better than I had expected today with a dozen trout caught & released..... The funny thing that did happen today was the little ghost brown lure broke in halves, something of a first for me in all my years of fishing.. Plus I actually found the bottom end of the lure in the river a few feet out from me.. Not one of the easiest walk to a river.. Good looking trout water.. First of the day and on the first cast too.. First taken here. . Hooked & lost a brown here.. Two solid browns.. The two brown where picked up close to river bank.. Another couple of nice browns & a small rainbow.. Both of the above browns were caught here.. Another brown taken here.. This trout was fine, just laid there until I took the photo.. Once I sat it up it soon darted off.. Well worn ghost brown hard body.. Where the lure broke in half, lucky to find the back end of it too.. not that it's of any use now.. Something of a first for me.. cheers Adrian
  3. The young ''Captain" certainly loves his fishing & crabbing Moons.. great to see you both enjoy the same thing and it's always time well spent together.. cheers Adrian
  4. Another top few hours on the saltwater Moons, great that brag mat too.. cheers Adrian
  5. Thanks Kaz.. I have written seven articles for a Tasmanian magazine and had them published a while ago.. haven't written any more for them since.. They don't really want reports on the fishing but mainly articles on how catch them, where to fish in rivers & streams, lure fishing for trout all of which I have written and had published. be great to get one that would like a weekly or monthly report on trout the fishing I do.. I do have my daily trip reports put on when they get the time to put them on site.. When the trout season is closed from end of April through to the start of the season in August I've been going through my hand written dairies of my trout fishing that I originally started with when I moved to Tassie (March 2000) and been putting it in my computer. It's been taking me quite some time to do but I'm getting there,before this season started I had just finished the 2004/05 trout season and now only have up to the 2010/11 season to go as that's when I got a computer and wrote t my reports directly into it. I've written 56 pages so far to the 2004/05 season..Once I catch up to the 2010/11 season there would be around 130 pages then add the season to it then up to this season there would be around 350 pages I reckon. Then with the photos added to it i feel there would be enough for a book to be made from them.. I'm hoping it may make for an interesting trout fishing book one day, called "The Trout Stalker Reports" ... A friend of mine here in Tassie said he has a mate in the USA who's a publisher and feels he'd be very interested in checking it out for a book.. so only time will tell I suppose.. cheers Adrian
  6. Very nice catch.. yummy!!
  7. Nice haul there Moons and in quick time too, certainly was pretty calm water .. cheers Adrian
  8. Low clear water & algae covered rivers bottoms... With low clear water levels in several rivers I fish it's made for some pretty tough trout fishing over the past few weeks and with Russellh heading down this way from Victoria over the next couple of weeks & Barra Mick also from Victoria in March I've been praying for some rain which is much needed to give the rivers a bit of a lift here in the North of Tassie.. Any way I'm sure we''ll still manage to get onto a fish or two with any luck.. here a few photos from the past few weeks of trout fishing.. The Meander River is flowing (regulated Hydro flow) reasonably well but the trout have been pretty patchy.. Even though the two main rivers I fish are have regulated flows by Hydro Tasmania, that water isn't the same as when it rains because it doesn't bring any food down with it.. The rain knocks bugs and insects off the trees & bushes plus if there's some heavy rain then we have the run off which also flushes bugs and grubs etc into the river and this really brings the trout on.. I'm still doing my rain dances... cheers Adrian *** here's a few photos of those trips in January..
  9. Great day out with the grandson there Moons, good to see you both enjoyed the day on the water together and finished up with a decent catch on the day as well.. cheers Adrian
  10. Great day on the water Clint, had a ball and plenty of laughs during the spin session too.. Another top video as well.. cheers Adrian
  11. Thanks Moons, only lures mate.. did try fly fishing when I lived in Sth Aust but found it wasn't for me.. so stayed with the spin fishing.. cheers Adrian
  12. Meander River fishes a little better this trip. After having a restless night I was awake at 3:15 am and decided I'd get up and head off for an early spin session on the Meander River. After a quick breakfast I was on my way by 4:15 am and arrived at Meander Township at 5:05 am when it was still a little dark to hit the river. Today I'm going to give the long fast water stretch of river above the main road bridge a go. I reckon it's been two months since I've been here for a spin session, on that day the river was running too high and fast to wade so I didn't get to fish here. I had my wading gear on and headed down into the river (5:30 am) keeping close to the river bank because the river was running a little higher than I would have liked again today. The rocky river bottom was also very slippery and it wasn't all that good under foot. I worked the fast water for around half and hour when I made the decision to get out and go elsewhere. As much as I wanted to stay and fish this area I knew my body wouldn't stand up to it like it used to and that was the main reason for moving to a lower stretch of the river. The 1.5 kilometer stretch of river I'm heading to is a mix of slow/medium and fast flowing water, it's also another area I haven't fished for quite some time. River running a little too high for my liking this morning.. It didn't take all that long (6:20 am) before I was in there and in the river flicking a Rapala F3 rainbow lure around when I had a follow from a medium size brown, but that's as far as it went. It wasn't until I had reached the first small fast water run when I had my first brown take the lure and soon in the net. It was a medium 340 gram brown and like most trout this season it was in beautiful condition. After that little fast water run I headed into a wide medium deep flowing stretch of river where I picked up three more nice browns (ave wt. 440 grams each) from four hook ups as well as having a couple of hit and misses. I had now reached a very deep section of river that left me no option but to climb up a steep river bank, then do a bit of bush bashing for around fifty meters before I could get back into the river where it was at a safe wading depth. I knew I could fish at least another kilometer of river before I would have to call it a day because it's not one of the easiest stretches of river to fish. It's a challenging rocky slippery stretch of water that has shallow fast water runs and a couple of medium flowing stretches of river. It's one that really knocks me around but it used to hold some nice browns in it's day so it's always worth giving it a go. First trout picked up here.. First of the morning.. Now onto the next section of river.. The next stretch of water to fish.. Second of the day.. Second brown was lure from the river bank.. Third of the morning. followed by the forth.. Forth brown picked up here, close to timber debris.. Now to bush bash back into the river.. Came out here after the bush bashing.. Crossed over here to start fishing again.. Five minutes into the session I had a hit and miss on the Rapala, that made me feel confident I will catch a few browns if I can last the distance I'm about to cover with the fishing.. It did take another twenty minutes before I had a solid brown take the lure and after a good battle with this fish it was soon in the net. It was a nice 490 gram fish and beautifully coloured too. As I neared the end of this long slow/medium flowing run I hooked and lost another solid brown. I was about to head into one of the toughest stretches of the Meander River in this area, one that runs for at least 800 meters or more. It is a fast water run that's always worth fishing though as it used to give up some nice browns when I used to fish here on a regular basis. I slogged it out over the full distance and caught and released two more nice browns from six hook ups which was a little disappointing for the effort I put into it. I did have quite a few hit and misses plus several follows so the end result could have been better had I not lost the four that were hooked. That's what happens when fast water trout fishing, one has to take the good with the bad. I've had days when I've caught over thirty trout & only lost two when fast water fishing, that's just how it is. At least this trip was a lot better than my last Meander River visit when I only caught the one brown. Re-entered here.. Caught my fifth brown here.. The fifth trout.. Some tough work ahead of me here.. this is one of the toughest stretches of water to wade on the Meander River.. Trout taken here.. Solid brown.. Looking back to where I had come from as I headed into the rocky fast water.. Seventh trout caught & released here.. ( didn't bother taking a photo of the trout) Another view looking back at the fast water that I have battled through to make my way upstream.. got out of the river just after taking this photo.. cheers Adrian..
  13. Like a yabbie, but bigger & better...
  14. They're also in the Finniss River too, they were & still could be in the Gygnet River on KI as well.. Very nice eating too.. cheers Adrian
  15. Some one probably dumped them out of their fresh/salt water aquarium when they became slack and couldn't be bothered cleaning and keeping the water up to scratch.. cheers Adrian