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  1. Finished my Chemo last week. I am now taking a break from it. My lovely wife spoiled me with two days at Tarraleah. Of course, I packed the rods. Only a short clip. Thanks For Watching. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe.
  2. Finally got this one edited. Craig and I fished Woods Lake for a few hours during a ripper highlands day. Smash the like button on the youtube video and thanks for watching.
  3. Great work lads.
  4. Fished Pine Tier Lagoon during the week. Done a lot of camping and fishing at this lagoon in my late teens and early twenties. The place holds some fond memories. Thought I would revisit the lagoon. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, like, and share. #ecogear #cancercantstopmefromfishing
  5. Just a quick lure review on one of my favourite brand of lures at the moment, Ecogear. #ecogear #trout #troutlures #lures Thanks for watching. Clint
  6. Thanks Adrian & Jim. Fishing makes you forget about things and soothes the soul.
  7. Unfortunately, I have been fighting that dreaded thing called cancer, that's why I have been a bit quiet. Finally felt like i could go out for a fish. Thanks For Watching. Clint.
  8. Thanks for watching mate. Not really mate. I usually go in to hibernation for a couple of months.
  9. Had a session trying to catch some Wild Tassie Rainbows. Thanks For Watching.
  10. Thanks for watching lads. Go the sausage :). Stay tuned for chicken :).
  11. A layed back video. Thanks for watching.
  12. I n to the last month of the Brown Trout season for most waters here in Tassie. Caught up with one of my fishing buddys Craig for a morning session on Four Springs. Thanks For Watching.
  13. Oh. Time will with mine I suppose. I don't saltwater fish that much so hopefully they last for awhile.
  14. Thanks For Watching lads. It sure is a Shimano Raider. First time I have had it out. It's the Bream Finesse 722 1-4kg rod. The reel is a Shimano Rarenium CI4+ 2500FB. The reels are hard to find. Pretty sure tackleworld is the only place that sell them. I could be wrong. Cheers.