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  1. Some shore bashing with soft plastics in search of some cracking Trout.
  2. Had a ball chasing some wrasse amongst the rocks. Got smoked by a couple but was good fun. Thanks for watching.
  3. Caught up with Craig Hovington for an early morning session after i stood him up because of health issues a fortnight back.Spent more times in the trees than the water. Hit that sub button and thanks for watching.
  4. Finally hit the water for my first trip of the year. Caught up with Adrian Webb for a river session. Water levels were low and clear. We still managed to lip a few fish, when I could stay on my feet. Thanks for watching & please hit the subscribe button. Tight lines. Clint.
  5. Fishing mash up. Clips and trips that failed to make the grade. Thanks For Watching. Merry Christmas.
  6. Finished my Chemo last week. I am now taking a break from it. My lovely wife spoiled me with two days at Tarraleah. Of course, I packed the rods. Only a short clip. Thanks For Watching. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe.
  7. Finally got this one edited. Craig and I fished Woods Lake for a few hours during a ripper highlands day. Smash the like button on the youtube video and thanks for watching.
  8. Great work lads.
  9. Fished Pine Tier Lagoon during the week. Done a lot of camping and fishing at this lagoon in my late teens and early twenties. The place holds some fond memories. Thought I would revisit the lagoon. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, like, and share. #ecogear #cancercantstopmefromfishing
  10. Just a quick lure review on one of my favourite brand of lures at the moment, Ecogear. #ecogear #trout #troutlures #lures Thanks for watching. Clint
  11. Thanks Adrian & Jim. Fishing makes you forget about things and soothes the soul.
  12. Unfortunately, I have been fighting that dreaded thing called cancer, that's why I have been a bit quiet. Finally felt like i could go out for a fish. Thanks For Watching. Clint.
  13. Thanks for watching mate. Not really mate. I usually go in to hibernation for a couple of months.
  14. Had a session trying to catch some Wild Tassie Rainbows. Thanks For Watching.