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  1. Thanks Don - must closer to home lol
  2. Thanks to Don who converted all the GPS marks into the format i needed for my lowrance 😊 There were quite a few marks that had multiple entries and some that i already had - so ended up culling a large number of them - but can't wait to have a look at some of these new spots! Not sure what happened with all the marks that had Rob's name in them - they were all clustered off of South America!!! A bit too far for my tub 😀
  3. Unless they've cleared it, I think with all the fronts coming through at the moment, quite a bit of the weed would be washed back in by now. Very sad state of affairs May have to go to yorkes to get my fishing fix
  4. Thanks Moons. I personally think it's a good idea to wear them - but I don't think that they should just be restricting it to vessels 4.8 metres or under. They should look at having them on for all boats underway. Regards David
  5. Thanks Don, that is very generous indeed Have just flicked you a PM David
  6. Hi guys, noticed that I can download the marks in a strange format in excel or in GPX. Does anyone know how to convert it to a google earth or lowrance format? David
  7. Down to number 17. I started at 30 at the beginning of the year - so seems to be a lot of turnover of members in a short period of time! David
  8. Yep, coobowie bay was dead for fish - although there are squid around.
  9. Plenty of whiting there at the moment. We have been catching them near the lighthouse - but only on a runout tide. Biggest we got was 49 but most were around the 36 mark. We also picked up some ruggers from marion reef. They only bit on squid heads and wouldn't take any other bait (not even strips of squid). David
  10. With these gps marks on the site, what version are they recorded in? I have a lowrance and the numbers look very different to how i enter them. David
  11. Very much agree with this. I'm babysitting my mates Allison Fisherman5, which has been repowered by a 70 four stroke. A few weekends ago, I took it out from edithburgh and the rear was sitting very low in the water on the way back in - we thought we must have taken on a lot of water somehow (which we didn't). I couldn't also get it over 20kmph, no matter how much throttle I gave it. Found out from my mate that due to the engine, it can't handle weight at the back and because I had my esky at the back with about 40 litres of ice/water in it, that was causing the issue. We moved to this to the middle of the boat and no issues after that. In my small boat, I use about the same amount of ice/water and don't notice any difference. I'm just glad we didn't put more weight at the back - with the angle we were on with 40 litres, I reckon the engine would have drowned!! David
  12. Sounds like a good club. I think I'm about 20th on the waiting list at the moment! David