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  1. Adrian , When changing over your rear trebles to a stronger set, and leaving the middle treble off , ever thought of using an inline small jig hook? I brought some Gamakatsu ( Size 12 by memory ) that I used on the rear of some of my very small surface lures. Made life a lot easier unhooking the fish. Perhaps you could try that ? Although the image says size 10, you will get the gist of it ...
  2. @meppstas Holy Cow !!! What a Day of fishing !!!! Great Write up .... Absolutely love your Photography !!! Felt like I WAS There !!! Congratulations Adrian !!! GW
  3. Yessirree, Adrian , they will copy anything ....... no copyright laws over there ......... I have found shops on Alibaba and Ali-express , that resell OEM gear , branded to what ever .... AND , at a ridiculous price, that even the BEST discounts here in Aus could never match ..... The Chinese will rule the economic state of any country, by doing this, making it so hard for the everyday shop owner to compete .... Just about everything is made in China these days, and all of our manufacturing businesses have either gone bust, or moved to China, soon we ( Aussies) will not have the manufacturing skills nor the manufacturing plants to make anything, a huge skill set lost forever ..... Sad to say isn't it ... Great White
  4. OMG !!! MY comment HAS been taken way out of context ....... Got nothing to do with this site , nothing to do with holding up you catch .... It was trying to say, with pictures these days, it is not hard to try and find SPOT X from the picture ..... Holy Dooly ...... what a MESS ........ GW
  5. Not having a go at you Moons ...... Was referring to giving away where the fish are .. as per my line "Brag city freeway" .... If you have the capability of using Google Earth, and some nouse, you can see where these people have caught the fish .... Don't get me wrong .... I post up my catch as well ..... just not directly infront of known land marks ..... GW
  6. To be brutally honest, they have been there on and off, for at least a good 4 decades .... Something that over the years has usually been kept very QUIET ...... But with all this crazy social media these days, it is like "Brag City Freeway" .... Look at ME ... Look at MY FISH .... Great White
  7. WHAT THE HELL ....... So the good ol' "Rattle Trap", is considered "Illegal" ... ??? You got to be pulling the left one ..... How would this stand up in court ? Great White
  8. Adrian, I thought about the Tassie Devils ...... Some of those rivulets / creeks would be a certain home for them.... As for the Tassie Tiger ... who knows .. the latest capture recently on video, is still up for debate, as to whether it is or isn't a "Tiger" ... That would freak me out, if I saw one of them, would have to get the camera out quick smart !!!! Now wouldn't that make a "Complete Trout Story " !!! "Brown's and a "Tiger" ..... all in a days Fishing !!!! Great White
  9. Crikey Adrian !! Some of those streams look like they haven't even seen mankind in a while at all ..... Eerie stuff, great locations ... Some look like home to a "David Attenborough" Scientific Research Team .... GW
  10. Adrian , What a cracking 2-1/2 hour session .... 9 C&R ... I am amazed how you lasted that long in the clear cold "freezing water" ... jumping out to warm up, would have had me leaving for the car ..... Well Done ... Great White
  11. Well Done ... Don .... Always nice to see fellow fishers helping each other out .... Be interested to see how you went with those "Sth American" Spots ....... Great White
  12. @rodreellurefish I can empathise with you greatly .. Had same shit , knocked me over for a few years .. Finally starting to get my self back together .. And the most important thing that got me back, yes, you guessed it ... FISHING .... Stay positive Clint, and enjoy every minute you can doing what you love .... FISHING !! Great White
  13. Well , looks like you are going to have to get "THAT'" other rake out of the Pool Room ..... Great White
  14. Did this include his Vessel as well .... because THAT would have hurt more than just the $94K fine ........... Should have seized his vessel, all equipment involved in this "illegal activity" ..... Great White After Reading the Link more carefully .... "Whilst on THIS occasion" ...... should have been "THIS OCCASION" !!!!! GW
  15. Well Done Adrian .... Again, lovely picturesque surroundings ......... A Few browns today , and there will be more tomorrow, as you say ... I reckon that BIG Brown, will get targeted next time ..... ( do they normally stay in the same area / spot ?) Great Photography as usual. Must be feeling better to get out and about in "COLD" Conditions ..... Great White