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  1. My mate lives in Sydney and I have been down in Tassie for 12 years now, it can be a challenge to go to a new area and find fish. We would have liked more action on bara or jacks in the river but wasn't till the last day that we started to understand where the fish would be and the best tides to chase them. Same with the crabs in Sydney we fish hard up on the shore but most people including the pros had the traps a lot further from the edge of the mangroves up there. I guess that is a lot of the fun/challenge working out how to fish the place. Thanks for watching and the feedback Cheers Stu
  2. Spent 5 days fishing Monlongle Creek and Cape Upstart. here is a short video of the trip Hope you enjoy Cheers Stu
  3. Sunday arvo came around and with a perfect blue sky and little wind I took a trip to the nile river. The water was perfectly clear see the results here. Cheers Stu
  4. Yeah I got a few follows and a little bump, I was using a small Rapala CD 5 however I am now looking at getting into fly fishing there are so many times that the fish are feeding off the surface so intently that they don't look twice and any sort of lure at all
  5. Snuck out to a small stream near home just out side of Launceston in Tassie. I came across this guy having a ball Cheers Stu