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  1. Not like you to miss out, Mal. May have to re-designate yourself to 'amateur staff'....... I'm sure you will recover in rapid time.
  2. Awe.... its just about old footware..... I had visions of something more sensual........
  3. I wonder how many times he fished this zone without getting caught! Might be the NSW judiciary system that 'never learns'....... else he wouldnt have 4 previous convictions.
  4. Nice outings with a great outcome! I am jealous of the weather you are having... I'm sick of winter!
  5. Maybe they'll start a post about catching sturgeon and milking the caviar......
  6. I'd like to see that on a T-shirt!!!
  7. "Gale force winds, rain brings on the trout..." I think I'll go and fish the gutter in my street, those conditions are met here......
  8. Fixed it !! additional file sent to David. THe problem was a comma in the WP name. My software interpreted that as another field and corrupted the Lat/Long.
  9. My pleasure and personal interest. I didnt pick up those in Sth Am... I'll check them out, they may just be typos. eg Long West instead of East.
  10. Hi

    G'day Kev, you have arrived at the right place..... we have some of the biggest soaks in Aust.... some of them fish, too !! Then there's one (there's always one...) who only participates to show off his fishing wardrobe. If ever in doubt.. ask me or CMick... we will steer you right...
  11. I have recently bought 'GPS Utility' to create Furuno files, but my preferred app is OziExplorer.
  12. Anyone else want them? PM me your email address and I'll send the files.
  13. All ready for you.. Lowrance and GE files I suggest you print off the XL file so you can read the names and notes. (its over 5000!)
  14. I can do it for you. I'll be in touçh. PM me your email address
  15. Having had numerous muscular injuries in my "illustrious" football and basketball careers, you have my empathy.... and as we get older they keep coming back to haunt us. As well as strengthening, make sure you STRETCH your muscles, else you will have shorter muscles prone to re-injury. Even when you are 'better', stretching your calves and hammies on a daily basis will reduce their propensity to give-way. Stretching calves will also reduce the chances of an archilles tendon tear. Good luck!