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  1. Camp Oven Chillie Beans

    Fired up the fire today. A wet crapy day so it was beans time. first get them coals. the stuff needed. 1kg beer mince two cans 4 bean mix 1 can kidney beans 1 large and 1 small cans of diced tomatos 1 large onion sliced up 2 packets of chilli con carn mix from coles 1 can of beer, to start with. brown the beef in a third of a can of beer. Add the onion. stir till soft then add every thing else and give a good stir. on with the lid and add some coals. sit back and drink the rest of the beer and then get another one. take lid off and give a good stir every 15 mins for 1 hour or three beers. Then take of heat and grab a bowl full. Eat with corn chips and wash down with a captain. i use very little coals on the bottom of this to stop burning. Keep topping up coals on the top. i will get around to doing a dessert soon. this made my dinner and put 6 meals in the freezer.
  2. Salmon & Tailor.

    Yep always a fun fish to catch.
  3. Got my first thanks to my son

    A cod was caught or so the face book page said. A few Callop get hooked as well. if only i was that lucky.
  4. Easter on yorkes

    I thought I was family !!!!'
  5. Great day in the river with a good mate..

    Freshwater or not mate I would have done a squid impersonation !!!!
  6. Swimming SNAKE & PLENTY Of TROUT

    He is a machine !!!! well done
  7. 2018 Trout Weekend at Liawenee

    You heading up to show em how its done mate ?
  8. Great day in the river with a good mate..

    Nice work again. mate if i seen that snake. Would have bolted !!!!!!!
  9. Easter on yorkes

    Nice trip. i need some squid, we have run out. might do a weekender soon. well done
  10. Moons camp oven beef stew

    Well wanted a stew for ages so i googled it. added a few things of my own and it was a success. stoke up the fire for the coals warmed up the oven and in with the diced beef. cooked till browned with a heap of pepper the meat was done in two batches. Once cooked out with the meat and in with the onions. once soft in went the beef stock, mustard, whoooshchester sauce and garlic. in with the meat and on with the lid. the meat cooked for two hours then i added the spuds and carrots On with the lid and cooked for another hour the result was a awesome beef stew. add some dead horse and dinner was done. as usual one of the boys has to watch
  11. Port River Crabs

    Well I had Captain Kane from Thursday night. at his request crabbing as on the books Friday morning. Willy weater said it was going to be perfect. it was as we launched out into the main river and selfie time. well thats where the calm water stopped. The closer we got to the end of the channel the ruffer it got. we got to the end and hit a wave at idle that sent a wave over the Bimini. Had a good look around and no way was I going out in that. A few smaller boats behind me turned around as well. As we were out here we went back to the third marker and dropped anchor. crabman said Crabs would be in the river. In wih two nets only due to the wind. A small soak and Kane was on the board. First pull of the two nets seen two rippers in the esky. we were on ly in about 2 metres of water and about 500-600 metres from the end of the breakwater. as the decky was doing all the work, best i relax. even rock crabs were around. we gave it two hours and we had 13 nice keepers. Very happy with that in the conditions. back to thramp and greeted by a mum and pup dolphin playing around the pontoon. all up another great day out with the boy. tomorrow is a solo crab seasion.
  12. A tough few hours in the river..

    Great work again mate. nice looking fish there.
  13. I got a text yesterday from my son asking if I wanted to go to the Warren Ressie for a fish. Sure why not. I jumped on the Recfish site and within minutes I had my permit. out with my freshwater tackle box and my spinners I have had for two years and never used. with the rain over night I wasnt sure we would go but I got to my sons and he was packing the car.. Average conditions to leave in. of we went and it fined up up bit. Cold and windy but no rain. are we there yet I asked and my son said this is it as we got to the bridge. Isnt a ressie supposed to have water in it I asked ? This could be a waste of a yearly permit. on a bit further we pulled into a carpark and we had water, it was well down but it was water. out with the trolley and off we went. Set up camp and I fished this spot. about the fifth cast I was on. Not big but i was onto a fish. well my first ever Reddie. apart from a few bumps nothing else. My son walked around the other side and gave me a shout. He had 5. so off I went to fish with him. Watching small reddes chase the spinner right in to the edge. a few flicks and I managed a bigger fish. with time running out as I nexed to be home my sons rod he had baited took off. a nice mud marlin score for the day 23 reddies and 1 carp. i as out fished by my son, he got the most and the biggest. Still a great day out with him thats for sure. so relaxing out there
  14. Aussie Salmon On Soft Plastics.

    Nice work.
  15. Well after a fish with the son this morning, will do a post when the pics upload to iPad, tonights dinner was Moons homemade meatballs slow cooked in the camp oven. first up get the fire going. Bosco found the warm spot. Next up was the meatballs. Mince, french onion soup, garlic, chilli paste and a couple eggs. Mixed it up and into the camp oven in good size balls. a slow cook so only a few coals after an hour of cooking in went the home made tomato sauce. A little salt n pepper and back on the cook. another hour and they were done. onto the plate with a little of the sauce and dinner was once again a success. not to forget the usual Captain Morgan and Come. now next week is dessert week of in the camp oven. Dumplings in Golden Syrup.