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Fairly good session in the river

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Went for a late afternoon spin session to an area I hadn't fished for two seasons, pretty tough walk over a much changed environment from what it once was before the 2016 floods. Good thing was there were a few trout about and I managed to catch & release a dozen medium size browns all on the Mepps #00 gold Aglia & Black Fury spinners, only lost two others during the session. The wider medium flowing stretches of river held trout but they weren't taking any thing I threw at then today, tried spinners & a variety of hard body lures and all I managed was a follow from them.  The wind had also picked up not all that long into the session and it was coming straight down the river at around 20 kph which made it a little difficult with the casting of the 1.5 gram spinners. All fish were taken in the fast water runs, wasn't an easy day by all means, those river rocks move under foot with every step one takes.. Had to sit and have a breather, plus take in the beautiful surrounds of fishing the river. Good three hours well spent in the river once again..

Here's a few photos from yesterdays spin session..


Before the June 2016 floods the vegetation used to be right on the river banks, there are a few small tea trees making a comeback..


A tough walk to the river, this was once grazing land..


Certainly this area has changed to what it once was, though I'm sure in time it will come back to what it was before the floods..


Not the easiest river to wade and chase trout..


But when they're here it's all worth the effort..


Trout taken from behind the cluster of rocks to the left near river bank..


Nice golden coloured wild brown trout..


Good fast water..


Taking a breather...


Another brown picked up here..



More good fast water with a trout caught & released here as well..


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Fairly good session ???

bloody awesome session I recon.

mate that country side is second to none and to get a fish is a bonus.

omce again well done mate..

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