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Murray Codference

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Coming to the Murray Codference this Sunday? Good decision! These are all the goodies you’ll receive on arrival, plus an opportunity for more cod-tastic prizes on the day! 

Fishing guru Steve Starling will be presenting, as well as other cod experts, fishery managers and scientists. They'll give you all the tips you need to improve your cod-game and look after cod when practicing catch and release.

It’s all free, so why not? Book yourself a seat and come along:

If you’re there the night before, Trelly's are hosting a free Pre-Codference BBQ. Check it out:

It’s all about #codculture this weekend in Shepparton. See you there!

#target1million #MurrayCodference2017

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Nice if they did something like that down in Tassie on the trout too...:D

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On 12/8/2017 at 3:38 PM, LAR-FIN said:

If only in SA

Unfortunately I think you get what you pay for.  With no RFL fees I wouldn’t expect too much to happen.  One of the Vic fisheries staff members made a comment along the lines of what goes on in the ‘third world nations…South Aus and Queensland’!


Attendance at the ‘Codference’ wasn't too bad...I thought maybe the same as last year or slightly less.  A fisheries person told me that the number was around 300.  There is a difference with the cod crowd vs the Talk Trout conference crowd.  More kids at the cod talk and more women as well!


Steve Starling was the first to speak.  He gave an outline of how cod fishing has changed from the days of set lines etc to current days.  Interesting subject matter but nothing I can translate here.


The next presentation by a fisheries staff member outlined our 'flagship' native fisheries.  Established premier locations listed were Eildon, Kerang Lakes and the Ovens River.  Lake Nagambie got a mention as an up and coming hotspot!  Several other locations were named including Lake Eppalock and Gunbower Creek.  These locations are sites which are being improved by improving habitat and stocking.


Rocklands Reservoir is being stocked with cod.  This was dependent on a risk assessment as from what I understand...this area does not fall within the cod's normal area.  So....during the break I asked fisheries stocking guru if it was possible to have bass stocked in Shepparton as they have set a precedent!  Normally native fish are only stocked in the areas they occur naturally.  Anyway, fisheries stocking guru said that they believe that the precedent had been set...then people are going to be asking for cod to be stocked everywhere!


A North Central CMA person delivered a presentation of an effort to improve the conditions in Gunbower and Pyramid Creeks.  These are creeks which are utilised as irrigation channels and were void of snags in a lot of stretches.  Areas were re-snagged and fish ladders were installed at weirs.  Previously during winter there would be minimal flow and we now see some environmental releases at this time. The result...not only are cod travelling through the system (this was an objective to connect waterways), but fish are taking up residence in the 'channels'!


The next presentation gave an overview of how our RFL money is spent.  Figures were provided in regards to where the money goes with obvious expenditure on stocking and enforcement as well as funding funding VRFish and Fishcare Victoria.


Next up was a fisheries staff member discussing a new study which will last for 3 years.  This basically involves electro fishing 10 different rivers and monitoring over time native fish numbers.  Some rivers that are on the study are the lower Goulburn, Ovens and Gunbower Creek.  The data collected gives fisheries a snapshot of what is happening.  Data so far for the Goulburn indicates evidence of cod surprise.  Trout cod were captured at 5 (out of 11) sites and are more prevalant below Nagambie.  Silver perch were captured in low abundance at 7 sites.


The Yarra yielded a small amount of cod with only one being of legal size.  Maccas numbers were low compared to historical data and there was not one legal size macca captured.  The Ovens River showed very promising results.  As the survey continues, the data will be made public online so anglers can make decisions on which waters are going to get smashed!


A Queensland fisheries biologist gave a presentation on improving habitat in lakes.  As he was talking I was thinking about a local impoundment, Waranga Basin...then of it appeared on the screen!  This guy spent time in the U S looking at what they do.  Reality is, there are many lakes which are void of structure.  Methods described included simple means of dropping weighted branches into the water (from boats...not massive barges with cranes) to felling trees (dead) on the water edge.  Also leaving felled trees on dry lake beds so when the lake fills there is structure.  This method avoids the great expense which is required if the tree needs to be floated out and sunk.


A pic was shown of a 'fish hotel' prior to sinking.  For those who are not aware, this is a log structure, basically like 4 walls of a cabin which is submerged.  What they have found with these is that often a large fish will take up residence in the centre and the hotel is full!  New designs based on the same principle have been constructed which will house several largish fish.


A new program...'Care for cod' was launched.  This was based on a vet's report who was commissioned to write up a procedure to increase the chances of released fish's survival.  In a nutshell, the first point is to be prepared.  Common sense really, have your pliers, camera, brag mat etc out and ready.  It is suggested not to use lip grips....knot less rubber landing nets should be used unless you can lift the fish by hand (with gloves).  Support the belly...the stuff most of us know already.  Protect the fishes skin by not placing it on hot or dry surfaces.  To me this also means not resting it on your knee firmly pressed up against you shirt for a pic!


If the cod needs to be removed from the water, try to keep air exposure to less than 30 seconds. When reviving the fish, don't move the fish forward and backwards in the water.  It needs forward motion as that is how the gills work!  When fishing with bait use large circle hooks and regardless of your technique, use the appropriate gear!  Gear that will ensure you get the cod in reasonably quick and do not fight it to the point of exhaustion.  I believe this is critical and am changing my ways which were developed fishing in the local channels chasing redfin with light gear.


Then we had the carp update!  I am not going into too much detail but something I haven’t heard the final 24 - 36 hours of the carp prior to it’s death, it will be floating!  And lab results showed that 100 % of carp that died when infected floated.  However, in the wild, some may sink if partly eaten by water rats etc.  I guess their swim bladder will be punctured.  Also worth noting, for the first time I heard that they realise the clean up will require a massive commercial/industrial effort rather than relying on angler groups like it has been suggested before.


The last few session were interesting, however, I can’t really translate much of it to here.  Talks about how things have changed and about the culture involved with cod fishing.


Some other things to come out of the day were as follows.  As usual, someone asked when will it be legal to catch Trout cod.  Previously, the normal response was maybe never as there are some groups out there that are a bit over protective of our little cheese pinching critters.  These are also not fishing groups that offer resistance.  But today, fisheries guy said that perhaps the little munchkins are now perhaps over-populated in some areas fisheries may be in discussion with other groups regarding having an open season!  But this will take a while!


Talking to one of the fisheries guys during the break I asked if they had looked at trying to stop natives entering the irrigation channel system.  He said yes...but there was nothing much they could do!  I also asked him when Waranga Basin was going to be stocked with yellas as fisheries had mentioned it on Facebook a while ago.  Apparently it may not be stocked as local feedback they acquired said it would wreck the redfin fishery that it is!


Overall it was a good day.  They said the event will continue.


Team Bender



Yesterday's are gone!

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