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Made up for missed time with two trips out in the Harbour, starting at 04:00 Sunday morning, ending at 02:30 Monday morning. 

Trip #1 Headed towards an old oil rig at sunrise about 70km offshore, keeping an eye out for seaweed to target triple tails, and birds diving on bait to target tuna. Unfortunately all was quiet on the bird and seaweed front, so we punched it to the rig where a wide variety of fish are always present; schools of moon fish, trevally, cod, snapper and mackerel to name a few.
I managed to pull up a diamond trevally and a long finned rock cod on metal slicers, relishing their colours. 
Mate had his lined severed off 4 times by mackerel, but pulled in some nice trevally by jigging the bottom with gulps which they took whole. 
On the way in it was glass out conditions where we came across dolphins which came up to the boat, one bringing along her little calf, was a beautiful finish to the session.

Trip #2 Hitting the water at sunset we headed 55km offshore at a spot with nice structure on the bottom to target golden snapper and jew fish. It didn't go off, but everyone aboard fought in jew fish none under 80cm from 50m with current, love their fight.

Great day out on the water after having a long dry spell, hope to be out there soon again.

Tight lines!







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That was a great couple of trips Kate, you certainly traveled quite some distance to catch those fish..

Does that mean there's nothing much around closer inshore.. have you ever tried having a go at catching milk fish, I hear they're quite a great fighting fish and a real tackle buster.. I saw video clip of them some time ago of a bloke catching a few close inshore near Darwin.. Bone fish are also tackle busters for there size as well.

There's a lot who only fly fish for both those species of fish now days too..

great report & pic's too Kate..



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                                                                                              '' Mepps Spin Fishing Guru ''                                                                                                                                                                                                             g-Adrian working the Meander River fast water (Custom).JPG

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Cheers Don! Don't worry, you wouldn't be wanting what's coming, the Territory build up is a scorcher 🔥.

Thanks Adrian :) yes a bit of a travel, there are places not as far, but they can be outfished, this spot was a mates that doesn't get used by charters etc. 

Yes! There's a few people heading out catching the milk fish, unfortunately I haven't given it a try yet, I'm wanting to get new gear more appropriate for it first, keen to give them a try.


Tight lines 🎣



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