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    Well entered a comp on facebook. never seen anyone win these except for the south aussie with cosi ones. entered anyway and got a message last week i was the winner. at first i thought yer right, is this where i havecto pay for delivery or something or give my card details. went to the page and yep I was the winner. well it arrived today and cant wait to use it.
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    Well with nothing to do Sunday night it was a trip out to see if the worms had started. Tonights the night and we are heading out again. my son was keen to give it a go now he has a tinny. Father and Son Crabman takes the controls as usual. It was a slow star with only a few worms seen and these were out of reach. Then bingo, my Son got his first bloodworm. I was on the board first but it was a slow start They did pick up as time went on and we got our limit. it was hard work lets hope tonight is a lot easier.
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    Yep I agree you should put some grease on your nuts moons, and a bit more TLC
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    Here's a short video of me fishing a small tannin stream near Sheffield on private property.. forgot I even had it.. cheers Adrian.. https://youtu.be/ymfYdOJioHg
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    Perfect mate. If only it floated !!
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    Came across this the other day, can't remember where I saw it though.. would be perfect for the solo fisho travelling around to the rivers here in Tassie.. or any where really if you just wanted an overnight stay here and there.. cheers Adrian
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    Took the old decky Jewlez out for a squid. started of crap with the trailer making a clunking noise as we left. found the problem, brake pad stuck to disk. the lesson here is to,wash down the brakes better. conditions were great but it was a dodge tide. quick selfie time. the squid were slow and we only managed 6 for the day. tried for George at the dale ripple but all under size. lunch was hamburgers i cooked the night before . went down a treat. still beats working..
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    Looks like greasey nuts coming up !!!!!!!!!
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    you been looking through his bedroom window again? checking on his nuts???😄
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    Doesn't hurt to put a bit on the thread Moons, I always had a little on mine when I had an 18 footer, bloody salt water certainly will rust metals quite fast.. When I wasn't using my boat for some time I had the trailer on blocks and every time I walked past it I'd give the trailer wheels a spin.. doesn't matter how often you wash your boat and trailer down that salt water seems to be hiding there somewhere.. Besides back in my day of owning boats one didn't have to have trailer brakes either.. cheers Adrian
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    Congratulations Moons, yes I've seen several comps on there too.. never enter them as one never knows if there's a catch to it.. Good to see your's was okay... that's a handy set up too, perfect for the camp fire.. cheers Adrian
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    Mepps have recently bought out a new Aglia-e Brite inline metal blade spinner, it comes in the following sizes #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.. The #4 & #5 would be worth trying in Lakes too.. There's four different colours and they all work well on the trout. I was sent a couple of sets to try out during last years trout season when they were first released in Europe. They're a great lure for early & late season when the rivers are running very cold as the bright colours stimulate the trout into taking them hard and fast.. These will soon be available in tackle stores around the country as Mepps now have a new Australian distributor.. Tackle Tactics are now the new distributor of Mepps lures... AGLIA-e 1 Chartreuse AGLIA-e 1 Orange AGLIA-e 1 Rose AGLIA-e 1 Rouge Great lure on the trout.. cheers Adrian
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    Nice mate, congrates. i used to to the Fishing report for the Advertiser here and loved it. photo your first report for our site mate 😉😉
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    Fisheries WA 5 mins · An inspection of a boat by Fisheries and Marine Officers, in February, has led to two men being fined just over $7,000 for breaching bag limits and possessing undersize fish. Ten fish were found onboard the boat, with one of the baldchin groper below the minimum required size limit of 400 millimetres. As only one of the men had a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence, the pair were also found to have seven more demersal fish than allowed. More information at http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/…/Bag-and-size-limit-breaches-lea…
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    Another couple who don't give a damn about the regulations.. little lighter in the pocket now,, no sympathy at all for them.. $7000 could have had a nice fishing holiday in the South Pacific with that..
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    For someone who's ad several run ins with the fisheries over the past decade he got off pretty light in my books.. He's just a moron who doesn't care and it's time they jump down hard on him, perhaps a 3-6 month holiday in the jail cells may help sort him out..
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    #1 Skipper will be well cared for now!! Congrats Mal.
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    I have had studs break coz the nuts had seized on. You dont need a lot of grease, just a smear to cover the thread.... and its easier to grease the studs than your nuts.....
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    It's amazing the amount of times they hide the fish and good to see they always get sprung.. serves them right..
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    Fisheries WA April 23 · You can play a role in keeping our fish stocks sustainable by reporting illegal or suspicious fishing activities to FishWatch on 1800 815 507, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FishWatch captures reports from a network of thousands of recreational fishers across the State. This information is then used to investigate incidents and prosecute as needed. It is best to report any suspicious fishing activity as soon as possible so that Fisheries Officers can attend and investigate the incident if they are available. Any information you provide could be valuable, however we recommend you do not approach anyone for your own safety. Leaving your contact details when you call FishWatch is important as Fisheries Officers may have further questions. All reports made are treated in the strictest of confidence. More information is at http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/…/Fishwatch-supports-fish-for-the…
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    Well it was grandpa weekend and the boy wanted to go out in the boat. With great weather a morning squiding was the choice. Crabman was keen as well. left at gentlemans hours and thanks to Crabman for the pies and donuts for breakfast. the ease of launch at the SATBC is fantastic. The launch i got to be captain for the first part then was pushed to deckie by skipper number two. caught up with my son out there in his first boat. not sure who,is prouder him or me.. squiding was slow but the boy was having fun. captain Kane now casts himself and wont let me help,him. he managed two on his own slow and steady we managed 21 between the three of us. crabman with some by catch on the way back in Crabman got a selfie on the outer harbour webcam even though it was slow we had a ball. Crabman goes out of his way to help the young lad and Kane loves it. This weekend I could be heading south after the Diddlies.
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    Had the weekend booked with some mates to hit Pt Vic. Crap tides but thats when everyone could make it. had two boats pull out at the last minute so we were down to 3 tubs devo towed my tub hit Pedros on dusk and he was there cooking his tea. i set up my van and the boys their swags. my landlord enjoying a bevie the fire pit was lit and the comfy fire became a raging fire. once i had enough i as off to bed. A new saying was born though, how drunk was he , he was Hoppy drunk, you had to be there.. up,satuday and Devo cooked a great breakie. with food in our bellies the tubs were loaded. we hit the bay first and things were slow, we moved to the Morrara and was slower still. The tides were crap but it was a weekend away. we all went back to the bay, we anchored and drifted. all three boats got a good feed, no records but a good feed. we ended yp with 3 Kgs, 13 tommies and 8squid. i managed this horse, 33cm tube. the other two boats were had home saturday but me and devo stayed. Off to the pub for dinner and a great meal was had. an early night for us and up early for the trip home. tommies all,smoke up the fishing was slow but the company was great and the boys want another weekend away soon.
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    With 10 days at Edithburgh I was fairly sure I would do at least a little fishing. The squid were quite reliable from the breakwater on the northern side of the breakwater I caught 6 or so most nights I went down the hour before sunset. there are also a few squid on the jetty along with a surprising number of big blue crabs for boaties. Whiting are scarce and so are snapper. The annual mullet run is also yet to start with only a few caught. we did get a day down at Marion Bay and headed out with Pat in his Barcrusher the fish were slow but finished with 10 whiting the biggest 54cm and a nice nanni in a couple of hours. No reports of tuna it looks like the season is over until latter in the year. Some good reports of snapper and nannies around the islands.