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  1. A MULLOWAY released on 2nd January, 2004 off Ardrossan on the east coast of Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, has recently been recaptured. After after 13 years, three months and one day at liberty the fish was caught again on 3rd April, 2017 by a charter operator fishing in 30m of water off Point Margaret, SA (West Coast of Yorke Peninsula). The mulloway was originally released by a GFC of South Australia member and was measured at 74cm and an estimated 3.5kg. Upon recapture was it was measured at 140cm and about 30-35kg. This recapture breaks the record for the longest time at liberty for a mulloway tagged under the program. Read more at http://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/tagged-mulloway-recaptured-after-4840-days-at-liberty#DS4wCVoOSziVVEA6.99
  2. AT least two dogtooth tuna have been caught land-based at Jervis Bay, NSW this year, much further south of where the species has ever been recorded on the East Coast. Both times the doggies have been caught by anglers spinning the rocks for small tuna to use as livebait with this latest fish caught by Darko Miljić. Dogtooth are a tropical tuna and a member of the Scombridae family, which includes mackerels, tunas and bonitos. Dogtooth tend to congregate around coral reefs.....
  3. NAVICO, the provider of marine electronics under the Lowrance, Simrad and B&G brands, and Navionics have collaborated to make several new features available to customers using Navionics charts. The NOS56 software update released for a wide range of new and existing models adds compatibility with Navionics Dock-to-dock Autorouting and SonarChart Live. Advanced Map Options are also an integral part of the new set of functionality for fishing, cruising and sailing. Leif Ottosson, Navico CEO said Navico is pleased.........
  4. AS the popularity of kayak fishing continues to grow, some interesting paddlecraft are hitting the water. Here MICK FLETORIDIS tests the new Aquayak Scout with a Torqeedo Ultralight electric motor. NORMALLY, heading off in a kayak without a paddle would be a bad idea. The thought struck me as I was driving to a nearby boat ramp to do this on-water review. Halfway there I realised the kayak tied to the roof racks hadn’t come with a paddle and I’d forgotten to grab one from home. The good news......
  5. Fishing World

    GAMEX 2017 tournament wrap from Exmouth

    ANGLERS participating in GAMEX 2017 reported that the event was fantastic, with valuable information, fun social events and good fishing, despite the windy weather. Three trophies were awarded to anglers, as well as a number of highest point scored and champion individual and team accolades. Ryan Turner won the Steve Pitman Memorial Trophy for most skilled angler. He recorded 7709 points over 11 line classes and 10 species on board with team Razorback. Exmouth favourite Eddy Lawler won the George King Memorial........
  6. Fishing World

    The year of the great Top End run off!

    STAFF from the Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge in the Northern Territory have been saying all summer that this year’s wet season was shaping up as a great one and it’s now official. This wet is the fifth wettest since records began, with a chance of becoming the third wettest if a little more rain falls before the end of the month. Lodge Manager Shaun Taylor has reported Lodge guests enjoying 100+ barra per boat days, mixed in with plenty of other species........
  7. Fishing World

    Squid study on Port Phillip Bay

    A THREE-YEAR study funded by Victoria's recreational fishing licence fees has found that certain areas of Port Phillip Bay are much more important to calamari breeding than others.Fisheries Victoria Executive Director, Travis Dowling, said spawning habitats in southern and western Port Phillip Bay are more critical to calamari reproduction than those in the north and east.“Wetting a line for calamari has become increasingly popular in Port Phillip Bay, for food and bait, so we wanted to know more about when and where they spawn, and what type of seafloor was most important........
  8. Fishing World

    5 tips to catch Australian bass

    Follow these simple tips and catch more bass. Accurate casting You can catch bass with bad casting, but you'll catch a lot more if you cast accurately. That means often casting within centimetres of a snag or bankside structure. Practice at home before heading out. Stealth Bass often live in small quiet rivers, lakes or creeks and are easily spooked by noise. Approach your fishing spot with care and keep noise to a minimum. That means electric motors are essential on boats...........
  9. Fishing World

    Lively Lures Mohawk

    THE Mohawk is the latest edition to the already extensive Australian made Lively Lures range. I've been using the Mohawk for a few months now, mostly for wild river and impoundment bass in NSW. For a lure that’s only 60mm long, the Mohawk is quite chunky and has a fairly big profile when swimming. The deep diving bib and tough construction of the Mohawk has proved to be very effective on my trips upstream fishing deep, river stone and boulder lined North Coast pools.........
  10. THE secret tag number of the $1 million barra released in Season 2 for Tourism NT’s Million Dollar Fish competition has been revealed. Minister for Tourism and Culture Lauren Moss joined cricket legend and Million Dollar Fish ambassador Matthew Hayden at the Dinah Beach boat ramp to announce the secret number.“If you’re lucky enough to catch a red tagged Barra and it carries tag number 2656 - you are an instant millionaire for Million Dollar Fish Season 2,” Moss said.“With nearly 45,000 people registering for the competition, the Million Dollar Fish campaign is extremely important to our tourism industry..........
  11. A YELLOWTAIL kingfish tagged by Patrick Schofield of Eden Sports & Game Fishing Club boat Shockwave on the 11th November 2005 has recently been recaptured. The kingfish was recaptured by Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club boat Reel Trouble whilst fishing off Forster, NSW on the 27th January 2017. The Reel Trouble crew decided to keep the large kingfish for the barbeque and it was not until they were filleting the fish that they noticed the small tag which was completely grown over by muscle tissue..........
  12. Fishing World

    Bigfish Gear Floating Fish Grips

    BIGFISH Gear floating fish grips are perfect for safe handling of fish of all sizes. They are constructed of heavy duty moulded floating plastic that is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Simply place the easy open grips in the mouth and snap the grip shut, then flick open to release the fish with no harm to you or the fish. BFG Fish Grips have an adjustable wrist lanyard and are bright green and black........
  13. Fishing World

    Atomic Arrowz rods available now!

    ATOMIC says its new Arrowz series of rods integrates the most advanced designs with the finest materials including Fuji components and full-graphite blanks. Designed in Australia, for Australian species and anglers, this is a series that’s designed for both bait and lure angling and features three ranges, estuary, offshore and barra. The Arrowz Estuary Series offers anglers four spin models to choose from ranging from the finesse special 70SUL.........
  14. Fishing World

    ENVIRONMENT: Justifying minimum sizes

    IN Environment News this month John Newbery discusses a new scientific paper that throws conventional thinking about minimum sizes for fish out the window. AT last, after decades of so-called reviews of minimum sizes which have basically just fiddled at the edges, an Australian fisheries management authority has finally fundamentally questioned and analysed the use of minimum sizes as an effective tool for sustainable fish species management.......
  15. Fishing World

    5 ways to keep ice longer

    Whether it's keeping fish chilled or your drinks icy cold, follow these tips and keep your cool. 1) No peeking! Opening and closing your ice box too often is a sure fire way of melting what's inside. Keep it closed and keep your ice. 2) Pre-chill the ice box Starting with a cold ice box makes all the difference. The night before packing your ice box, pre pack it with ice or freezer blocks. When it comes time to pack your drinks and food, discard those original freezer blocks or ice and add fresh ones to the already chilled ice box. 3) Pre-chill or freeze food Just like point 2, if you're adding........