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  1. LAR-FIN

    Northern Territory GPS marks

    No worries Dicko, hope they bring you some success
  2. LAR-FIN

    Slow day

    you been looking through his bedroom window again? checking on his nuts???😄
  3. LAR-FIN

    Tackle Tactics..

    Congrats mate, you will be a huge asset to TT.
  4. LAR-FIN

    Slow work but got a few diddlies

    Solid result mate, Kane will be a gun fisho!
  5. LAR-FIN

    Welcome back !!

    Thanks for sticking with us guys, it has been a challenge
  6. LAR-FIN

    Welcome back !!

    sometimes when an update is done things break, it can be a challenge to find the issue, but it was?
  7. LAR-FIN

    Boat retrieval gone horribly wrong....

    ouch!! thats gotta hurt
  8. LAR-FIN

    Walleye in France & Spain..

    Thats cool
  9. LAR-FIN

    Pt Vic with some mates

    "any day fishing beats being at work" Not a bad mixed bag mate
  10. LAR-FIN

    My Trout Seasons stas from 2000 to 2017/18..

    i think you missed a stat "number of guest anglers you outfished" at least 1 (me, twice)!
  11. LAR-FIN

    Last Weekend Of Trout Season.

    nice result Clint
  12. LAR-FIN

    A 3.85 kg Brown tops off my trout season..

    Thats an amazing fish to hook and then land on such light gear. Im sure all the fish are heaving a sigh of relief that they are safe for the next few weeks.
  13. LAR-FIN

    Salmon & Tailor.

    salmon are an underrated fish especially on light gear
  14. LAR-FIN

    Got my first thanks to my son

    Good result mate, it is supposed to be tough fishing up there. It would be good if it was stocked with cod and perch
  15. LAR-FIN

    Easter on yorkes

    Just a few feeds for the freezer, we do give a bit away to family.