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  1. Kaz

    July night one on the bloodworms

    It was an excellent run this year. Heaps of bloods out there. Easily got our limit in less than an hour. Just a sample in the photo below...
  2. You take some cracker photos and great reports. I'm surprised a fishing magazine has not asked you to do some write ups with these type of photos on a regular basis.
  3. Kaz

    Father and son arvo

    Hi AJ. I have the manual 150 inflatable PDFs similar to Moons. They are pretty much the lightest ones you can get. They are ok to wear but still annoying to have on. I guess I will get used to them over time. The worst part is they require maintenance every 12 months which you can do yourself but you need to record the maintenance on the tag inside the jacket. Another thing you have to do & can get fined for!!!!. I think I will be starting a separate diary for the boat now to make sure everything is up to date & maintained.
  4. Kaz

    Port Adelaide King Fish

    Also... What has social media & google earth and whatever "Brag city freeway" means have anything to do with this site?. I am here to read & enjoy the posts & when I know provide info to others. Its all about sharing info isn't it. Anyway, I will continue as I have always done.
  5. Kaz

    Port Adelaide King Fish

    @ GW - " .... I post up my catch as well ..... just not directly in front of known land marks .....". Nothing stopping anyone doing that nor do I see a problem with this at all??. No different then providing a GPS mark for all to see. I've seen plenty of Kingfish photos with the powerhouse behind for example as well as heaps of other photos where you can clearly identify the background. I thought this is where you can share information!!!! which is what I did.
  6. Kaz

    Port Adelaide King Fish

    I have heard that large Kingfish are being caught in the Port River opposite the Colac Hotel. Looks like they are back again. Must mean that the water quality is improving I guess. Hopefully this will only get better and save me trips to Pt Augusta !!!.
  7. Kaz

    Pt Augusta Kingies

    Some nice Kingfish have been caught at Pt Augusta within the last week at around 18kg to 25kg. Live squid were the go. A bit late in season but my mate reckons that perhaps they have changed their habit a little now & could be around longer as the weather warms up. He said he did see a few schools on the surface (typical V shape as they move thru the water) particularly during low tide. Anyway a few more fillets coming my way. All good that the Kings are still hanging around. (He also caught a stack of garfish whilst chasing the squid for bait).
  8. Wow. 90 odd guests viewing the website. They should all become members!!
  9. Kaz

    Forum fishing shirt, round 2

    Looking forward to receiving the shirt.
  10. Kaz

    Sir Edward Pellew Islands group

    Might be worth while speaking with Andrew Ettingshausen from ET Fishing. Just a thought....
  11. Kaz

    Edithburgh, love it!

    That red head jag does it again. I love it as well. Just seems the go to jag when others don't seem to work.
  12. Kaz

    July 2017 july bloodworms

    I had some luck on Mon/Tues. You should get plenty over 3 x nights.
  13. .......and you still get Snapper in those areas you mention as well as the other side of the river past the ASC. There were also plenty of Snapper in the "Bream & Mulloway" creek many years ago.
  14. Try the various creeks behind Torrens Island but maybe a week or so after the blood worm run.
  15. Decided to go for a run in the Port River early this morning. Went for a troll here & there (my usual haunts), anchored & used my favorite bluebait (alot firmer than whitebait) and ended up with 27 salmon trout between us on lures & bait. Took awhile to get these fish though. Bugger all boats around so enjoyed a peaceful morning mucking around in the Port. Also caught & released several good sized bream in the creeks whilst going for trout. My mate picked up a nice flathead in our favorite creek, 37cm. Even saw a few bloods floating around first thing in the morning along the shoreline when it was still darkish. Nice day out overall & a feed to boot.