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  1. Kaz

    This time I remembered the bungs

    I also drink the same beer............
  2. Kaz

    This time I remembered the bungs

    You can always give me a call if you want some company. I can then show you a few tips -
  3. Kaz

    Low Profile Bait Casters

    I use the low profile bait caster all the time. I like them better then spinning reels although I have a few most of which are in storage. Same goes for the larger bait casters up to a Penn 4/0. Even off the beach, I just remove the brakes so can cast further.
  4. Kaz

    Pt Mick pre xmas

    You always have a good time with your mate when you go over with fish or no fish. Cant beat that..........
  5. Kaz

    Local crab

    New ramp at club all good?
  6. Kaz

    RIP Clint Jones (Rodreellurefish)

    ...Or maybe a Savage............
  7. Kaz

    Clear sky & trout on the rise.. (w/- video)

    Looking forward to Mepps Fishing Adventures. Do you have a go at any other type of fishing now & then? Be good to video other adventures even including any interesting non fishing adventures. Stunning place you're in.
  8. Kaz

    Clear sky & trout on the rise.. (w/- video)

    Thats a great natural video to watch.
  9. Kaz

    Blown out

    Dont know about the jog, but I think Moons arm got a work out....
  10. Kaz

    $90 a kilo

    I wonder why - “It’s been going down year-on-year since the nineties. In 1992 we were at 650 tonnes.” Over exploitation by you know you...........
  11. Kaz

    Poaching our waters

    Glad they got caught. Although a reasonable fine, whatever license they have should also be suspended for at least 12 months.
  12. Kaz

    Blown out

    Common guys, there is always the jetty...
  13. Kaz

    Port Adelaide King Fish

    "Not having a go at you Moons ...... Was referring to giving away where the fish are .. as per my line "Brag city freeway" .... If you have the capability of using Google Earth, and some nouse, you can see where these people have caught the fish .... Don't get me wrong .... I post up my catch as well ..... just not directly infront of known land marks ..... GW" Well, well. Kingfish video on facebook & on 7 news. No secret where the fish was caught. So much for known land marks hey!!. Should be heaps of fishos in that area now.............Not "kept quiet" anymore.
  14. Kaz

    How to, select a filleting knife

    So the SPRO knives are pretty good then? Seem very reasonably priced & with the 30% sale on Monday an absolute bargain!
  15. Kaz

    Streaky bay

    Great place to fish & a beautiful place as well. You will love it.