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  1. Over the past couple of years with the sea temperature rising around Tasmania by 1.5 degrees we have had a larger influx of King George whiting being caught across the North of the state and part way down the East coast of Tassie. There wasn't a bag or size limit on them at first but seeing as they're quite common here now there's a size & bag limit which is good. The legal size limit is 35cms with a bag limit of 5 fish & no more than 10 all up in your possession at home. Here's a photo of a couple of KGW that were taken in the Tamar River area in the North above the Batman Bridge.. this is the common size of the whiting being caught down here now days.. St Helens is also a great fishery for KG Whiting too.. cheers Adrian
  2. meppstas

    Cockle galore

    Used to love going & collecting cockles at Goolwa.. Good time spent with your son as well Moons & you bagged out in quick time too.. cheers Adrian
  3. meppstas

    it's our Leaders celebration!

    "Happy Belated Birthday" hope you had a great day Moons... cheers Adrian
  4. ** This trip was from a few weeks ago.. Fog in the valley where I'm heading.. Hit the river at 6:30 am on a foggy & cool morning, beautiful conditions actually, even though I was shivering for a short time. The river was running at a low/medium height & a very light tannin colour. The fishing started off a little slow then picked up as the morning went on & the trout became more aggressive.. I finished up catching & releasing 15 small/medium size browns from 19 hook ups over 5-1/2 hours in the river. Once the sun burnt off the fog it did become quite warm and with full sun on the water the fishing became much tougher. Cool foggy conditions in the river.. First of many trout caught & released.. Fog slowly lifting.. Fog has nearly been burnt off by the sun as it gets higher.. Mepps Aglia Furia catches another wild brown trout.. The majority of the trout were taken in the faster flowing runs.. The ninth trout landed was No 300 for the trout season which I'm pretty happy with. From the 6th August to the 1st November I had made 19 trips to various rivers for just 84 trout, from the 6th November to today (27th Dec.) I have had believe it or not (the same amount of trips) 19 trips to various river and caught 222 trout.. A big turn around for sure.. I'm still down by 86 trout going by my records, but over the same time I had also had 50 trips to the rivers.. Still today was a good day & the Mepps Aglia Furia got it's fare share of fish again today... Solid medium size brown trout.. Beautiful conditions on the river.. Lovely colours in this wild brown trout. Little Pontoon 21 GagaGoon hard body that picked up several trout.. A couple of browns taken here.. it was much hotter as the day went on, nearly time to call it a day... Trout No 300 for the season.. Last stretch of river fished.. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  5. It's on again.. March 17 is the set date for the 2019 Pirtek Fishing Challenge, I just received the email & have paid mt entry fee, all money raised is for a good cause & there's some great prizes to be won if you're lucky enough to catch a decent fish..here's the home site, just click on "ENTER" at the bottom of screen.. https://pirtekfishingchallenge.com.au/coming-soon/ cheers Adrian
  6. meppstas

    Pt Mick pre xmas

    Pretty good weekend at Pt Mick once again Moons, nice mixed catch there too.. smoked trevally.. Yummy !!! cheers Adrian
  7. meppstas

    Local crab

    Nice to see you finally got back in the water Moons & well done on getting the crab limit in quick time.. top early morning photo as well.. Nice feed of tommies & gar too.. cheers Adrian
  8. meppstas

    Another tough spin session..

    Thanks Moons, yes during the Summer months I like to fish the fast water runs as they always hold trout.. the fast water is more oxygenated than the large slow flowing runs, plus the trout that are in the wider slow flowing runs normally concentrate on surface feeding early morning & very late in the day. Once the sun is full on the slow clear water runs the trout will often shut down.. cheers Adrian
  9. meppstas

    Another tough spin session..

    Beautiful conditions.. Spent a few hours chasing trout in the river on Monday, trout were few & far between once again though I did hook & lose 8 browns from 12 hookups, best fish of the four caught & released went 520 grams. The 520 gram brown had a bite mark from a Cormorant half way along it's back. They were still hard to find for the distance I covered which was what made it so tough, clear water & clear skies didn't help either. The Mepps Aglia Furia was the lure that did the job once again & the Omkuma Ceymar C-10 reel & Okuma LRF-S-602L performed well again too.. Aglia Furia sucked this brown right in.. Trout taken in the shaded side of the river here.. Another brown that was caught & released.. Third brown of the morning.. Trout of the spin session caught here.. The battled scared brown trout, best of the day.. It's ready for release.. Too calm & full sun on the water, only spotted one trout on the rise here.. Great view on the walk back to the car.. Called into a creek on the way home, it was running low and clear, spotted a few small browns but they darted off, they spook so easily in the clear conditions so didn't bother to flick a spinner in the creek. When I arrived back at the car I had a visitor, a red hen came out of the bush and stood by me while I got my out of my fishing waders then wandered off as I hopped in the car to head for home.. We had a nice little chat too, told her it's her lucky day & have a Merry Christmas.... The creek was too low to fish today.. One lucky hen.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q4NQYol3GA&t=372s cheers Adrian
  10. meppstas

    Xmas time

    Thanks Moons & L-F, Yes with the New Year just around the corner, stay safe and enjoy the 2019 year ahead of you... cheers Adrian..
  11. meppstas

    RIP Clint Jones (Rodreellurefish)

    Thanks guys.. yes never good & too young, like dmck stated "somethings in life we will never understand" cheers Adrian
  12. It saddens me to inform you that my good friend & often fishing buddy Clint Jones (Rodreellurefish site name)passed away peacefully yesterday.You would all know Clint as Rodreellurefish and have watched his fishing videos on youtube. For you who may not know Clint was diagnosed with stomach cancer around fourteen months ago which was terminal and could not be operated on. He was given six months to live, Clint stayed positive, had his chemo & radio therapy and never gave up. Clint fished as often as he could while still keeping a positive attitude. He was a great husband & a wonderful father to his three young daughters all under the age of thirteen years.. We had some great trout fishing trips to the rivers in the North and quite a lot of laughs along the way too.. I don't think there was any trip where he didn't fall in the river.. It was just something that happened every time we fished together.. He also had a habit of lobbing his lure in a tea tree bush or a gum tree next to the river, I'd say to Clint " Oh not again mate" his reply was "Well the F****g trout aren't in the river so why not try elsewhere".. Yes, we had some fun times for sure, I'm really going to miss our trips on together on the rivers. One thing I know is that when I'm in a river that we fished together, I'll look across and see him there flicking a lure around. Clint's memories will still live on with me as long as I live.. RIP my friend & good mate..CLINTON JONES 18/9/18 - 17/12/18cheersAdrian Clint in his younger days.. Playing Ninja Warrior in the Meander River.. A bit of Clint's tree fishing.. This was the fish of the day, he cleaned me up on the day 8-6.. He always held his fish up & said "Here's another one master" we certainly enjoyed our time together in the rivers.. Still smiled no matter how bad or ill he was..
  13. meppstas

    SA fisheries page

    Yes, I don't think they have one either Moons as I couldn't find anything else either.. cheers Adrian
  14. meppstas

    SA fisheries page

    Only ones I could find was the following.. https://www.facebook.com/SAFishingAlliance/ http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/recfishingapp cheers Adrian
  15. meppstas

    Weather holding back fishing

    It's certainly been a weird season weather wise that's for sure... and it's not finished yet.. cheers Adrian