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  1. meppstas

    $7000 in fines

    Another couple who don't give a damn about the regulations.. little lighter in the pocket now,, no sympathy at all for them.. $7000 could have had a nice fishing holiday in the South Pacific with that..
  2. meppstas

    No respect for the laws !!!!!

    For someone who's ad several run ins with the fisheries over the past decade he got off pretty light in my books.. He's just a moron who doesn't care and it's time they jump down hard on him, perhaps a 3-6 month holiday in the jail cells may help sort him out..
  3. Here's a short video of me fishing a small tannin stream near Sheffield on private property.. forgot I even had it.. cheers Adrian.. https://youtu.be/ymfYdOJioHg
  4. Came across this the other day, can't remember where I saw it though.. would be perfect for the solo fisho travelling around to the rivers here in Tassie.. or any where really if you just wanted an overnight stay here and there.. cheers Adrian
  5. meppstas

    Slow day

    Doesn't hurt to put a bit on the thread Moons, I always had a little on mine when I had an 18 footer, bloody salt water certainly will rust metals quite fast.. When I wasn't using my boat for some time I had the trailer on blocks and every time I walked past it I'd give the trailer wheels a spin.. doesn't matter how often you wash your boat and trailer down that salt water seems to be hiding there somewhere.. Besides back in my day of owning boats one didn't have to have trailer brakes either.. cheers Adrian
  6. meppstas

    A great freebee

    Congratulations Moons, yes I've seen several comps on there too.. never enter them as one never knows if there's a catch to it.. Good to see your's was okay... that's a handy set up too, perfect for the camp fire.. cheers Adrian
  7. meppstas

    Mepps Aglia-e Brite.

    Mepps have recently bought out a new Aglia-e Brite inline metal blade spinner, it comes in the following sizes #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.. The #4 & #5 would be worth trying in Lakes too.. There's four different colours and they all work well on the trout. I was sent a couple of sets to try out during last years trout season when they were first released in Europe. They're a great lure for early & late season when the rivers are running very cold as the bright colours stimulate the trout into taking them hard and fast.. These will soon be available in tackle stores around the country as Mepps now have a new Australian distributor.. Tackle Tactics are now the new distributor of Mepps lures... AGLIA-e 1 Chartreuse AGLIA-e 1 Orange AGLIA-e 1 Rose AGLIA-e 1 Rouge Great lure on the trout.. cheers Adrian
  8. meppstas

    Mackerel anyone ?

    It's amazing the amount of times they hide the fish and good to see they always get sprung.. serves them right..
  9. meppstas

    Tackle Tactics..

    Thanks Moons, will do that once they've set me up.. cheers Adrian
  10. meppstas

    Tackle Tactics..

    Thanks LF...
  11. meppstas

    Tackle Tactics..

    Thanks Yorky, I was a little overwhelmed when they asked to take it on.. Np pressure they said as I only have to put a trout report & a few photos up every now & then.. So I'm actually looking forward to it.. cheers Adrian
  12. meppstas

    Tackle Tactics..

    I've not that long ago been informed that Tackle Tactics are now the new Australian Distributor for Mepps lures, already they are starting to get stock into tackle stores so the Mepps range of lures will soon be readily available.. TT have been in contact with me and would like me to be the brand ambassador for Mepps which I have agreed to do.. It only involves placing a few trout articles & photos on their site from time to time and something I look forward to doing.. Good thing is that the owner himself has used the Mepps lures many years ago too so he's as keen as mustard to get them in the tackle stores ASAP too. They were just glad to find someone who has had a long standing & plenty success in catching trout using the Mepps spinners in the rivers & streams here in Australia. I should be on their site in the next week or so,,** Check the site out & sign up for a newsletter and be in the draw for weekly prizes.... http://www.tackletactics.com.au/cheersAdrian
  13. meppstas

    $200 frothie

    It's all about revenue raising that's for sure...
  14. meppstas

    Twelve years in a row...

    Thanks dmck, it was certainly both of that... all worth it in the long run.. cheers Adrian
  15. meppstas

    Twelve years in a row...

    Thanks Moons, yes I have a bit of a collection now...