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  1. Crabman

    Crab Raking time again

    Hi all and well that time has come back for Raking Blueys again and was out with brother Viv on Sat for a try, Crabs showed in good numbers and we both ended with our 20 each, Flathead was an extra for me and it has been a long while since getting 1 out there , weather was superb for the day and no wind . Top Day Out.
  2. Crabman

    Reel Servicing

    Few more
  3. Crabman

    Reel Servicing

    Some of the things i use for Reel Service / Parts Washer using food grade Cleaner / High quality punch set for doing Carbon Drag Washers / light fine oils and quality Grease .
  4. Crabman

    port Gawler Fish 29 / 10 / 16

    Hi all and sorry been awhile posting and before this 1 we have been to port Gawler a few times raking for Blueys with good results ,, so this Saturday we decided to have a try for some Gold as there might be a few starting to show. Today we had Jewelz / Viv and myself out to try our luck . we arrived just in time to see the incoming tide had beat us by around 15 minutes approx and things got a bit hectic to ready our selves , Jewelz took of out to the sand bank area and it was not long with the tell tale Whoop that his first fish was landed and then another. not much luck around where Viv and I was for awhile and then Viv gets his first ever Gold , so that leaves me fishless for now but soon that turns around as i finally get Gold , hang on at closer inspection it has Dots so my first fish is a King George , well that's a first for where we are fishing. not long after i get a good bite and hang on this fish is a bit better and after taking it easy i land a double header of nice Salmon trouts. Jewelz is still out on the bank getting a few and not long after re-joins us at the tinnie, Viv gets a Salmon Trout and I finally get Gold and also continue to get more King George 1 of which is also legal size like the first 1 and another double header of Salmon Trouts plus single captures , the weather was nice but a tad windy at times but did have it's calm spots, plenty of fly's with the NE winds and as in the pics you can see 1 leaving my mouth , Great day out with Family and Mate ..going to be lots more of these fishing days coming up for sure ... oh and 1 of the Salmon Trout had what looks to be maybe a type of Seahorse in it's belly ..
  5. Crabman

    1 hour bag

    Very Good indeed , and Thanks for the feed , had some claws on the walk over to the pub for my pint of coke and keno .. Yummo ..
  6. Crabman


    They are the only 1 for me ..
  7. Crabman

    Raking for Bluey's Sept 3 / 16

    No Others out there ,,
  8. Crabman

    Raking for Bluey's Sept 3 / 16

    G-day to all and well it is back finally to that time of year for Raking Crabs on the Northern Beaches . Today ( sat ) was the start of crabbing for friends / family and me at our usual haunt at Port Gawler , the weather gods were not with us today and we were greeted with a reasonable 15 knot and more at times wind , showers of rain then came in on our way out which made for some hard raking to be had . all of us raked up a few legal crabs and the tally was 43 crabs . so it was home we head for a good cook up and fire to warm up , The Season has begun . the boys in the last pic doing the CrabBolt .. Bring on the next month and a Half , when they will start to disappear as the tides get very low and the water warms .. to which they will then be targeted by drop netters ..
  9. Crabman

    Worming tradition continues

    Yeh another great night out the the Boys ,, all packed ready to use on the Gold ..
  10. Crabman

    Port river blood worms

    Think the Records will say Yes , hope so as we need more ..
  11. Crabman

    Trouties and a day the decky will never forget

    Great Day out with the Moons Crew , Plenty of laughs for sure ..
  12. Crabman

    Are Diawa Aird any good

    Good reel for the price , been using them for a few years now , i am hard on them and rarely maintain but they keep going and have not let me down as yet ,, i do recommend ..
  13. Crabman

    New Moon

    Bloodworms start in 2 days onwards
  14. Crabman

    Price of Victorian RFL to rise!

    friend was recently at tassie and said he did not see hardly a fisher , and wondered why ..
  15. Crabman

    Edithburgh June

    Just pot luck..