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  1. Yorky

    Tackle Tactics..

    Congratulations Adrian, going by your fishing ability, photo's and posts I'm sure TT's and their readers won't be disappointed Cheers Yorky
  2. Yorky

    Two times the Stupid !!!!!

    Hahahaha, I say again, suck shit
  3. Yorky

    How to turn a profit into a loss

    Two words come to mind, "suck shit" Cheers Yorky
  4. That is dedication to the sport. Your write ups, your photos & to see your stats, great, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts & can't wait till your trout season opens I believe you to be the Yoda of Tasmanian Trout fishing Thanks Yorky
  5. Yorky

    Camp Oven Chillie Beans

    There's something about cooking over an open fire/coals, I think maybe it gives food a better taste, my son does a bit of cooking over coals in his back yard also, I'll have to show him your posts Moons. But the beans over the coals reminds me of this from the Blazing saddles movie, hope it wasn't like this Moons Blazing Saddles campfire sceene
  6. Yorky

    Tough going chasing trout in the river..

    Once again, great photo's, great report. You fish in some beautiful places (and hard to get to places) Thanks Cheers Yorky
  7. Yorky

    Long time between fish on the river today..

    Just looking at the pics of the places you're fishing makes me think that catching a fish is just the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing Cheers Yorky
  8. Yorky

    Good spin session in tannin waters... 22-9-17

    These areas you're fishing look magnificent, great reports &love the photo's Thanks Yorky
  9. Yorky

    Twelve trout before the weather set in...

    The rod I'm planning on using is a shimano salty advance, this is a Japanese domestic market rod, 7'6" & 1-3kg, (very light rod) matched to a shimano Stradic Ci4+ in the 1000 size spooled with 6lb braid, probably run a 6lb fluorocarbon leader. I use this outfit chasing Yellowfin Whiting with poppers & stickbaits & can cast a 3-4g lure a reasonable distance due to the crisp action of the tip. i think I will take a 6' outfit of about the same weight rating as well. then all I gotta do is get my butt up to the fresh Cheers Yorky
  10. Yorky

    Twelve trout before the weather set in...

    @Adrian, do you know what you have done by posting these reports & wicked pictures? You've made me go out & buy freshwater gear for trout, redfin & such, & I live at the bloody beach. Now I gotta go & find some water to use it in, possibly Broughton River up Spalding way (will have to research so not on private property) One question, How did the shorter rod go? reason I'm asking is I'm planning on using a 7'6" rod & might take a shorter rod in case there is limited casting room Keep it up Cheers Yorky
  11. Yorky

    A nervous wait

    Hi All. I wasn’t sure whether I should write this or not because there are a lot of people that like to call BS on things they don’t believe then I thought stuff it, I have nothing to gain or lose so here goes. I have been told by someone who is in the know, that Fisheries Officers have been pretty active in the Pt. Vic to Pt Hughes area & that a lot of people have been caught for fisheries breaches. I will not name the person as it is likely to land them in trouble. You will not read about the offences in media because the minister won’t allow media releases as it shows the areas the/his rules & reg’s. are failing The Weekend just gone 12th, 13th Aug, a few got caught at Pt. Vic double bagging after making a couple of trips in the same day, a few weeks previous to that just after the earlier blows, there were a few people caught over limit & under size on KG’s out from Pt Hughes. These aren't the only areas that Fisheries have been active so just cause you don’t read about people getting caught it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. My own opinion is that if the minister allowed media releases some of the fishing criminals might realise there is more of a chance of getting caught & not partake in their criminal activity, & it might make more people ring up about offences they see happening as they can see that things are being done about it Cheers Yorky
  12. Hi All Compleat Angler Wallaroo and Moonta are having a 4 Day Stocktake sale starting this Thursday 17th August 2017 Catalogue below Loads more bargains in-store. If there’s something you’re after that’s not in the catalogue just phone, postage is available or pay and hold until you come over, but be quick, you only have 4 days, don’t miss out. Wallaroo Ph. 08 88232840 Moonta Ph. 08 88253400 Thurs 17th, Fri 18th, Sat 19th and Sun 20th August 2017. Cheers Yorky
  13. Yorky

    3 fish for 3 generations

    Good to see you had a great time, fishing's not always about the fish Cheers Yorky
  14. Yorky

    x-lotto boat

    X-lotto & a boat like that, I'd touch land about once a month for supplies & I recon there's enough room for "ME" to fish LOL Cheers Yorky
  15. Yorky

    Compleat Angler 2017 Stocktake Sale

    Hi Aaron 150m spool of gliss = $15.00 300m spool = $23.99 during the sale Cheers Yorky