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  1. Bugatti

    Computer Hiccups...

    Sorry to hear your Woes Adrian. Here is my advise ............................................ That is the sum of my computer knowledge. This is me trying ... anything on them computers. Good luck with it all Adrian, hope it pans out well for you and Mr temperamental computer. Cheers, Bill.
  2. Wooo Hooo. I've caught my first trout and it's a Beauty. Mind you meppstas's (Adrian) efforts were a great help. Now "caught" is a very pliable notion ... very pliable. Caught really would equate to received from a very generous man from down in Tassie, where all the best trout are. Trout also being a very pliable notion ... picture .... on a gift (impressive T-Shirt) from same said individual. Thank you immensely Adrian, your generosity, thought and T-shirt has made my year. A pleasant surprise from a generous and cheeky Angler. We as a fraternity are extremely lucky to have you on this Site and as a friend. Your nature befriends us all and hopefully the good last for ever. Cheers, my dear friend. Bill.
  3. Bugatti

    Land Based Set up

    Mate, Don and I have over the last 3-4 years been getting more involved in Land based fishing, with one of our passions of Snapper Fishing now being branched off from boat fishing to include land based efforts. With the plethora of "stuff" we bring now to make the experience more comfortable, a purpose built "Kart" was on the drawing board. In the process of making the Karts, namely the wheel and pull steering mechanism my son (who absolutely loves Bugattis) said "oh, WOW, are you making a Bugatti". Well Don and I did see that the basic frame did look like a "car'so decided to make the Karts look like cars, Don's taking the form of an MBG. So, at the end of a enjoyable and overexcited design/fabrication process the Two Karts were finished. They have: An bucket receptacle and two tubs (or an esky). Bait board with light. Rod storage/holders. A stowed away table that can be brought and used as a kitchen. Yes kitchen, with lighting, burner, kettle (coffee, cup a soup noodles etc), frying pan (mm, sausage and onions on a cold winters night). A lounge room style fireplace (wind break) and gas camp heater. Accommodates and makes cozy 5 blokes (as one night we found out). And an assortment of paraphernalia , from fishing, kitchen stuff, first aide kit & "hardware" all-sorts. Great handy units for any occassion and any situation. Cheers, guys I thought I'd share my land Based "Kart".... a home away from home. Cheers, Bugatti.
  4. Bugatti

    Culvert Barra

    Hello, Kate. There you go .. just ticking things off .... your bucket list that is. I hope the surface lure take was explosive .. gets the heart racing. Just shows it's not the size of the fish .. it's the angling pure and simple that it's all about. I can see now, from one of you photos .. that the headlamps only make guys look ugly. Thanks for the report, nice to see that you're getting into 'em. Cheers, Bugatti.
  5. Bugatti

    Retired from trout fishing...

    Adrian ............ I should "stick the boot" into you. With a small hiatus from the Site ..... on me returning and first reading your statistics on your extensive Trout escapades, then coming to this post (knowing that the Ol'Dog is a little battle weary) and reading "Retired from trout fishing" I thought .... NNNoooooooooooo. Only to be hoodwinked into misplaced shock ... on a pair of boots. I feel like that lovable character "Blakey" being tricked by that meanie "Butler". Now, that the world hasn't collapsed .... yea ... yea ... boots tired ... in bin.... yea... yea. Adrian, it just goes to show the wear and tear on ...... your body. If those rivers have done that to your boots, credit to you for your efforts, greatly appreciated the effort you put in, in bringing us your adventures. Cheers, Bill.
  6. Bugatti

    Meppstas, Trout Fishing Stats 2000 to 2017...

    Adrian, That resume is impressive. Well done on ALL accounts. Knowing you somewhat, I am never surprised (because I've learnt you are surprisingly amazing) but always amazed. Your trips, trout caught, percentagesand etc are amazing in themselves not only for the numbers but for the impeccable record keeping ... that has to be a record in itself. I noticed, 2009 - 2010 there were many trips .... would you put that down to WheatBix or that Pam may have picked up knitting, which freed up some time for you. I would have to say "People's Award" every year. Congratulations Adrian, thanks for sharing (and showing us down ... real motivator for us to get out there) Cheers, Bill
  7. Bugatti

    Marion Bay, what a place

    Man oh man, those KGs are Collins class torpedoes. Well done. Talking about well done, Well done on the Gummy ..... the School ... and gotta love Nanny, who doesn't love Nanny. Again, great to see Michelle getting into it too. I wish I had a mate at Marion Bay ..... with a boat. Great Easter. While we were hunting for eggs in the garden, you guys hunted a beautiful bounty in a sea garden. Well done. Cheers, Bugatti.
  8. Bugatti

    Edithburgh squid....

    Pluck..... pluck .... pluck... pluck. Nothing like plucking squid land-based, there's a sense of achievement getting dinner from the shore. Three from 3 casts would have been a buzz too. Great to see Michelle getting into them as well. Easter at the "Burgh" is great ... with a counterie at the Coobowie rounding off a great trip to the foot, I mean you did go to the Coobowie, Schnitzels the size of hubcaps. Who's LAR-FIN now, you are, all the way to a seafood basket, chockas with squid rings. Great to see a great squid time had by .... you. Cheers, Bugatti.
  9. Bugatti

    Six years later & the trout are back...

    Great that you remembered that little Creek that said "I think I can" and it did, just like a fortuitous Angler did when he drove the 75 kms to see if he could, and as the pictures showed "yes he did". Well done Adrian, would have been a real buzz with the first hit and even a better buzz landing the first. Great to see that nature does fix itself. If pictures say a thousand words, then your post works out to be about 16,155 plus or minus a "the" and and "I". The first pic of that brown is awesome, nice plump and well conditioned as all those browns looked but that was the "plumpest". Great little Creek too, a nice discovery all those years ago. Great post, thanks for a mini trip to Tasmania. Cheers, Bill.
  10. Bugatti

    Lady's Weekend

    Don't you mean Wahoo. Cos that one is on my bucket list, too. Oups sorry, just read your post again, Now I see you meant "Woohoo" as in "very exited". Now just how do I delete this post ... nop not that key .. nop not that one either. Now let me see what this key does. Yep, just as I thought, it does nothing. You know lets just "go with it" and make it work. Now just to add a picture of a woohoo , I mean Wahoo to make it seem like I know what I'm doing. Kate, I've noticed with ALL your escapades .. they all are Wahoo, I mean Woohoo. Good on you. Cheers, Bugatti.
  11. Bugatti

    Lady's Weekend

    Wow looked like a great couple of weeks there Kate, I wish I was there. No, I mean I really wish I was there. Great Jew,..... 81 cm is a trophy fish in anyone's book, well done. Mind you, on the water deep blue or shallow, catching anything while enjoying good friends is what it's all about. That photo in the sequence which follows immediately after the canoe adventure is that awesome wake .... it took me a second or three to realize you guys weren't paddling like crazy in that canoe to get a wake like that ... then I realized it was the boat on the deep blue. Looks like you bucket list got a few ticks this round, well done. Cheers, Bugatti.
  12. Bugatti

    Spotters Prize Pack

    Great loot there Adrian. Well deserved too. Mind you I think all your reports/posts are worthy of a prize. That selfie with the spotters, just shows that spotters gear has knocked off years off your looks, I bet you feel like a hip dude donning that gear. Cheers, congratulations.
  13. Bugatti

    Simple snelled hook rigs

    Great simple snell and it keeps the hook right at the location you want. The snell that I use, is a variation of a hangman's noose. The problem with the one I use, is you have to gauge/guess where the hook is going to end up after "pulling" the line tight. On a question. I've seen on some programs that some fishos put a dab of super glue on the snell to add strength and stop slippage. Does anyone do this? It seems overkill and in my opinion if the glue ends up on the line side of the hook eye, it would probably add rigidity to the line and possibly be a breaking point. Cheers, Bugatti.
  14. Bugatti

    The year of the great Top End run off!

    Hey, I remember our very own Kate Naga said it's all about the runoff. And by the smile on Peter Scott's face (bloke above with the HUGE Barra) he thinks it is all about the runoff too. Wise words Kate. Forever listening & learning, Bugatti.
  15. Bugatti

    Trout head shots...

    I agree with you CMichael. They all have their own unique markings. One thing (amongst all the things) that I also noticed is the shading of the trout. Some have a more "golden" coloring and some a more "silvery chrome" coloring and a whole range in-between. Adrian, I did notice with your photos in your posts that the water color in some rivers varies to others. Would this attribute to the coloring of the trout or is it a genetic thing where a trout passes on its coloring onto its "kin"? Either way, you cook them in butter and they are going to get a "golden" coloring .. a tasty golden coloring. Cheers, Bugatti.