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  1. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    DEADLY TIDE game Lures


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    Hi all. I have started making my own game lures, named Deadly Tide Lures. I have 2 colours and selling the lures in pairs for $70 and free post. all lures have a paua shell inlay and are 9.5 inches long. I have had some great results on marlin and tuna with them, so they have been tried and tested. please get in touch if interested. Cheers

    70.00 AUD

  2. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions


    I have startd selling my own game lures - Admin what do I have to do to get them in the featured product section? Ta
  3. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions


    Looking for a couple of punters for a kiribati gt popping and game trip in September. Prefer odd numbers but not that important. all inclusive package, 7 days. PM if interested
  4. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    excess rods and reels for sale

    I am having problems posting an add on the classifieds sections. It just keeps crashing. anyway I have some gear I don't use anymore. If anyone is interested get in touch. I am starting my own game lure manufacturing business so I am trying to raise some capital for that. Okuma Solterra 10c high speed jig reel on a 15-37kg berkley blast IM7 graphite jig rod. new 65lb power pro. I don't think I have ever actully used this reel on a fish. its like new - $200 Ajiking Wahoo 8000 with carbonex washers and 50lb braid. on a penn spinfisher 12-20kg spin rod - $120 Ryobi Arctica 6000 with 30lb braid - $50. Can post australia wide at cost and can separate rods and reels for the right price. hopefully when I have some lures done I can post some pics.
  5. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Yalta Craft 2200 Fisherman

    The merc 150 is a beast on an engine. massive torque from the 3L block. pushes the hull to 78km/h on flat water with 2 on board. People are always telling me that 150 isnt enough for that hull, and I'd need a 200hp, bla bla bla. its amazing how people think they know more about your boat than you do. I think its a perfect match for the hull and I don't think it would lose anything to a 200 yamaha which is only 2.7L anyway. Servicing has been $330 each service, cant get much cheaper than that. and burns better than 2km/L
  6. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Yalta Craft 2200 Fisherman

    Hi guys. This is just a quick post for anyone who is looking at buying a new +6m glass boat.I was in the market for a long time and ended up buying a Yalta Craft 2200 Fisherman (6.6m). I really love the boat and I have had in about 2 years now and use it for mostly game fishing. Its powered by a new 150 merc 4 stroke which performs great and was recommended by the boat builder The whole rig cost me $48,000 for the boat, motor, trailer and all the fit out, safety gear etc etc. I bought my own sounders for another $2000 and spent $2500 on a stainless bimini. without a doubt I think this is the best value glass boat on the market. When I was looking at boats Yalta craft were hardly ever mentioned and i just stumbled across them really, so I just thought I would share my own experience as it might help someone else. They are made in Gympie too and i purchsed it from "The Boat Place". If anyone was is in the market for this kind of boat i am happy to answer questions about mine. I am from Victoria but I have only ever seen 3 yalta craft in my whole life. They probably are not as polished as a haines hunter, but for saving +$30,000 i was happy enough with that decision. Plus I have never seen a glass boat with this much fishing room. it feels like you are in a fibreglass version of a yellowfin 7400.
  7. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Reel Servicing

    I have sent a couple of reels to Okuma for rebuilding. Always been happy with their service.
  8. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    All aboard - South East Game Fishing

    Hi all. I have booked flights back to Australia from the 8th of April to the 11th or may. I will be spending the majority of this time game fishing for marlin from Eden to Bermagui. If anyone is interested you are welcome, I only ask that you contribute to the fuel bill. I am not the best marlin fisherman in the world, but I definitely am the best marlin fisherman in my street.
  9. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    barometer + Moon phases

    Hi All. Id be interested in people's opinions on the affect of barometric pressure as well as moon phases. I know the basics like anyone else that different pressure can turn the fish on or off, depending if it makes them feel uncomfortable, or they may feed before a pressure change in anticipation etc etc. However I would like to know more about it and any fishing results related to that. Same with moon phases. Like most fisherman I just fish whenever I can and if the moons, tides and pressure as also good then that's a bonus. Interested to know more. Cheers.
  10. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    How to catch your first bream on a soft plastic!

    Bream on plastics. 2-4kg 7ft Graphite rod. 4lb power pro, 4lb FC leader (berkeley vanish is fine) Lures. DOA CAL Curl Tail (Bloodworm), 100mm Squidgee wriggler, Zman 2.5 Grubs, Zman 3.5 Steakz curtail, Atomic Plazos flick baits. Jig heads 1-3gm I fish mostly in 1.5 - 4m of water. I have started fishing my retrieve a bit quicker and more of a rise, wind in slack, let lure sink for 5 seconds, rise again, wind in slack. consistently raising the lure up and letting it fall again. I have also started fishing the mid water more over the last 2 years instead of hugging the bottom. My results have gone through the roof! I used to fish super slow but I really catch more fish with a quicker retrieve and fishing my lure in the middle 2m of water (if it is 4m deep). The lure itself only really goes up and down and towards the boat with the rising action of the rod. The slack like I wind in quick and wait for the strike while its dropping. 90% of the strike is on the drop.
  11. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Simplifying your choice of soft plastics for bream

    I do a lot of bream fishing. I reckon I have used 50 different types of plastics but I only ever stick with half a dozen or so.
  12. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Tie it down and lock it up

    I cant see the article. is there stainless webbing inside the strap? or does the thief just cut the straps off to steal your kayak?
  13. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Boat Towing Vehicle

    For those who might be looking for a new car to tow their new boat - I have to say the Petrol Territory is the best towing vehicle on the second hand market by the length of the MCG. This is why... - purchase price $10,000 with 100,000km - Dirt cheap- 6 speed auto. Magic on big long steep hills, just step on it and keep dropping down the gears until you hold speed. - fitted a transmission cooler myself for $200 (needed)- not as bad as people think on fuel 10.5-11L/100 (I dont live in a city)- AWD with traction control makes it virtually impossible to get bogged. I took it all over fraser island through all the deep soft sand etc etc, never got stuck once while dragging the diff and fuel tank though the sand for miles. There wasnt any paint or rust left under the car after that day, but it never got bogged.- 18-20L per 100km while towing a 2 tonne boat. Not bad considering its petrol and the boat and car are close to 4000kg combined. Towing from Brisbane to Victoria was 18.5 average fuel consumption. my mates diesel Hilux uses 17L/100km towing and his boat lighter than mine by 300kg or so.- get spare parts dead easy at the wreckers-15000km service intervals. - $650 for a full set to tires.- I have towed the boat out of very sandy ramps with the trailer in the sand and rear car wheels in the sand - no problem at all because of the magic traction control- Endless power. I have 2 mates both with 3.0L Hilux's both have said that the territory would easily out tow their toyota's. Coming back from Brisbane around some big hills north of Sydney, overtook a Pajero, Navara and Jeep (Towing vans) all on the same hill!. Blew them away easier than taking a crap with the 4.0L power house. I rarely have to think do I have enough space to over take as it just flies (with the boat behind it)Best car I have ever had.
  14. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    How often do you fish ?

    before i moved to the UK I was fishing 100 days a year. Some of those were all day fishing and sometimes for only 2 hours.
  15. Wild_Fishing_Expeditions

    Kiribati trip 9th-17th may

    Guys I am getting some interest on FB for a trip. Is there anyone on here who is interested and I can mail some more information? Cheers.