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  1. dmck

    July night one on the bloodworms

    It's school holidays.. didnt the Captain get a seat?
  2. dmck

    A great freebee

    #1 Skipper will be well cared for now!! Congrats Mal.
  3. dmck

    Slow day

    I have had studs break coz the nuts had seized on. You dont need a lot of grease, just a smear to cover the thread.... and its easier to grease the studs than your nuts.....
  4. dmck

    Slow day

    Looks like your wheel nuts could use some grease too. They must have been difficult to undo.
  5. dmck

    Twelve years in a row...

    Theres an old adage that the harder you work the luckier you get. 12 years in a row may have been 'fun'... but it was also damned hard yacka... well done!!
  6. dmck

    Justackle Burnie, News...

  7. dmck

    Justackle Burnie, News...

    Curses... no website.
  8. dmck

    Justackle Burnie, News...

    LOve that nth coast of Tas. IT holds some wonderful secrets... as you have discovered. I'm going to check out his website.
  9. dmck

    Here's one for Moons...

    Am i that transparent? No..... dont answer that .
  10. dmck

    Here's one for Moons...

    I want one!!!
  11. dmck

    My new camp oven setup

    Could have called in to see me whilst you were in the area!! I feel jilted!!
  12. dmck

    Welcome back !!

    forgive my paranoia..
  13. dmck

    Welcome back !!

    Phew... was getting a little worried there....
  14. dmck

    Pt Vic with some mates

    Nice fishing shirt too, Mal. Dont see it in the site advertising. Does it come in Crows colours or just Port Powers?
  15. dmck

    Pt Vic with some mates

    Nice outing Mal. Sometimes it takes a boys weekend to punish the liver and clear the head.