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  1. Moons

    July night one on the bloodworms

    Na mate. I have work the next day so no captain Kane.
  2. Well with nothing to do Sunday night it was a trip out to see if the worms had started. Tonights the night and we are heading out again. my son was keen to give it a go now he has a tinny. Father and Son Crabman takes the controls as usual. It was a slow star with only a few worms seen and these were out of reach. Then bingo, my Son got his first bloodworm. I was on the board first but it was a slow start They did pick up as time went on and we got our limit. it was hard work lets hope tonight is a lot easier.
  3. Moons

    No respect for the laws !!!!!

    Victorian Fisheries Authority Yesterday at 12:40 PM · We know most anglers do the right thing, but every so often there’s one that just doesn’t get the message. A 65-year-old man from Glenroy was inspected by Fisheries Officers recently and found to have 8 undersize snapper and one undersize bream, ranging from 19.8cm to 25.9cm. The minimum size for both species is 28cm. After being inspected, the man went back to fishing, but was soon after inspected again and found to have another undersize snapper! He appeared in the Geelong Magistrates Court, which heard he'd had 10 run-ins with our officers relating to undersize fish and other offences over the last decade. The man was fined $1,000 and $193 in costs, and prohibited from recreational fishing for two months. To the officers' surprise, the very next day, the Glenroy man was allegedly spotted fishing at Cunningham Pier. His fishing rods were seized and he'll be charged on summons in relation to breaching his two month prohibition order. If you have any information relating to illegal fishing, call 13FISH (133474) anytime.
  4. Moons

    $7000 in fines

    Fisheries WA 5 mins · An inspection of a boat by Fisheries and Marine Officers, in February, has led to two men being fined just over $7,000 for breaching bag limits and possessing undersize fish. Ten fish were found onboard the boat, with one of the baldchin groper below the minimum required size limit of 400 millimetres. As only one of the men had a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence, the pair were also found to have seven more demersal fish than allowed. More information at http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/…/Bag-and-size-limit-breaches-lea…
  5. Moons

    Brown trout on Mepps black fury...

    Nice mate.
  6. Moons

    Ideal solo fisherman's van..

    Perfect mate. If only it floated !!
  7. Moons

    $12,000 fine

    $12,000 fine to deter fisheries black marketing FISHERIES QUEENSLAND·WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 A Clontarf recreational fisher who sold crabs unlawfully has been convicted and fined $12,000 in the Redcliffe Magistrates Court. During sentencing, the Magistrate commented that the offending was commercially-motivated and had a detrimental effect on recreational and commercial fishers. Referring to the fisher’s history of fisheries offences, the Magistrate said the court penalty should send a clear message to deter others. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol District Manager Brett Depper said the offences were detected when the fisher’s property was searched in October 2017. “Fisheries officers found undersized fish including mud crabs, blue swimmer crabs and black spotted rock cod along with marine plants in a bucket used to store live mud crabs,” Mr Depper said. “The investigation found evidence the fisher had sold mud crabs and blue swimmer crabs on 10 separate occasions between March 2016 and September 2017.” Mr Depper said the black market supply of crabs threatens the sustainability of the community’s fisheries resources and reminded consumers to only buy seafood from licensed suppliers. The defendant pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully selling fisheries resources, unlawful possession of regulated fish, not complying with a regulated fishing apparatus declaration, and unlawfully damaging a marine plant. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol relies on the ongoing support of the community to help protect Queensland’s valuable fisheries resources. If people suspect illegal fishing activity, including the unlawful sale of fisheries resources, they should report it to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116. For more information on Queensland fishing rules and regulations, visit www.fisheries.qld.gov.au, call 13 25 23 or download the free ‘Qld Fishing’ app from Apple and Google app stores.
  8. Moons

    Slow day

    Looks like greasey nuts coming up !!!!!!!!!
  9. Moons

    Message getting through

    CommentShare NSW DPI Fisheries June 21 at 5:10 PM · Well done to anglers right across NSW – the message about returning undersize fish is getting through. NSW DPI Fisheries officers report a decrease in the number of undersize fish being kept by recreational and commercial fishers compared to last year, although, they still had to seize 641 prohibited size fish since late March to the end of May this year. During 2016/2017, officers seized almost 4300 undersize fish across NSW. Up to the end of May 2018, officers seized just over 3200 undersize fish, a potential 20% reduction. As a result, there has been almost a 17% reduction in the number of fines issued to people found in possession of or selling undersize fish. #fineswithyourfish Think about the impact that reduction in offending has on the fish stocks - more fish into the future, for everyone. 'Operation Small Fry’ was established in response to an increasing number of offences relating to prohibited size fish across NSW. To report suspected illegal fishing activity, call 1800 043 536 or report it online at the DPI Fisheries website. Play -0:31 Additional Visual Settings Enter Watch And Scroll Mute
  10. Moons

    Oysters ??

    Victorian Fisheries Authority shared a video. 3 hrs · This project is continuing to kick goals with help from your fishing licence fees! For an overview, visit: https://bit.ly/2K62P2x. #fishinglicencefeesatwork https://www.facebook.com/7NewsMelbourne/videos/10156691412709301/ Play -2:07 Additional Visual Settings Enter Watch And Scroll Mute 15,512 Views 7 News MelbourneLike Page June 24 at 9:11 PM · An underwater revival mission is underway in Port Phillip Bay to bring oysters back to Victorian waters. www.7News.com.au #7News
  11. Black market fishers caught in Brisbane FISHERIES QUEENSLAND·TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018 A major sting by the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) has uncovered unlawful black-market fishing activities in Brisbane. A total of 70 charges were laid against four men, two of whom were commercial fishers, with a total of $35,690 in fines handed out. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said the detection of such significant offences, and the fines imposed, were a reminder to all commercial fishers that they have obligations to meet when they take our important fishery resources. “Any failure to meet these obligations diminishes community confidence in the commercial access of such vital species,” Mr Furner said. “There is real potential for black market activities to affect the viability of commercial fishing, negatively impact on legitimate seafood businesses and lead to unsustainable fishing practices. “Respondents to a recent public survey about proposed changes to modernise the Fisheries Act 1994 indicated overwhelming support for the strengthening of the enforcement powers of fisheries inspectors and penalties to address serious fisheries offences such as black marketing.” QBFP North Coast District Manager Brett Depper said the two commercial fishers appeared in Caboolture Magistrates court in April 2018 following a long and complex investigation into offences committed between March and October 2015 in the Brisbane area. “They were charged with 59 offences against the Fisheries Act 1994 and fined a total of $29,190,” Mr Depper said. “The charges included the unlawful selling of female and undersized blue swimmer crabs, the take of fish that their commercial fishing boat licence did not permit, along with failing to comply with the requirements for keeping sale dockets for wholesale transactions. “QBFP officers also found the fishing boat used was not fitted with an appropriate by-catch reduction device or a compliant turtle exclusion device, both important obligations for the commercial trawl fleet in meeting community expectations for responsible fishing within the trawl fishery. “The other two men were fined a total of $6500 for committing a variety of offences against the Fisheries Act 1994, including the unlawful sale and possession of regulated blue swimmer crabs and failing to comply with the requirements for keeping sale dockets for wholesale transactions.”
  12. Moons

    A great freebee

    Well entered a comp on facebook. never seen anyone win these except for the south aussie with cosi ones. entered anyway and got a message last week i was the winner. at first i thought yer right, is this where i havecto pay for delivery or something or give my card details. went to the page and yep I was the winner. well it arrived today and cant wait to use it.
  13. Moons

    Slow day

    No they wernt. Came off quite easy. are they meant to be greased ?
  14. Moons

    Slow day

    Took the old decky Jewlez out for a squid. started of crap with the trailer making a clunking noise as we left. found the problem, brake pad stuck to disk. the lesson here is to,wash down the brakes better. conditions were great but it was a dodge tide. quick selfie time. the squid were slow and we only managed 6 for the day. tried for George at the dale ripple but all under size. lunch was hamburgers i cooked the night before . went down a treat. still beats working..
  15. Moons

    Dont be shy

    Fisheries WA April 23 · You can play a role in keeping our fish stocks sustainable by reporting illegal or suspicious fishing activities to FishWatch on 1800 815 507, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FishWatch captures reports from a network of thousands of recreational fishers across the State. This information is then used to investigate incidents and prosecute as needed. It is best to report any suspicious fishing activity as soon as possible so that Fisheries Officers can attend and investigate the incident if they are available. Any information you provide could be valuable, however we recommend you do not approach anyone for your own safety. Leaving your contact details when you call FishWatch is important as Fisheries Officers may have further questions. All reports made are treated in the strictest of confidence. More information is at http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/…/Fishwatch-supports-fish-for-the…