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  1. Moons

    Cockle galore

    Took my son for a day of cockling after a few of his mates cancelled. Just the two of us but it beats mowing the lawn. Tomorrow night.. got there at gentlemans hours and the beach was packed. I dont think I have seen it so busy. found a spot alone ( well for about 10 minutes) and in we went for a look. hit the jackpot cockles were thick. got out 600 in about 40 minutes back to the car for a lunch BBQ the son did some fishing and hooked something he couldn't stop. 5 mins later it spat the hook My half a great day out with the boy. maybe again next weekend
  2. Moons

    Great spin session chasing trout..

    Great stuff once again. jezz 300 already awesome stuff. the scenery is second to none thats for sure
  3. Moons

    it's our Leaders celebration!

    Hahahahahaha thanks Don. had to work today. Charter we had booked for tomorrw was cancelled due to wind so a cockling day Sunday with my son
  4. Moons

    Pirtek Fishing Challenge 2019

    Good work mate
  5. Moons

    Local crab

    No real difference. Just newer
  6. Moons

    Local crab

    Well with the weekend weather being so crap the boat has sat there for weeks. Thursday saw a break with little wind. it was a 4am alarm. Up to a loaded boat. plugged in the trailer and no tail lights. Checked the car, no tail lights. A quick search in the dark and the blown fuse was found and changed. All working.. hit the private ramp and no cars in the carpark. in with the tub and away i went. the sun was just starting to come up made for a good photo. then it was out to my hot spot, yep managed to land right on it. Perfect. In went two nets baited with Flathead heads from South Oz Rods. gave it about a 10 min soak then up with net. A double header both keepers. back in and up with the other net. score, a single this time. every pull had Crabs. Still a few undersize ones around. some big females found their way into the nets but as I as getting plenty of nice males they went back. after my pie i put in a surface berley pot. In 15 minutes there was some fish breaking the surface. In with a gent and us a nice Garfish. a few tommies and Gar came aboard. Ended up with 8 Gar and 11 Tommies. well got my bag of crabs. went out deeper after more Garfish but couldnt find them. Went over to a squod spot but the winds picked up. tried for half hour with no luck so it was Home I went. bag of Crabs in 90 mins, not bad. all steamed and in the fridge. Dinner tonight..
  7. Moons

    Home made marinade a treat

    Well it was chicken wing night. first up my own made whooossshester sause, mustard and a few spices. in went the wings for a few hours and turned them every 15 mins. the home grown rosemary was used as the basting brush. on to the BBQ on a low heat. every turn they got basted. slow and steady and a lot of basting and they were looking good. once done a nice Captain to enjoy my dinner. the marinared made the taste thats for sure.
  8. Moons

    Extended Snapper ban

    Recfish SA shared a post. December 14, 2018 at 1:52 PM · Decision on Snapper Tim Whetstone - Member for ChaffeyLike Page December 14, 2018 at 11:01 AM · Full media release: Safeguarding our future snapper stocks Changes to managing South Australia’s iconic snapper including spatial closures in both the Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent have been agreed, following consultation with the commercial, charter and recreational fishing sectors. Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said that the annual statewide snapper closure ends at midday on Saturday 15 December, and the combination of new scientific information and consultation across all fishing sectors had led to the new management arrangements. “South Australia’s fishers will be able to fish for snapper in coastal waters from Saturday 15 December, however localised no-fishing zones will apply to aggregation sites in Gulf St Vincent until 31 March 2019 and in Spencer Gulf until 15 December 2019 as recommended by an historic agreement between recreational and commercial fishers,” said Minister Whetstone. “New scientific information in a recent report from the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), has identified snapper stocks in the Spencer Gulf and West Coast areas are ‘depleted’. This means the snapper stocks are critically low and without changing management, the snapper stocks will not recover. “The long-term sustainability of our snapper stocks is the most important thing. “The former Labor government had 16 years to address this problem and they failed to make the tough decisions needed. They tinkered around the edges and the latest snapper stock assessment is alarming. “Snapper is an iconic fish species in South Australia and is loved by consumers and recreational fishers alike. The commercial sector, the fishing charter sector and the recreational sector have all raised concerns over snapper stocks. “Managing fish stocks is an ongoing collaboration between government, industry and the community. “The Marshall Liberal Government has been consulting with the various fishing sectors since 7 November on the latest science regarding snapper populations. “A meeting on 12 December with the South Australian Fishing Alliance, FishinSA, RecFishSA, the Marine Fishers Association and the Surveyed Charter Boat Owners and Operators Association of South Australia reached a consensus across commercial, recreational and charter fishers about the need for new, localised fishing closures to protect snapper populations. “Snapper stocks in Gulf St Vincent and the South East are identified in the report as ‘sustainable’ however information for Gulf St Vincent shows a downward trend on a similar path to that of the Spencer Gulf and West Coast. “Given this new scientific information, fishing sector representatives and fisheries scientists agreed new management measures were required to provide additional protection to support recovery of the Spencer Gulf/West Coast stock and maintain sustainable populations of snapper in Gulf St Vincent and the South East. The management changes to be implemented from 15 December are: • In Spencer Gulf: o four localised spatial closures which prohibit fishing for any species and no possession of snapper for 12 months (midday 15 December 2018 - midday 15 December 2019). o a new spatial closure in Spencer Gulf at Point Lowly. The closure prohibits the take of snapper for 12 months but allows for other fishing activities and possession of snapper in transit to the Point Lowly boat ramp. • In Gulf St Vincent: o two new spatial closures which prohibit the take and possession of snapper until March 2018 (midday 15 December 2018 - midday 31 March 2019). These closures encompass part of Tapley Shoal and an area off Sellicks Beach, and allow for other fishing activities. The current spatial closure at Ardrossan in the northern part of Gulf St Vincent will be removed. o the previous spatial closure in northern Gulf St Vincent has been removed based on new scientific information and advice from the commercial, charter boat and recreational fishers. • Statewide: a reduction in the charter boat individual bag limit to three small fish and one big fish and no boat limit, as proposed in the draft charter boat management plan. • Further discussions and consultation will occur in 2019 on additional measures to be applied in future to support rebuilding of snapper populations. “Further consultation will be undertaken with all sectors early in the new year to discuss future additional management measures for all sectors. Tough decisions will need to be taken to secure the long-term sustainability of the fishery into the future and as a shared stock these decisions will impact all fishing sectors. “Changes to long-term management arrangements of the commercial Marine Scalefish Fishery will be addressed through the Marine Scalefish Fishery Reform process that has recently been established. “I encourage recreational fishers and charter boat fishers to enjoy the wide variety of other species in our waters such as ocean jackets, tommy ruffs, snook, yellowfin whiting, yellow eye mullet, silver trevally and Australian salmon that offer great eating and enjoyable catching, to allow our iconic species such as snapper to recover. “If recreational fishers are targeting snapper over the current summer, please stick to your bag limit and refrain from the practice of catch and release fishing.” Fishers should visit the PIRSA website www.pir.sa.gov.au/snapper or the SA Recreational Fishing Guide app for the full details, including maps. Commercial fishers will also receive correspondence directly from PIRSA. South Australian Fishing Alliance Marine Fishers Association Inc. Wildcatch Fisheries SA Inc Recfish SA
  9. Moons

    Baby King George galore

    Victorian Fisheries Authority 9 hrs · We’re excited to reveal that King George whiting are set to boom in Port Phillip Bay! Our scientists have recently found high numbers of juvenile whiting during their annual survey for the third year in a row. The surveys of baby whiting in seagrass habitats have been undertaken around the bay since 1998 and are a reliable predictor of future catches. These positive survey results are also indicative for other Victorian bays such as Western Port and Corner Inlet. Whiting larvae take about 2 years to reach legal catchable size, so based on the survey results from the past 3 years, we can expect excellent fishing for King George whiting in the bays starting this summer and beyond into the 2020s. When they reach 4 years of age, King George whiting move out of the bays and into deeper coastal waters off far-western Victoria to breed, so these areas will also experience a boom in the near-future. #target1million #fisheriesscience #kinggeorgewhiting
  10. Moons

    A good year for fisheries

    NSW DPI Fisheries January 1 at 6:30 PM · NSW DPI Fisheries officers seized almost 1500 Blue Swimmer Crabs, Mud Crabs and other crabs, and over 1200 crab traps and hoop nets from anglers last year for a variety of illegal fishing offences. Fisheries officers will be focusing on the illegal use of crab traps across the summer months as part of Operation Portunus, a statewide operation aimed at combating the impacts of illegal fishing. Make sure you know what the rules are. For information on permitted fishing gear go to www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fish…/recreational/fishing-rules-and-regs. To report suspected illegal fishing activity, call Fishers Watch on 1800 043 536, report it online at the DPI Website or through the FishSmart NSW app.
  11. Moons

    Fines are just not enough IMO

    Fisheries Queensland Seized black marketer’s boat serves as a warning JANUARY 2 · PUBLIC A fishing boat has been forfeited to the state and a recreational fisher and restaurant manager fined more than $8,600 for black marketing of redclaw. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner welcomed the successful court prosecution, as the Queensland Government moves to further strengthen fisheries laws. “Unlicensed selling of fisheries resources undermines the legitimate commercial fishing industry and threatens Queensland’s reputation as a producer of high quality seafood,” Mr Furner said. “Reforms currently before Parliament are aimed squarely at fishers who illegally sell seafood on the black market, including stronger compliance powers for fisheries officers and higher penalties for offenders. “The community has been calling for change to fisheries legislation for many years and these proposed reforms will bring Queensland fisheries management in line with world’s best practice.” Member for Lytton Joan Pease said all fishers need to know the consequences of committing a serious fishing offence, which included losing their vessel. “If fishers are thinking about breaking the rules, they better be ready to risk losing their fishing boat,” Ms Pease said. “To reinforce that message, this particular forfeited vessel will be displayed at prominent boat ramps in south east Queensland over the coming weeks, including at Manly Harbour on 29-30 December.” Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers intercepted a Kuraby-based fisher delivering almost 200 redclaw to a Sunnybank restaurant in March. During the investigation, 82 freshwater traps, more than 133 kilograms of redclaw, a 4.5 metre catamaran and a kayak were also seized at Somerset Dam and Brisbane. A recreational fisher, who was not a first-time offender, pleaded guilty to five charges including selling fisheries without a licence and using 78 excess and unmarked freshwater traps, was fined $7,600 and had his vessel forfeited to the State. A restaurant manager, who said he bought the redclaw for a staff party and didn’t intend to sell it, was fined $1000 after pleading guilty to one count of selling seafood without an authority.
  12. Moons

    Pt Mick pre xmas

    Well broke up from work on the thursday. Pt Mick was booked in for Friday morning but being bored at home I left late Thursday arvo. Apon arrival I needed a quick bevvie. the sun was close to,setting so up with the awning and a quick weed of my front yard and I was set. Number one want coming up till Friday arvo so,it was a me only night. Lucky I like talking to myself. a couple beers and it was Captain time. dinner was on. A huge T Bone, mash spuds wit pas and corn mixed in. a meal fit for a king. Thursday night was cricket in bed. Up early Friday and did a caravan clean out. It as well over due. Fild two garbage bags with stuff I dont use anymore. Friday arvo number one showed up, slighty under the affect of booze. Ok he was Pissed . 5 horses was the driver and I dont know hoshe put up with him all that way. anyway up early Saturday and away we went. out to spot 1 , then spot 2, spot 3 then I stoped counting. Conditions were crap with a big swell against tide. About 5 hours in I went green. The skipper was great and we packd up and headed back. score was 8 kgs. it was a early night for me, not feeliing the best. Sad part it wasnt booze it was just the conditions. a nice sunset and off to bed I went. up early again and over I went. we hit the ramp to,a line up. conditions were a lot beter with a lot flatter seas. we were off. the fish were slow and hard to find. one drop down went my line and bam a double header. Back n and bam. Was this it ?? No it wasnt never lost another bait. managed 6 kgs, 3-4 leather jackets and a few Trevors for the smoker. another great weekend though even though the fish were on holidays.
  13. Moons

    Anzac brag mat

    I have one of these and its geat. a well made product and the money goes to a great cause.
  14. Moons

    Downrigger Bomb

    These look great Dave. good luck with the sell.
  15. Moons

    Another tough spin session..

    Thanks mate.