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Got my first thanks to my son

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I got a text yesterday from my son asking if I wanted to go to the Warren  Ressie for a fish. Sure why not.

I jumped on the Recfish site and within minutes I had my permit.

out with my freshwater tackle box and my spinners I have had for two years and never used. 


with the rain over night I wasnt  sure we would go but I got to my sons and he was packing the car..

Average conditions to leave in.


of we went and it fined up up bit. Cold and windy but no rain.

are we there yet I asked and my son said this is it as we got to the bridge. Isnt a ressie supposed to have water in it I asked ? This could be a waste of a yearly permit.



on a bit further we pulled into a carpark and we had water, it was well down but it was water.


out with the trolley and off we went. Set up camp and I fished this spot.


about the fifth cast I was on. Not big but i was onto a fish.

well my first ever Reddie.


apart from a few bumps nothing else. My son walked around the other side and gave me a shout. He had 5.

so off I went to fish with him. Watching small reddes chase the spinner right in to the edge.

a few flicks and I managed a bigger fish.


with time running out as I nexed to be home my sons rod he had baited took off.

a nice mud marlin


score for the day 23 reddies and 1 carp.


i as out fished by my son, he got the most and the biggest. Still a great day out with him thats for sure.

so relaxing out there



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Good to see the weather was clear for you & your son, although a little windy it was a good session with a couple of dozen fish taken on the day..



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                                                                                              '' Mepps Spin Fishing Guru ''                                                                                                                                                                                                             g-Adrian working the Meander River fast water (Custom).JPG

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Good result mate, it is supposed to be tough fishing up there. It would be good if it was stocked with cod and perch

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A cod was caught or so the face book page said. A few Callop get hooked as well.

if only i was that lucky.

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