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Camp Oven Chillie Beans

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Fired up the fire today. A wet crapy day so it was beans time.

first get them coals.


the stuff needed.

1kg beer mince

two cans 4 bean mix

1 can kidney beans

1 large and 1 small cans of diced tomatos

1 large onion sliced up

2 packets of chilli con carn mix from coles

1 can of beer, to start with.


brown the beef in a third of a can of beer. 

Add the onion.

stir till soft

then add every thing else and give a good stir.

on with the lid and add some coals.



sit back and drink the rest of the beer and then get another one.

take lid off and give a good stir every 15 mins for 1 hour or three beers.


Then take of heat and grab a bowl full. Eat with corn chips and wash down with a captain.

i use very little coals on the bottom of this to stop burning. Keep topping up coals on the top.


i will get around to doing a dessert soon.

this made my dinner and put 6 meals in the freezer.

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Looks pretty good too... yummy!!  nice meal on a cool  windy day..

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There's something about cooking over an open fire/coals, I think maybe it gives food a better taste, my son does a bit of cooking over coals in his back yard also, I'll have to show him your posts Moons.

But the beans over the coals reminds me of this from the Blazing saddles movie, hope it wasn't like this Moons :lol: :lol: :ph34r: 


Blazing Saddles campfire sceene

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