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Ikuza Encore SW Reel[1]


When I was given the Ikuza for review I was skeptical about the claims of no more backlashes and overruns, so I put it to the test and the results were nothing short of impressive to say the least. I tuned the brakes to maximum and cast a range of weights from 6gr to 14g. With no thumbing of the spool the reel refused to overrun no matter how hard I cast. With a bit of fine-tuning it didn’t matter what weight I cast, the reel performed faultlessly. These results are due to the fully adjustable dual centrifugal braking system that applies braking from different directions at different stages of the casting process. The brakes can be fine tuned with ease to cater for novice pro or angler.

The brake adjustment is very easy to use, with a quick flick of the leaver on the side plate all 12 brake pins are exposed; moving the lugs outwards increases the brake pressure on the spool, as you get a feel for casting the reel, decreasing the brake will give you a bit more distance in casting. The Ikuza is available in both left and right hand models and features a lightweight aluminum frame and a double anodized spool to prevent corrosion. In the bearing department it has 6 double-shielded saltwater resistant stainless bearings that are commonly found in reels with a much higher price tag. The 7kg drag performs great under heavy load with no bumps or lock ups and the ultra fast retrieval speed (6.3:1), is great when wanting to move your lures quickly through the water. The total weight of the reel is only 7.6oz which makes for effortless casting all day when combined with a light rod to match. There isn’t really much they have left out in making this reel, even down to the little things like click drag setting and cast control.

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