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Are Diawa Aird any good

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I did purchase two of the some time back but sold them before I even used them, I went for the Daiwa Exceler 2000H & Revros 1003 as I saw them after I had bought the Aird reels. here's a site that has a few reviews on the Aird reels that may be of some help to you Danny.. also check out the replies in the first section under read all questions & answers..





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                                                                                              '' Mepps Spin Fishing Guru ''                                                                                                                                                                                                             g-Adrian working the Meander River fast water (Custom).JPG

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Good reel for the price , been using them for a few years now , i am hard on them and rarely maintain but they keep going and have not let me down as yet ,, i do recommend ..

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