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Freshwater daze

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Hi crew, been a while since I posted last sorry about that, been overseas etc, well I finally got back on the rod over the last couple of weeks. We decided to do a camping trip out the back of our place in CQ chasing some freshwater critters something I haven't done up here. Our first destination was the mighty Dawson Rv at a place called apex park just out of a town called Moura, the camp is right on the river bank and its FREE!!!! also you can take a dog as long as it's on a leash, the amenities are good and you can get a hot shower for $1. Ok down to the fishing, the first day I found it hard to locate the fish, next day after a paddle about 1.5kms up river and found some awesome snags, I knew this stretch would hold fish or so I hoped launching out an unweighted chasebaits grub the response was instantly slammed by a smaller fish but the good thing was I had located them, However the hook didn't stick one thing about the Saratoga is as I was about to find out was it wasn't too hard to get the strike but man it's hard to keep the hooks in ? after a few more missed hits I paddle back to camp. Next morning I dragged my daughter out with me, I was hoping to get her fist toga, it wasn't long before we were at the snags again, today was a different day and they were on! We missed half a dozen and hooked 3 it was sooooo fun the toga fight well on light tackle doing everything a great sportfish would jumps etc. The next stop was a 3hr drive southeast to Wurruma dam and what a great location, we camped right on the edge of the lake, same again camp for free and dogs welcome now this place can get a little busy with the grey nomads all chasing a feed of redclaw, myself I was there for the bass, fist day gypsy and I were casting a few sticks when my little chasebaits curly tail vibe was slammed hard I called it for a good bass for a while until the fish got closer and then the distinct shape of a slob of a yellowbelly rose to the surface I was stoked!!!! a first for me and they can pull pretty hard so happy we quickly took a few pics and paddled quickly back to camp. Next morning we had news of bass further up the dam the obvious choice was to troll the spro gomen until we located them, we paddled until the vibe was right passing some sunken timber the lure was smashed another good yella but no bass, 50 mtrs further gypsys lure got hit this time a bass sweet were in the spot over the next few hours the gomen got a work out a number of smaller bass coming aboard we both had a awesome time, so if you come up here look up these top spots you won't be disappointed here's the pics I promised thanks crew tight lines 














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Some great fish taken there, well done.. good to see the little one get into a few fish too..



                                                                                         '' Mepps Spin Fishing Guru ''                                                                                                                                                                                                                          g-Adrian working the Meander River fast water (Custom).JPG


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