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Weekend getaway hitting the magic mark! 

Just coming off night shifts, I headed out to Point Stuart to chase some Jew fish and Barra. 

First morning targeted Jew fish with great results; I managed to hook and land my bucket list 1m Jew fish from 6m! They put up an awesome fight! 

Another 2 Jew fish caught over the meter mark by captain and we had a stock of fish fillets for the freezer. As Jew fish tend to inhale the hook it causes damage getting out, so we decided to move on with what we had.

Unfortuneately the only Barra caught did a jump and tail smacked my lure, no Barra were landed this trip.

Put out some crab pots by the rocks under mangroves, but a constant problem up in the territory are the crocs, and we had crocs demolish both pots for the bait over night to the point of no repair. 

Was still a great trip, can’t wait for more rain to fish the flood plains out at the remote places of the NT, and head back to see how the Barra bite on the low tides there.


Tight lines,





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Great report Kate, nothing wrong with a feed of Jew fish at all & that's a beauty... beautiful eating fish, shame about losing the Barra..:e562212:

Crocs, well you can have them all to yourselves up there.. They don't say beg your pardon or excuse me at all...O.o so take care Kate..



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                                                                                              '' Mepps Spin Fishing Guru ''                                                                                                                                                                                                             g-Adrian working the Meander River fast water (Custom).JPG

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